Credit Ratings

21 Apr 17, 7:51am
NZD and local rates moved up after CPI release but subsequently reversed some gains, NZDUSD currently at 0.7010 and 2yr and 10yr swaps at 2.32% and 3.30%; despite soft data releases recently, US Fed speakers still looking to raise rates as planned
20 Apr 17, 7:39am
NZD drops to the 0.7000 level against the USD as the USD finds some support after a weak run; AUD worst performer of the day, now trading around 0.7500 USD and 0.9340 NZD; GBP loses some gains made from the election announcement
19 Apr 17, 8:09am
NZD trades close to 0.7040 USD, around its high for the session, and above 0.9300 AUD; GBPUSD up over 2% as an early UK election announced; US Treasury rates lower on weak CPI data and delayed fiscal stimulus, 10yr rate down 7bps
18 Apr 17, 8:17am
NZD trading at 0.7010 USD, driven by a weaker USD and strong China data; USD lower on Trump comments and weaker than expected CPI data; AUD pushes up to around 0.76 USD, sustaining gains seen after strong employment data, NZDAUD trading at 0.9230
13 Apr 17, 7:26am
NZD down between 0.3-0.7% on all crosses, trading at 0.6915 USD; AUD under pressure as well, as iron ore prices drop further; VIX index continues to rise, trading in the 15-16 range
12 Apr 17, 7:50am
NZD and AUD changed less than 0.1% against the USD, NZD trading at 0.6955 USD and 0.9280 AUD; geopolitical risks continue to be centre-stage, Yen the strongest performer as the VIX rises to its highest level since US Presidential election
11 Apr 17, 5:02pm
Latest euro covered bond issue from Westpac NZ prices at tightest margin over swap by a NZ bank to date, Treasurer 'pleased with reception and pricing'
11 Apr 17, 8:09am
German and US yields lower in a risk-off move triggered by the attack on Syria, US focus on North Korea and the French election; USD lower and NZD up against most crosses; local yields were up 3-6 bps yesterday, following global moves from the weekend
10 Apr 17, 8:17am
NZD down to 0.6940 USD, local yields make fresh lows but expected to rise on market open; USD stronger and UST yields up as US unemployment rate falls to a lower-than-expected 4.5%; AUD lower as iron ore prices drop over 6% in one day, NZDAUD up to 0.9250
7 Apr 17, 8:11am
NZDUSD traded a tight 30 point range and currently sits at 0.6970, NZDAUD up 0.4% to 0.9240; USD recovers some losses from the FOMC minutes which stated that the Fed may look to reduce the size of its balance sheet as securities mature later in the year
6 Apr 17, 8:11am
USD rallied on strong payroll data but lost most of the gains after the release of FOMC minutes, this trend was reflected in the NZDUSD; AUD support by higher base metal prices has seen the NZD fall below the 0.92 AUD level
5 Apr 17, 7:54am
NZDUSD trading at 0.6970, below the 0.70 level it was holding for the last few days, despite good QSBO and GDT numbers; AUD worst performer of the day, with NZDAUD trading at 0.9225
4 Apr 17, 8:00am
NZD strongest amongst the underperforming commodity currencies, trading at the 0.70 USD level and above the 0.92 level against the AUD; US yields lower, with the curve flattening, local rates followed at the long end of the market
3 Apr 17, 8:22am
NZD closed the week just above 0.70 USD after testing the 0.6975 area on Friday, outperformed the AUD to end the week at 0.9185; local rates range bound, 2-yr swap flat, 10-yr up 1.5 bps
31 Mar 17, 7:59am
NZD holds the 0.70 level against the mildly higher USD and is slightly lower against the AUD at the 0.9150 level; EUR under pressure as investors lose confidence in ECB changing accommodative policy, down from 1.09 USD to 1.07 USD in three days
30 Mar 17, 8:36am
NZD opens at 0.7030 USD after testing lows just below 0.7000, lower against the AUD at 0.9170; USD DXY up 0.3% on European currency weakness; UK triggered Article 50 and the Brexit process officially began last night
29 Mar 17, 8:28am
USD was supported by firm data and Fed speak overnight, reversing the downward trend seen over the last two weeks, DXY up 0.6%; AUD pushed higher on strong oil and iron ore prices; NZD, as a result, down to 0.7020 USD and 0.9190 AUD
28 Mar 17, 8:33am
NZDUSD traded a tight 30 point range to start the day at 0.7040; USD dollar index (DXY) continued its decline, dropping to the lowest level since November last year; EUR and GBP outperform
28 Mar 17, 5:02am
Gareth Vaughan questions whether ANZ's gift horse HNA Group will be good for UDC Finance, its staff, borrowers, depositors, and the NZ financial services sector as a whole
27 Mar 17, 8:05am
NZDUSD dipped below 0.7000 but recovered to end the week up 10 points at 0.7030; local swap rates unchanged, up 1 bps across the curve; Trump withdrew health bill to repeal Obamacare, market movements to the news were modest


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