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Genesis shares top $1.80 on listing; 16.45% profit for investors

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Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?



Genesis shares 'too cheap'

Green Party co-leader says five independent reports all show the Genesis Energy shares are being sold for less than they are worth

Govt aims to sell full amount of Genesis shares

'Positive feedback' encourages Government to sell 49% of Genesis rather than 30% as had been stated as a possibility

Power price monitoring changes

Energy Minister says future electricity price monitoring will reflect what consumers have actually paid for their electricity

Genesis price $1.35 to $1.65

Genesis Energy share float launched; may raise anywhere between $400 mln and $800 mln; Govt may fall short of asset sales programme targets

Genesis price likely to be below $2

Big increase in number of Genesis Energy shares suggests move to make price palatable to general public

English warns 'anti-sprawl' councils

Finance Minister Bill English warns 'anti-sprawl' council planners to help boost housing supply or face blame for high NZ$ and interest rates; Govt defends electricity price jumps

Fixed-rate bond offer from Contact

Contact Energy seeks up to $250 mln in 5-year bond offer that'll pay 5.80% to 6% interest

Green plan for low interest solar loans

Green Solar Power policy proposes low interest Government loans for home owners to buy solar panels; National says policy 'magic money'

'The NZ Power proposal is classic politicking'

Gareth Morgan explains why you should be worried about the Labour/Greens electricity proposal. Your view?

How to de-monopolise New Zealand

The Commerce Commission & the Govt need to help the RBNZ & consumers by cracking down on the monopolies and taxes that drive endemic inflation