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Which of these factors is likely to have the biggest impact on our economy over the next 12 months?



Asset sales: How well did we do?

Investors have done very well out of the sale of state assets so far - taxpayers probably less so

The mortgage times they are a changin'

Bernard Hickey challenges the near universal belief (in NZ at least) that a 10yr mortgage at 5.89% is as good as it gets & is a good thing  

Friday's guest Top 10

Nirmal Nair on a university challenge, free tertiary education in Germany, the story of 3D printing, global energy snapshot, electricity blackouts, Dilbert & more

A hydro-powered car

Bernard Hickey test drives a plug-in hybrid electric SUV and finds even a new one almost makes economic sense. A 2nd hand one definitely would.

Which party will lower your power bill?

Will the NZ Power proposal actually reduce electricity charges? Geoff Simmons looks it over the longer term, and the alternatives

SOE floats cost NZ$120.6 mln

Government says SOE floats cost NZ$120.6 mln or 2.5% of NZ$4.67 bln raised; NZ$12.6 mln spent on ads and PR; Opposition says true cost much higher; Your view?

Mighty River $250 mln bond offer

State controlled power company considering raising quarter of a billion dollars to repay debt and extend funding profile

Friday's guest Top 10

An energy special from Nirmal Nair with a global energy & emissions stocktake, Japan's rethink, Australian Renewable Energy Agency axed, the "out in the ocean" solution, US solar push, Dilbert & more

Genesis shares an instant hit

Shares in the last of the SOE partial privatisations have the best debut of the lot

Genesis shares 'too cheap'

Green Party co-leader says five independent reports all show the Genesis Energy shares are being sold for less than they are worth