25 Sep 16, 10:26pm
Country's biggest house builder says Auckland housing crisis requires major Government investment to fund housing, infrastructure; also calls for Council action and for MUDs to be considered; Housing NZ sees scope for 30,000 new Auckland homes
25 Sep 16, 9:53pm
Labour challenges Key view that "virtually 100%" of building consents turn into actual houses; Twyford cites Statistics NZ estimates of new dwellings being 800 a month or 13% lower than dwelling consents since 2014; Smith insists almost all will be built
20 Sep 16, 4:11pm
Smith says Government looking at becoming a party to Unitary Plan appeals to combat any delays in bringing new housing supply to Auckland market
12 Sep 16, 5:38pm
Do we need more direct regulation to solve our housing woes - or less? Has past regulation contained the issue, or accentuated the problems? Your view?
10 Sep 16, 9:18am
John Tookey reviews the impact of productivity and design in housing affordability, argues cost is not price
7 Sep 16, 2:09pm
John Tookey says the only way to increase the total number of houses constructed on land made available is to compel its rapid development and use ahead of the free market
2 Sep 16, 10:01am
Hayden Glass on the need to be nicer, hitting the polls, planning Auckland, owning your own, KiwiSaver, the future of journalism, sharp hunger pains and more
1 Sep 16, 7:49am
Cameron Bagrie says aspects of current immigration trends suggest the migration framework and application of rules 'could be in need of adjustment'
27 Aug 16, 8:05am
Brian Easton examines the tax incentive mess we have got into with our housing policy, and suggests some ways to get out of it
19 Aug 16, 6:46pm
Auckland Council's 'decision version' of the Unitary Plan, including maps, notified and open to appeal through the court
15 Aug 16, 3:19pm
Auckland Council says Unitary Plan to provide for more than 400,000 new homes to meet the demands of Auckland’s growth over the next 30 years
14 Aug 16, 10:35am
Brendon Harre and David Lupton set out the case for more, and more variety of intensive housing options in New Zealand's urban areas
13 Aug 16, 5:00pm
By their actions, the four main banks show the claim that they are encouraging New Zealand businesses and supporting the New Zealand economy comes second to their own private interests
3 Aug 16, 9:10am
Gareth Kiernan sees sharply higher construction activity generating booming employment and business growth across the country at a time an ageing workforce requires more young entrants
1 Aug 16, 2:21pm
LINZ data for June quarter shows 3% of buyers say they are foreign tax residents, but data doesn't include overseas students or tempory work visas, or trusts and corporates; LINZ says more reliable data due in a year
30 Jul 16, 8:43am
Gareth Morgan likes the latest version of the Auckland Unitary Plan, despite some flaws. Now he offers some solutions for the over-stimulated demand
29 Jul 16, 9:21am
Vic Crone echoes Phil Goff's call for housing densification to be prioritised around transport hubs, emphasises importance of improving transport and using more PPPs
27 Jul 16, 7:29pm
Nick Smith emphasises 'the importance of the Council concluding' the Unitary Plan process; Says he'd opt for an over-supply of housing over developers securing a monopoly on the market
27 Jul 16, 1:41pm
Blueprint for Auckland's future looks to create capacity for more houses to be built than projections deem necessary, as expert panel calls for densification and sprawl
23 Jul 16, 8:21am
Gareth Morgan finds it inexcusable that public policy settings are causing inequality, intergenerational damage, and misallocation of investment


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