30 Nov 15, 12:13pm
Andrew Little promotes key Auckland MPs Phil Twyford and Jacinda Ardern in shadow cabinet reshuffle; Davis, Nash and Salesa also bumped up; Cunliffe, Goff and Mallard demoted and out of shadow cabinet
30 Nov 15, 9:00am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp grudgingly argues that Auckland Council is right to give Nimbys the finger
23 Nov 15, 10:24am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues that Nick Smith should visit Montreal to see how shifting infrastructure costs can improve housing affordability
18 Nov 15, 12:47pm
Salvation Army survey finds 568 children living in cars, garages, campervans and motels in Auckland; it calls for Govt to build 1,000 new social houses a year for 10 years; wants housing for kids as right in law
13 Nov 15, 11:06am
Max Rashbrooke warns taxes on wealth are needed to stop inequality from further compounding
11 Nov 15, 3:25pm
Reserve Bank Governor says won't be hiking OCR to 'lean against' over-valued Auckland housing market; says house building not keeping up with migration
3 Nov 15, 5:03pm
PM says Govt doing everything it can on Auckland prices as average value hits $918,153; says buyers can find houses under $400,000 on TradeMe; says Auckland lot like Vancouver and Sydney
23 Oct 15, 9:19pm
Finance Minister says Govt will come under pressure to provide more big Working For Family subsidies if housing become more unaffordable and if interest rates rise
2 Oct 15, 10:46am
Shamubeel Eaqub on housing affordability, house building & designing, the potential for a mass emerging markets default, VW, El Nino, climate change, Dilbert & more
30 Sep 15, 9:59am
Property Institute CEO says English's Auckland housing crash warning 'unhelpful' and equivalent to 'reading chicken entrails'; says Auckland nothing like US market; Auckland prices go up, but don't slump, he says
29 Sep 15, 5:20pm
English bemoans effects of Council planning and infrastructure decisions on housing affordability and inequality; wants more clarity for Councils on infrastructure incentives
22 Sep 15, 1:48pm
Smith looking at extending exemptions for registered builders to self-certify some types of building work; also looking at new building guarantee scheme to deal with liability on self-certified work
14 Sep 15, 9:18am
NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp says there is clear hypocrisy when someone who resists urban change in their suburb bemoans the fact that their children cannot get on the property ladder
9 Sep 15, 6:18pm
Epsom MP David Seymour highlights growing pressure on Auckland Boys Grammar and Epsom Girls Grammar rolls; suggest new apartment tenants be blocked from school places; or just not built
23 Aug 15, 6:55am
Bernard Hickey asks why Aucklanders are so reluctant to let their Council borrow to invest when they themselves are borrowing and betting on Auckland's growth
20 Aug 15, 3:20pm
A flood of student migrants who will move into the workforce and want their own homes has serious implications for the housing market
6 Aug 15, 4:39pm
PM John Key says non-Aucklanders tell him they would love more Chinese buyers; says Aucklanders like it when house prices are rising, but would prefer slower rises
29 Jul 15, 11:24am
Observations from Brazil, the pitfalls of having more money than sense, living frugally, the Chinese-sounding name debacle, creating ethical robots and more
22 Jul 15, 7:31am
Council re-submits Auckland Unitary Plan to Independent Hearings Plan with rules allowing higher density housing closer to CBD; includes removing rule banning redevelopment of all pre-1944 homes
20 Jul 15, 9:38am
PM John Key denies non-resident buyers a major factor in Auckland house prices; says Labour's revelation of data on Chinese sounding names shows desperation; won't work politically


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