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Govt eyes new Auckland intervention

Smith says Govt planning new regulatory interventions in Auckland; says tough decisions needed on Heritage overlays restricting supply; Govt addressing RBNZ densification concerns

Financial freedom means being radically different

Elizabeth Kerr suggests that you behave differently to everyone by committing to financial independence with your everyday lifestyle choices

Property mentoring: Are two heads better than one?

Elizabeth Kerr questions if property mentoring companies are a waste of money - or could they in fact boost your money machine?

Beware the bank gift

Elizabeth Kerr says you should always take the money when banks offer you non-rate home loan incentive choices

Housing NZ not short of capital

Housing NZ on track to build 2,000 new homes by end of 2015; says not capital constrained; able to raise funds by selling land in Auckland

What you see is what you get

Elizabeth Kerr blames television for sabotaging our financial future

The housing crisis has nothing to do with the RMA

'While the politicans go chasing ghosts, you should do as I do – buy lots of houses and farms', says Gareth Morgan

What would Mr Lee do?

Bernard Hickey questions the timidity of the Government's social housing plans. He suggests Mr Key take a leaf out of Mr Lee's book to launch a Houses of National Significance program

Markets now see OCR cut in 2015

RBNZ holds OCR at 3.5%; says will hold rate "for some time" and OCR "adjustments up or down" will depend on data; NZ$ drops below 74 USc; Swap rates fall; Markets price in rate cut

Smith plans big RMA re-write

Smith proposes 10 part re-write of RMA focused on increasing housing supply; says RMA responsible for extra $30 bln of housing cost and 40,000 fewer homes