20 Feb 17, 9:35am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp says low interest rates and high population growth are not to blame for spiralling house prices - try red tape
12 Feb 17, 7:47am
Rodney Dickens sees interest rates having to be increased to a level that will generate a hard landing for the economy, choking off immigration, and turning the housing market lower
7 Feb 17, 2:15pm
Housing a key focus for National-led govt this year, PM English says; Targets KiwiSaver fees, overseas investment & trade
7 Feb 17, 9:13am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues we need an apples-for-houses comparison on immigration
1 Feb 17, 3:51pm
Government says its Housing Infrastructure Fund has received indicative proposals for $1.79 billion of infrastructure; Ministers say few of the proposals so far would increase the development speed of proposed projects
27 Jan 17, 1:47pm
Tony Alexander expects the govt to tighten immigration rules, house prices to keep climbing, mortgage rates to keep rising at an uncertain pace and NZ to remain friendly yet not tight with China
24 Jan 17, 10:18am
Construction, tourism and the dairy price rebound are seeing the NZ economy 'firing all cylinders again', says HSBC economist Paul Bloxham
23 Jan 17, 8:36am
Housing prices headed south in most parts of the country last month, providing a faint ray of hope for those struggling to get onto the property ladder, even in Auckland
22 Jan 17, 7:02am
Mt Albert by-election reveals extent to which Labour and the Greens see eye-to-eye, as they set their sights on National
16 Jan 17, 4:18pm
RBNZ given free pass to chill, as retail banks expected to continue to raise mortgage and deposit rates to close funding gap
12 Jan 17, 11:24am
Asking prices for Northland houses listed on Trade Me Property surge 21% over the year; Auckland market not expected to take off again anytime soon
5 Jan 17, 9:33am
We look at what the LINZ title data shows us about new residential dwelling construction activity, and compare that to the building consent data we are used to seeing
22 Dec 16, 8:15am
Scraping together a deposit is likely to be the biggest hurdle first home buyers face, and not just in Auckland
19 Dec 16, 11:37am
PM Bill English abolishes position of Housing Minister as latest figures show growing housing disaster in Auckland with only two thirds of the homes required being consented
19 Dec 16, 10:50am
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says Steven Joyce's reputation for firm control over his Ministry may do some good in his new role as Finance Minister
18 Dec 16, 5:02am
Here are the big three numbers that dominated the surprises in the political economy of 2016, and the questions they raise for 2017
15 Dec 16, 9:27am
Gareth Morgan's Opportunities Party sees 'a big downside' from too many migrants; the current regime is 'rotten'; focus needs to be on skilled people seeking a more liberal and tolerant society
14 Dec 16, 4:47pm
Pollster Roy Morgan says new Prime Minister Bill English must find a solution to New Zealand’s growing ‘Housing Crisis’ – the largest problem facing New Zealanders in late 2016
14 Dec 16, 3:13pm
Union says many workers spending more than half their wages on housing costs
8 Dec 16, 12:10pm
Gareth Morgan argues for the closing of the tax "glaring loophole" that gives a free pass to non-cash gains on assets


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