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Below $6.
49% (78 votes)
Between $6 and $6.50.
40% (63 votes)
About the $7 per kgMS Fonterra's currently forecasting.
11% (17 votes)
Total voters: 158

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Auckland's rental property bubble

Why is rental inflation in Auckland much lower than house price inflation? Will the bubble burst or just get bigger?

Home improvement boom

Home alterations are booming in Auckland, the Waikato and Christchurch but slow in Wellington

Winston targets Chinese parent migrants

NZ First's Winston Peters attacks Government on high number of Chinese parents applying for parent reunification category of migration visas

Govt warns Auckland's NIMBYs

English, Smith and Adams call on Aucklanders to push council to open up more land; tell NIMBYs to do what's right for economy and allow development

Booming apartment numbers

But building consents for new houses, excluding apartments, fell 5.2% in April, according to Statistics New Zealand

Smith calls on Auckland to relax housing rules

Smith to push Auckland Council to relax rules on apartment size, yard size, balconies and carparks to speed up new house building as Accord targets 'a stretch' in second and third years

Capital Gains Tax debate heats up

Parker brandishes papers from Westpac and Treasury supporting Labour's Capital Gains Tax; Joyce says CGT unworkable and would increase rents for poor. Your view?

Key says plenty of affordable homes on Trade Me

Key says doesn't accept affordability harder for first home buyers now than when he bought; says plenty of affordable homes in Auckland on Trade Me; Turei says just 36 listings

Labour offers to support RMA housing reform

Labour offers support for a separate RMA reform bill to speed up housing consent processes; Key rejects offer; English wants more urgency from Auckland on consenting and suggests central Govt intervention

Budget 2014 - Summary of all spending plans

Compare this year's Budget with spending in the previous four years