1 Feb 16, 11:10am
Statistics NZ reports record high net migration in 2015 year; seasonally adjusted net migration 5,500 in Dec, down from 6,200 in Nov; Net migration from Australia at 800 in 2015; highest since Oct 1991; Tourism up 10% in 2015
30 Jan 16, 5:02am
RBNZ Bulletin article delves back in time to look at movements in house prices including the 'unprecedented' current divergence between Auckland & the rest of NZ
25 Jan 16, 10:35am
PM says report showing Auckland 4th least affordable in world reflects demand for Auckland as international city; Govt 'pulling all the levers it can'; first home buyers can still get on ladder; was just the same under Labour
12 Dec 15, 5:02am
Phil Goff on addressing Auckland's housing shortage without upsetting the NIMBYs; getting cosy with the Government; giving Auckland Council more decision-making powers & implementing road tolls
7 Dec 15, 8:50am
The NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp believes local authorities need incentives to be more open to economic growth while central government needs to be more responsive to local needs
6 Dec 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey says the collapse in home-ownership rates among families formed since 1991 is an unfolding disaster for NZ's economy, our society and the Government's finances
3 Dec 15, 5:21pm
Smith defends Government spending NZ$29 million on subsidies for Weymouth housing project when speculators pocketed big gains by selling houses within five weeks; New buyers have to hold for 3 years
1 Dec 15, 12:56pm
Salvation Army warns falling home-ownership rate will see renting baby-boomers struggling in retirement
30 Nov 15, 12:13pm
Andrew Little promotes key Auckland MPs Phil Twyford and Jacinda Ardern in shadow cabinet reshuffle; Davis, Nash and Salesa also bumped up; Cunliffe, Goff and Mallard demoted and out of shadow cabinet
30 Nov 15, 9:00am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp grudgingly argues that Auckland Council is right to give Nimbys the finger
23 Nov 15, 10:24am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues that Nick Smith should visit Montreal to see how shifting infrastructure costs can improve housing affordability
18 Nov 15, 12:47pm
Salvation Army survey finds 568 children living in cars, garages, campervans and motels in Auckland; it calls for Govt to build 1,000 new social houses a year for 10 years; wants housing for kids as right in law
13 Nov 15, 11:06am
Max Rashbrooke warns taxes on wealth are needed to stop inequality from further compounding
11 Nov 15, 3:25pm
Reserve Bank Governor says won't be hiking OCR to 'lean against' over-valued Auckland housing market; says house building not keeping up with migration
3 Nov 15, 5:03pm
PM says Govt doing everything it can on Auckland prices as average value hits $918,153; says buyers can find houses under $400,000 on TradeMe; says Auckland lot like Vancouver and Sydney
23 Oct 15, 9:19pm
Finance Minister says Govt will come under pressure to provide more big Working For Family subsidies if housing become more unaffordable and if interest rates rise
2 Oct 15, 10:46am
Shamubeel Eaqub on housing affordability, house building & designing, the potential for a mass emerging markets default, VW, El Nino, climate change, Dilbert & more
30 Sep 15, 9:59am
Property Institute CEO says English's Auckland housing crash warning 'unhelpful' and equivalent to 'reading chicken entrails'; says Auckland nothing like US market; Auckland prices go up, but don't slump, he says
29 Sep 15, 5:20pm
English bemoans effects of Council planning and infrastructure decisions on housing affordability and inequality; wants more clarity for Councils on infrastructure incentives
22 Sep 15, 1:48pm
Smith looking at extending exemptions for registered builders to self-certify some types of building work; also looking at new building guarantee scheme to deal with liability on self-certified work


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