8 Dec 16, 12:10pm
Gareth Morgan argues for the closing of the tax "glaring loophole" that gives a free pass to non-cash gains on assets
2 Dec 16, 10:11am
Rodney Dickens suggests how you should assess the numerous surveys and market indicators published about the economy, and how to draw conclusions from them
1 Dec 16, 8:22am
First home buyers are being squeezed between rising prices and rising interest rates in the upper North Island, but prices are easing in other parts of the country
30 Nov 16, 9:18am
RBNZ warns in Financial Stability Report that housing imbalances remain; Wheeler says won't use Debt To Income multiple restriction 'at this time'; RBNZ notes rising use by banks of 'hot' overseas funds
25 Nov 16, 7:32am
What needs to be done to ensure the left doesn't fail NZ as it did the US and UK, according to 22-year-old Green Party candidate Chlöe Swarbrick
24 Nov 16, 10:03am
Bill English and Paula Bennett plan to sell up to 2,500 state houses in Christchurch to community housing provider; includes house John Key grew up in; Housing NZ to retain up to 3,900 homes in Christchurch
24 Nov 16, 8:31am
Infometrics pinpoints where population growth is set to soar and reveals just how many people Kaikoura could lose due to the quakes
14 Nov 16, 5:02am
In just 12 months, we have gone from a time when all the OCR change was passed on to borrowers, to now when none of it is. Oligoply power wins a stunning reversal
7 Nov 16, 6:53pm
Paula Bennett and John Key announce $303.6 mln package of spending on emergency housing, including buying and leasing motels and building pre-fab homes; also $100 mln loan for Housing NZ; but deny crisis
5 Nov 16, 7:45am
Rodney Dickens claims the pressures building in our labour markets bring a major threat of sharply rising inflation. The RBNZ should be taking more notice, he says
29 Oct 16, 6:47pm
Brendon Harre says to become a fairer society, we should learn the lessons from earlier struggles for economic, social and political justice. Applied to our housing crisis, affordable housing could be easily solved
23 Oct 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey calls on Auckland to adopt targeted rates and look at selling its Port operating company, while Wellington should allow congestion charging and multiply its infrastructure fund for a huge and needed road, pipe and house building programme
20 Oct 16, 3:19pm
Beyond the short-term political posturing, the idea of deciding a 'right size' for this country's population is a sound and overdue strategy
19 Oct 16, 11:39am
Statistics New Zealand sees potential population growth of 60% over next 50 years if immigration averages less than half current levels
18 Oct 16, 10:41am
NZ Initiative argues the housing crisis is behind inequality in NZ and 'a modern society and affordable housing do not have to be mutually exclusive'
17 Oct 16, 10:28am
Greens propose tightening migration settings to achieve 1% population growth per year; Shaw wants to smooth out big swings in migration and reduce pressure on infrastructure, housing; Winston Peters accuses of Greens of hypocrisy
11 Oct 16, 12:24pm
Key says would still recommend first home buyers go for apartments despite 35 projects failing to get off ground due to funding, cost issues; says consenting still strong; English points to ramping up of Govt building plans
10 Oct 16, 8:02am
Finance Minister signals significant ramping up of house building on Housing NZ Corp land in Auckland; says Govt will be major provider of "medium density, medium-priced" housing in Auckland; suggests Govt may spend on housing rather than tax cuts
8 Oct 16, 11:07am
Geoff Simmons notes that housing debt has hit record levels and yet policy ideas to prevent coming economic damage never deal with the tax loopholes that are driving the housing bubble
3 Oct 16, 9:40am
Rodney Dickens puts the boot into economic forecasters for getting it so wrong, sees a myriad of consequences from excessive OCR cuts


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