Housing Affordability

25 May 15, 1:06am
Housing has only become unaffordable for first home buyers in Auckland in the last 21 months - AMP360 First Home Buyer Affordability Report
9 May 15, 6:04am
BNZ boss Anthony Healy says he can't see any short to medium-term shocks that are likely to correct Auckland house prices
30 Apr 15, 10:23am
Company co-owned by government, Auckland Council to take charge of major Auckland state housing redevelopment
29 Apr 15, 5:40pm
Peter Thompson: Why Government caution toward housing issues is right
28 Apr 15, 9:50am
Housing unaffordability issues spread beyond first home buyers in Auckland and Queenstown - AMP360 Home Loan Affordability Report
22 Apr 15, 12:02pm
John Crawford suggests a less politically explosive and much simpler way to reduce the tax incentives for rental property investors
15 Apr 15, 8:15am
RBNZ deputy governor's speech expected to shed more light on plans to tackle over-heating Auckland housing market
14 Apr 15, 9:11am
The median rent for a three bedroom house has increased by $27 a week over the last 12 months
10 Apr 15, 10:26am
Oliver Hartwich on Greek WW2 reparation demands, house & house nots, blogging Ben Bernanke, the great stagnation, is one woman enough? Dilbert & more
8 Apr 15, 10:05am
Gareth Morgan unpicks the drivers behind the growth in wealth inequality
4 Apr 15, 12:27pm
Eric Crampton warns of the unexpected consequences and costs in using the tax system to right perceived social problems. Making things more confusing is never a good idea, he says
3 Apr 15, 11:26am
Kiwis view economic issues as the biggest problems facing NZ; Housing shortage/housing affordability up 4% to 10% in March. Environmental issues hardly rate a mention
27 Mar 15, 11:24am
Elizabeth Davies on financial literacy for felons, stock rustling, organs and cash, financial abuse, KiwiSaver and pocket money, the Sallies and housing, and more
26 Mar 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; online retail spending strengthens, housing affordable everywhere but Auckland, Winston favourite in Northland by-election
26 Mar 15, 11:13am
First home buyers should have no trouble getting a house anywhere but Auckland - AMP360 Home Loan Affordability report
15 Mar 15, 7:00am
Bernard Hickey says everyone thinks Graeme Wheeler is afraid of cutting rates because it would pour petrol on the fire in Auckland's housing market. Everyone, it turns out, except Graeme Wheeler
3 Mar 15, 3:39pm
Harcourts chief predicts house prices could rise further, says more needs to be done to create affordable housing
27 Feb 15, 11:02am
David Whitburn on NIMBYs, Brian Gaynor's house price fears, Demographia & toilet paper, what's different about Auckland, Dilbert & more
18 Feb 15, 4:31pm
Construction giant Fletcher Building spends a further $57 million on land purchases for housing development; sees future profits from housing as much higher
11 Feb 15, 3:37pm
REINZ says national median house price dropped 5.3% in January to $426,000; Auckland median down 2.7%; national sales volumes up 2.6% on January 2014


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