Housing Affordability

27 Jun 17, 9:46am
This election more than any others in recent memory looks set to have a huge impact on the direction of the housing market - and prices - next year and possibly beyond
23 Jun 17, 5:02am
Construction cost increases greatest at the top end of the market, QV says
22 Jun 17, 8:04am
David Hargreaves wonders, given the national obsession for housing, whether there could be better 'official' information available on market trends
20 Jun 17, 5:02am
All housing affordability measures have their drawbacks, but all point to one policy response required, PM English says. 'Build more houses'; Welcomes some Auckland land price falls, says materials costs need to be next
19 Jun 17, 11:37am
Labour slams new Government housing affordability measure as 'ham-fisted'; calls on Nick Smith to reissue it with 'accurate numbers' on true state of housing affordability
18 Jun 17, 8:37am
Alex Tarrant says we must cut the cost of supplying houses. And that must feed through to lower house prices. It's simple economics, but not simple politics
13 Jun 17, 8:02am
PM English says govt would look at shaking up anything to get Auckland housing supply moving; Says getting WaterCare around the table on land servicing a good idea
12 Jun 17, 3:19pm
Mayoral Taskforce on Auckland Housing Supply identifies increasing bank financing constraints on developers and buyers as 'an important emerging issue'
11 Jun 17, 8:03am
Differences between National and Labour on housing starting to show through as Adams readies 'rest-of-NZ' announcement and Labour works on explaining KiwiBuild & demand-side plans
10 Jun 17, 8:51am
Eric Crampton says the government needs to take steps to encourage councils to get new housing built including adopting the Productivity Commission’s recommendations on urban planning
8 Jun 17, 7:22am
Nick Smith vs Phil Twyford on housing shortage figures, episode 56. The one where advice isn't accepted, the market is king and no one can get it right. Not the RBNZ, not Auckland Council, not Shamubeel, not MBIE; No one
31 May 17, 12:53pm
A tongue in cheek look at the broken record of housing supply not meeting demand in Auckland; What the RBNZ says in its Financial Stability Report and what it's really thinking
29 May 17, 1:51pm
Lower house prices and static mortgage rates improved housing affordability substantially in many parts of the country in April
29 May 17, 10:52am
The NZ Initiative's Bryce Wilkinson says Steven Joyce's Budget falls short of what's required, but is vastly better than many other election-year budgets from the last two decades
25 May 17, 5:11pm
Labour, Greens & New Zealand First attack Steven Joyce's first Budget as 'the One Dollar Budget', and a bribe for the wealthy
24 May 17, 1:33pm
Subdued house prices in the run up to the election are likely to lead to complacency when it comes to some much-needed tightening up measures
24 May 17, 10:57am
The game is up on the 'fill-yerboots with borrowing offshore' modus operandi - sustaining NZ investment is going to require more domestic saving to finance it, ANZ chief economist says
21 May 17, 7:02am
We now have two govt Auckland housing affordability measures, and they don’t work very well together. Alex Tarrant says govt should put its HAM where its Auckland Housing Plan mouth is
18 May 17, 2:31pm
David Hargreaves sees few credible answers being offered up by politicians to the housing issue
17 May 17, 12:00pm
RBNZ asks for 'theoretical and empirical papers' on housing, household debt and policy ahead of December conference


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