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Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?


Housing Affordability

Key sees flattening Auckland house prices

Key says Auckland home owners should welcome flattening of house price inflation; Govt opposed to Councils taxing sales and incomes; Key welcomes housing affordability debate with Labour

Govt sets housing affordability target

Nick Smith says has told Government to target housing affordability at four times income, down from seven times income in Auckland now; More housing policy in May 15 Budget

The elusive house price story

Westpac chief economist says it's  impossible to tell what is really going on with house prices

Aussie-style foreign house buyer curbs ‘not enough’ for NZ

BNZ’s Tony Alexander sees a 'clear risk' that Australian-style curbs on offshore house buyers would not 'mute' the worsening situation in Auckland

Friday's guest Top 10

Oliver Hartwich on how broadband impacts Z, back to Greece, perspective on Australia's housing bubble, QE as financial morphine, who suffers from inflation, Dilbert & more

House prices soar again

REINZ says annual house price inflation surged to 9.2% in past month from 8.2%; national median rose $25k in month to new record $440k

LVR limits for Auckland mooted

US academic says targeted rather than nationwide response to rising Auckland house prices would be 'prudent'

First home buyers still lagging

Research on shows LVR speed limits continue to knock back numbers buying first houses

Running in quicksand

Elizabeth Davies bemoans the difficulties of trying to save for a house while the cost of everything is going up

We shall fight them on the houses

David Hargreaves says John Key might have just unintentionally made houses a crucial election battleground