Housing Affordability

28 Sep 16, 1:54pm
AUT Professor says the Government can't rely on the private sector to develop affordable housing in Auckland and will need to do it itself
28 Sep 16, 8:56am
It's not just the low paid who are being squeezed out of Auckland's housing market, its affecting middle income earners too
26 Sep 16, 11:26am
The Government needs to get involved in helping to provide a level playing field for entrants into the housing market
25 Sep 16, 5:02am
Kiwis born since 1985 have largely missed out on the explosive gains in wealth and higher incomes seen since then. Now they are being set up to pay for baby-boomers' retirement without a big enough NZ Super Fund to help them, Bernard Hickey writes
21 Sep 16, 1:32pm
Some 'old' patterns of consumer spending are belatedly showing signs of returning, along with the ever-rising house prices
18 Sep 16, 5:02am
Rules around body corporates need tightening before a whole new generation of Auckland apartment buyers are burnt by poor disclosure, inadequate maintenance and dodgy building quality
14 Sep 16, 1:44pm
If current house sales figures are demonstrating the full impact of the latest LVR restrictions, there's nothing to stop prices marching ownwards and upwards over the rest of 2016 and into the New Year
12 Sep 16, 5:38pm
Do we need more direct regulation to solve our housing woes - or less? Has past regulation contained the issue, or accentuated the problems? Your view?
11 Sep 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues the Government should help break the lending drought threatening the Auckland housing building boom by focusing KiwiSaver HomeStart on funding new builds
10 Sep 16, 9:18am
John Tookey reviews the impact of productivity and design in housing affordability, argues cost is not price
9 Sep 16, 9:40am
The Reserve Bank's 40% deposit rule for investors already seems like yesterday's news...now all eyes are on the proposed debt-to-income ratios
7 Sep 16, 2:09pm
John Tookey says the only way to increase the total number of houses constructed on land made available is to compel its rapid development and use ahead of the free market
6 Sep 16, 2:46pm
The Reserve Bank is indicating that some - unnamed - banks have deliberately tightened internal credit policies by applying a more restrictive approach to LVR rules than necessary
5 Sep 16, 3:25pm
RBNZ decides to further extend the exemption from LVR rules for newly constructed homes to assist in creation of new housing stock
4 Sep 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues New Zealand needs to rediscover its 1974 house building mojo, which means building a lot more smaller, simpler homes with Government backing
31 Aug 16, 12:38pm
New Zealand 'wins gold medal' for housing unaffordability as house prices outpace income growth and rents
30 Aug 16, 7:52am
Home Loan Affordability Reports show people should have no trouble moving on to the second rung of the property ladder, but first home buyers will struggle in Auckland and Queenstown
28 Aug 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues a land tax and/or targeted rates would change the expectations of unending tax-free capital gains with low holding costs that is driving a frenzy of land-banking in Auckland
26 Aug 16, 11:57am
The rate at which new homes are being built relative to our population size is less than half what it was in 1974
26 Aug 16, 10:45am
Paul Barber on the importance of non-profit organisations, our changing population, our homelessness shame, disappearing beneficiaries & more


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