Housing Affordability

26 Apr 17, 10:48am
Auckland housing now the most unaffordable it has been since interest.co.nz's Home Loan Affordability reports began in 2004, with first home buyers increasingly priced out of the market
20 Apr 17, 1:38pm
Latest figures show Government spent $550 mln of taxpayers' money in past three months to put roofs over the heads of Kiwis - but the waiting list for houses is still getting bigger; Labour slams 'expensive band aid' emergency grants
19 Apr 17, 7:59am
The housing market looks set to be quiet in the run up to the election, but David Hargreaves wonders if that's necessarily a good thing
12 Apr 17, 2:15pm
Moody's says house price increases in NZ 'closely resemble' those in Spain, Ireland and the US on the eve of their housing market crashes
6 Apr 17, 12:00pm
Shamubeel Eaqub rails against govt failures that led to an undersupply of 500,000 homes over 30 years, and rising societal gaps as social housing was ignored
5 Apr 17, 5:02am
Has your house gone up or down in value? Depends where you live, according to the latest QV figures
4 Apr 17, 7:39am
Interest-only lending doesn't appear to be the problem here that it is in Australia - but there's still no good reason why we couldn't clamp down on it too
2 Apr 17, 6:02am
The PSA weighs into the Auckland housing crisis with tales of woe and suggested solutions from its members
30 Mar 17, 12:02pm
Land tax, council rates, land acquisition powers, value-capture tax & Auckland Council funding: Murray Sherwin chats to Alex Tarrant about improving NZ's urban planning framework
30 Mar 17, 10:33am
David Hargreaves hopes the best for the Auckland home buyers taking a high-stakes gamble in the Auckland housing market
29 Mar 17, 2:40pm
ANZ economists believe higher interest rates and tighter credit will continue to dampen the housing market despite ongoing housing supply imbalances; estimate that average interest costs in Auckland for new purchasers are chewing up 51% of income
29 Mar 17, 9:02am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says a govt committed to housing affordability would implement the Productivity Commission’s better urban planning agenda
29 Mar 17, 5:02am
NZ's urban planning framework requires substantial overhaul to avoid further harmful effects from spiraling house prices, infrastructure shortfalls and environmental costs, Productivity Commission says; 'Scrap the RMA'
27 Mar 17, 3:59pm
The latest data showing cash-rich investors ruling the roost in Auckland demonstrate why the Government can't leave the housing market to the Reserve Bank
23 Mar 17, 5:02am
Auckland has a well publicised housing shortage. Over the ditch there's an array of property development companies and concerns about oversupply. So why aren't more of them coming to Auckland?
22 Mar 17, 10:57am
UBS looks at how Australian politicians & regulators might respond to their country's ongoing housing boom and how this would impact banks
22 Mar 17, 9:35am
How NZ could fix property taxation, face down the NIMBY problem, overhaul the RMA and drive sustainable urban development - OECD
22 Mar 17, 5:02am
Housing affordability improving in Auckland as lower quartile prices slide for third consecutive month
21 Mar 17, 11:27am
No let up in Auckland's population growth pain as net migration remains at 71,300 a year
20 Mar 17, 11:31am
The share price of Fletcher Building is tanking after the construction giant put out a big profit warning only weeks after releasing interim results; Govt projects may be involved


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