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It will fall back to about A92 cents
31% (73 votes)
It will likely end up about where it is now around A97 cents
19% (45 votes)
It will overtake the Australian dollar and head towards A$1.02 or even higher
19% (45 votes)
It will stop just short of parity at around A99 cents
16% (38 votes)
It will hit parity A$1.00
16% (38 votes)
Total voters: 239

Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?

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Housing Affordability

Friday's guest Top 10

David Whitburn on NIMBYs, Brian Gaynor's house price fears, Demographia & toilet paper, what's different about Auckland, Dilbert & more

Fletcher's 'massive' land bank

Construction giant Fletcher Building spends a further $57 million on land purchases for housing development; sees future profits from housing as much higher

Housing sales take a breather

REINZ says national median house price dropped 5.3% in January to $426,000; Auckland median down 2.7%; national sales volumes up 2.6% on January 2014

Tackling 'the grit in the gears of the housing market'

The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp argues the RMA is central to the housing crisis, critiques Gareth Morgan's stance

First home affordability improves a smidgen in AMP360 report

Affordability improved slightly for first home buyers in Auckland and Christchurch last month, but worsened in Wellington according to the AMP360 Home Buyer Affordability Report

The housing crisis has nothing to do with the RMA

'While the politicans go chasing ghosts, you should do as I do – buy lots of houses and farms', says Gareth Morgan

What would Mr Lee do?

Bernard Hickey questions the timidity of the Government's social housing plans. He suggests Mr Key take a leaf out of Mr Lee's book to launch a Houses of National Significance program

Proposed RMA changes to benefit vulnerable

Insurers pleased the Government plans to recognise natural hazards in revamped RMA

Nick Smith vs the Knights who say Ni!

Bernard Hickey welcomes Nick Smith's RMA reforms aimed at stripping the NIMBYs and BANANAs of their magical power to make housing unaffordable

Smith plans big RMA re-write

Smith proposes 10 part re-write of RMA focused on increasing housing supply; says RMA responsible for extra $30 bln of housing cost and 40,000 fewer homes