Housing Affordability

21 May 17, 7:02am
We now have two govt Auckland housing affordability measures, and they don’t work very well together. Alex Tarrant says govt should put its HAM where its Auckland Housing Plan mouth is
18 May 17, 2:31pm
David Hargreaves sees few credible answers being offered up by politicians to the housing issue
17 May 17, 12:00pm
RBNZ asks for 'theoretical and empirical papers' on housing, household debt and policy ahead of December conference
16 May 17, 12:57pm
National to build 34,000 houses in Auckland over next decade on land currently with 8,300 state homes on it; 60% to be sold off into the market
13 May 17, 10:34am
John Mauldin concludes his Angst in America series with a look at challenges Millennials face including debt, high house prices & wholesale workplace changes
10 May 17, 5:22pm
Best way to address housing affordability is boosting land supply, Building & Construction Minister Smith says after govt data details affordability struggles in Auckland
10 May 17, 5:02am
Westpac NZ CEO David McLean 'not terribly concerned' about Auckland first home buyers' ability to service their mortgages if interest rates rise to 7.5%
9 May 17, 11:54am
The rental housing market slowed in April as it headed towards winter but rents remained at or near record highs in many areas
8 May 17, 6:12pm
Govt has been concerned for 'some time' about risks from rising mortgage rates as house price boom stretched borrower serviceability limits, PM says; 'Borrowers go in with eyes open about risks; Fundamental issue is still supply'
8 May 17, 2:35pm
BNZ economists now predict rate hikes early next year and the RBNZ will be 'negligent' if it doesn't explicitly indicate higher interest rates in future when it reviews the OCR ths week
5 May 17, 8:34am
Auckland house price rises following Housing Accord to ‘boost supply’ means ‘10 steps back before a single step forward,’ Rodney Dickens says; Labour’s urban limit & infrastructure debt proposal “offers much more hope”
4 May 17, 3:06pm
Devon Funds Management's Paul Glass details the policies he'd like to see our politicians implement as we head towards the September 23 election
26 Apr 17, 10:48am
Auckland housing now the most unaffordable it has been since interest.co.nz's Home Loan Affordability reports began in 2004, with first home buyers increasingly priced out of the market
20 Apr 17, 1:38pm
Latest figures show Government spent $550 mln of taxpayers' money in past three months to put roofs over the heads of Kiwis - but the waiting list for houses is still getting bigger; Labour slams 'expensive band aid' emergency grants
19 Apr 17, 7:59am
The housing market looks set to be quiet in the run up to the election, but David Hargreaves wonders if that's necessarily a good thing
12 Apr 17, 2:15pm
Moody's says house price increases in NZ 'closely resemble' those in Spain, Ireland and the US on the eve of their housing market crashes
6 Apr 17, 12:00pm
Shamubeel Eaqub rails against govt failures that led to an undersupply of 500,000 homes over 30 years, and rising societal gaps as social housing was ignored
5 Apr 17, 5:02am
Has your house gone up or down in value? Depends where you live, according to the latest QV figures
4 Apr 17, 7:39am
Interest-only lending doesn't appear to be the problem here that it is in Australia - but there's still no good reason why we couldn't clamp down on it too
2 Apr 17, 6:02am
The PSA weighs into the Auckland housing crisis with tales of woe and suggested solutions from its members


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