Housing Affordability

16 Feb 17, 8:29am
David Hargreaves mulls some of the possibilities as 2017 gets into full swing
9 Feb 17, 4:29pm
This Government portrayed the solution to the hot Auckland house market as being all about increased supply - but its efforts in that regard have faltered badly in the past year
8 Feb 17, 11:46am
Housing NZ's $2 bln, 3-year building & acquisition programme to see net gain of 1,400 houses in Auckland
29 Jan 17, 2:41pm
Labour Party leader Andrew Little pledges better housing, better health and better schools under a Labour-Greens government
25 Jan 17, 11:32am
Mortgage interest rates would only need to head back up to where they were two years ago to start putting pressure on household budgets
23 Jan 17, 2:01pm
ACT Leader David Seymour says urban planning laws must change for housing affordability to be improved, advocates sharing central government revenue with councils
23 Jan 17, 8:36am
Housing prices headed south in most parts of the country last month, providing a faint ray of hope for those struggling to get onto the property ladder, even in Auckland
21 Jan 17, 9:08am
The value of all our houses has been growing by $2.7 billion a week, to surpass $1 trillion in the September quarter; Meanwhile the number of houses sold fell 20% in the quarter
19 Jan 17, 11:58am
Matthew Paetz, Auckland planning manager of The Property Group, calls for a US-style solution to Auckland's housing woes
23 Dec 16, 5:02am
The 2016 Interesties featuring John Key, Donald Trump, Graeme Wheeler, 'maniping,' Metiria Turei, Tony Alexander, Nathan Penny, Nelson's stock exchange, Andrew Little, Chloe Swarbrick, David Hisco, bad hair & a dictator
22 Dec 16, 8:15am
Scraping together a deposit is likely to be the biggest hurdle first home buyers face, and not just in Auckland
20 Dec 16, 3:46pm
Despite much noise from the Government, its efforts to ramp up Auckland housing supply appear to be flagging; David Hargreaves crunches some numbers
14 Dec 16, 4:47pm
Pollster Roy Morgan says new Prime Minister Bill English must find a solution to New Zealand’s growing ‘Housing Crisis’ – the largest problem facing New Zealanders in late 2016
4 Nov 16, 9:36am
High profile economist Gareth Morgan launching 'The Opportunities Party', says it's a rebellion against the politics of mediocrity & against the inertia of the established parties
29 Oct 16, 6:47pm
Brendon Harre says to become a fairer society, we should learn the lessons from earlier struggles for economic, social and political justice. Applied to our housing crisis, affordable housing could be easily solved
27 Oct 16, 10:14am
BNZ annual profit drops $125m; Gross impaired assets top $1b; Capital bolstered; CEO sees increased pressure on lending margins influencing interest rates
27 Oct 16, 7:38am
ANZ senior economist Sharon Zollner crunches some housing numbers and ratios
26 Oct 16, 10:00am
First home buyers in Auckland were slightly better off in September but rapidly rising prices in other regions may be a problem for some
18 Oct 16, 10:41am
NZ Initiative argues the housing crisis is behind inequality in NZ and 'a modern society and affordable housing do not have to be mutually exclusive'
8 Oct 16, 8:28am
Auckland's City Rail Link - a very expensive punt, or the city's key economic enabler? Gareth Vaughan wades through the Business Case


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