Housing Affordability

27 Mar 17, 3:59pm
The latest data showing cash-rich investors ruling the roost in Auckland demonstrate why the Government can't leave the housing market to the Reserve Bank
23 Mar 17, 5:02am
Auckland has a well publicised housing shortage. Over the ditch there's an array of property development companies and concerns about oversupply. So why aren't more of them coming to Auckland?
22 Mar 17, 10:57am
UBS looks at how Australian politicians & regulators might respond to their country's ongoing housing boom and how this would impact banks
22 Mar 17, 9:35am
How NZ could fix property taxation, face down the NIMBY problem, overhaul the RMA and drive sustainable urban development - OECD
22 Mar 17, 5:02am
Housing affordability improving in Auckland as lower quartile prices slide for third consecutive month
21 Mar 17, 11:27am
No let up in Auckland's population growth pain as net migration remains at 71,300 a year
20 Mar 17, 11:31am
The share price of Fletcher Building is tanking after the construction giant put out a big profit warning only weeks after releasing interim results; Govt projects may be involved
15 Mar 17, 11:52am
House prices may be at scary levels, but household budgets need to afford the rent, saving for a deposit, or a mortgage payment. And that is often a different story
14 Mar 17, 9:41am
Another slower month of housing sales will give the Reserve Bank optimism its efforts are at least keeping some heat out of the Auckland market
10 Mar 17, 11:47am
'It is harder for young people these days to buy a house than it was for the Baby Boomers. This is not because of greed by older people,' Tony Alexander says
9 Mar 17, 1:22pm
Auckland University academic says taxing migrants could generate $1 billion a year for infrastructure and services
6 Mar 17, 1:32pm
Anthony Healy tweets apology for Tony Alexander's 'inflammatory remarks' about the housing crisis, saying inter-generational debates aren't helpful
5 Mar 17, 7:24am
A Singapore solution to Wellington housing, or Sling it in the crazy bucket?
2 Mar 17, 12:44pm
Critical independent report prepared for Treasury that the Government tried to keep from the public says Government 'lacks an overal plan' in terms of land development and housing in Auckland
27 Feb 17, 2:18pm
Attempting to fix a shortage of housing while at the same time allowing record numbers of migrants in does not appear to be working
22 Feb 17, 3:42pm
Amid increasing debate over whether Auckland can build enough houses, new Statistics New Zealand projections suggest the city's population is growing even faster than was thought
22 Feb 17, 9:04am
Housing affordability improving in most parts of the country as prices fall faster than interest rates are rising, our latest Home Loan Affordability Reports show
21 Feb 17, 1:14pm
We investigate why rents in Auckland have not risen as fast as house prices, given the 'housing shortage', and find both investor activity and later household formation as reasons
20 Feb 17, 1:52pm
ANZ economists see risk of slower rate in consents for new dwellings in Auckland as escalating costs and capital constraints squeeze the market; 'hard to see price weakness extending too far'
20 Feb 17, 9:49am
Phil Goff convenes taskforce to address 'severe difficulties' caused by Auckland housing shortage


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