Housing Supply

28 Apr 17, 11:39am
New dwelling consents pick up in March, but still not enough to solve Auckland's housing shortage
20 Apr 17, 1:38pm
Latest figures show Government spent $550 mln of taxpayers' money in past three months to put roofs over the heads of Kiwis - but the waiting list for houses is still getting bigger; Labour slams 'expensive band aid' emergency grants
19 Apr 17, 4:02pm
The Government's changes to migration settings are a move in the right direction - but much more is needed
19 Apr 17, 7:59am
The housing market looks set to be quiet in the run up to the election, but David Hargreaves wonders if that's necessarily a good thing
8 Apr 17, 9:24am
Westpac economists take a look at housing market conditions in New Zealand's main centres. They find each facing its own challenges that they will be wrestling with for years to come
6 Apr 17, 6:28pm
RMA reform Bill passes as Maori Party supports National; ACT’s Seymour lets rip on the RMA; Labour's Robertson claims process corrupt; Greens outline housing demand problems; NZF announces coalition deal would require Bill's repeal
4 Apr 17, 7:39am
Interest-only lending doesn't appear to be the problem here that it is in Australia - but there's still no good reason why we couldn't clamp down on it too
30 Mar 17, 10:33am
David Hargreaves hopes the best for the Auckland home buyers taking a high-stakes gamble in the Auckland housing market
29 Mar 17, 2:40pm
ANZ economists believe higher interest rates and tighter credit will continue to dampen the housing market despite ongoing housing supply imbalances; estimate that average interest costs in Auckland for new purchasers are chewing up 51% of income
27 Mar 17, 3:59pm
The latest data showing cash-rich investors ruling the roost in Auckland demonstrate why the Government can't leave the housing market to the Reserve Bank
14 Mar 17, 9:41am
Another slower month of housing sales will give the Reserve Bank optimism its efforts are at least keeping some heat out of the Auckland market
9 Mar 17, 1:22pm
Auckland University academic says taxing migrants could generate $1 billion a year for infrastructure and services
2 Mar 17, 12:44pm
Critical independent report prepared for Treasury that the Government tried to keep from the public says Government 'lacks an overal plan' in terms of land development and housing in Auckland
27 Feb 17, 2:18pm
Attempting to fix a shortage of housing while at the same time allowing record numbers of migrants in does not appear to be working
22 Feb 17, 3:42pm
Amid increasing debate over whether Auckland can build enough houses, new Statistics New Zealand projections suggest the city's population is growing even faster than was thought
22 Feb 17, 7:55am
People hopefully getting the message on housing, Finance Minister Joyce says; Notes interest rates set to rise, Auckland house prices high and starting to fall; Some demand measures but supply the big issue
20 Feb 17, 4:23pm
Govt and fast-growing councils are in 'gritty talks' over use of $1bn housing infrastructure fund, PM English says; 'Councils don't seem to have projects ready to go'
20 Feb 17, 1:52pm
ANZ economists see risk of slower rate in consents for new dwellings in Auckland as escalating costs and capital constraints squeeze the market; 'hard to see price weakness extending too far'
16 Feb 17, 8:29am
David Hargreaves mulls some of the possibilities as 2017 gets into full swing
9 Feb 17, 4:29pm
This Government portrayed the solution to the hot Auckland house market as being all about increased supply - but its efforts in that regard have faltered badly in the past year


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