Housing Supply

22 Feb 17, 3:42pm
Amid increasing debate over whether Auckland can build enough houses, new Statistics New Zealand projections suggest the city's population is growing even faster than was thought
22 Feb 17, 7:55am
People hopefully getting the message on housing, Finance Minister Joyce says; Notes interest rates set to rise, Auckland house prices high and starting to fall; Some demand measures but supply the big issue
20 Feb 17, 4:23pm
Govt and fast-growing councils are in 'gritty talks' over use of $1bn housing infrastructure fund, PM English says; 'Councils don't seem to have projects ready to go'
20 Feb 17, 1:52pm
ANZ economists see risk of slower rate in consents for new dwellings in Auckland as escalating costs and capital constraints squeeze the market; 'hard to see price weakness extending too far'
16 Feb 17, 8:29am
David Hargreaves mulls some of the possibilities as 2017 gets into full swing
9 Feb 17, 4:29pm
This Government portrayed the solution to the hot Auckland house market as being all about increased supply - but its efforts in that regard have faltered badly in the past year
19 Jan 17, 11:25am
Big increase in new dwelling consents issued in Auckland in November
20 Dec 16, 3:46pm
Despite much noise from the Government, its efforts to ramp up Auckland housing supply appear to be flagging; David Hargreaves crunches some numbers
31 Oct 16, 11:19am
Auckland housing shortage worsens as new dwelling consents decline while migration sits at new high
25 Oct 16, 2:56pm
ANZ economists have changed their call and now see an expected RBNZ cut of the OCR to 1.75% next month as the last one in the current interest rates cycle
17 Oct 16, 2:37pm
ANZ economists see signs of 'late cycle behaviour' emerging in the economy but believe the boom-and-bust pattern of previous cycles can be avoided this time
11 Oct 16, 10:01am
New Auckland Mayor Phil Goff's push for a foreign property buyers tax is a no-go for National, but not necessarily for all its coalition partners or the Opposition
4 Oct 16, 9:09am
Gabriel Makhlouf bold on highlighting risk of high mortgage debt levels, but shy on calling for house prices to fall
30 Sep 16, 11:40am
Building costs for new homes up 13% in last 12 months, up 17.5% in Auckland
28 Sep 16, 1:54pm
AUT Professor says the Government can't rely on the private sector to develop affordable housing in Auckland and will need to do it itself
30 Aug 16, 11:32am
The number of new dwelling consents was a mixed bag in July, with little growth in overall numbers
31 Jul 16, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues a much hairier target for this and future Governments would be to enable the building of the 131,000 extra houses in Auckland that the Unitary Plan creators say is needed over the next 7 years
29 Jul 16, 11:05am
The number of new homes being consented nationally rose 35% in June compared with a year ago; Auckland had consents for 921 units compared with 704 in June 2015
27 Jul 16, 7:29pm
Nick Smith emphasises 'the importance of the Council concluding' the Unitary Plan process; Says he'd opt for an over-supply of housing over developers securing a monopoly on the market
25 Jul 16, 12:24pm
Infometrics expects big jump in high density housing once Auckland's Unitary Plan is finalised, which could push prices down by 11%


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