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English says high earners paying more tax now

Finance Minister says Government's tax reforms have led to significant income redistribution

Income insurance fine print

When you have an income protection insurance claim it is too late to fight about the details. Andrew Hooker points out one key thing to check up front

Retirement options outlined

Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income says it is 'inevitable' private savings will play a larger role in future

What's your biggest asset?

David Chaston, a 64 year old, has a story for 30 year olds who really don't want to retire broke and in penury - learn how to save and invest

Youngsters less confident on retirement savings

ANZ retirement savings confidence survey shows less than half of all savers are confident of achieving goals

Amanda's Take Five for Tuesday

Making time for the future; The faithful employee; Tips for the anti-shopper; NZ Super fund's top 10 holdings; I.T. innovations that will help the taxman

Amanda's Take Five for Wednesday

Lessons from a $200K mistake; Early retirement extreme; Too poor for our houses; Women in finance; "No strippers please, we're economists"

Households spend more than they earn

Kiwis' still spending more than they earn, although dis-savings are declining, new Stats NZ measure shows

Income inequality in New Zealand

Neville Bennett examines the corrosiveness and depth of NZ's inequality of wealth in the second of a two-part series. Your view?

Why wealth accumulation is so distorted

This is the first of a two-part series by Neville Bennett exploring the nature of inequality in New Zealand. Your view?