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Yes. The price of crude oil globally is falling so this means the price has to naturally go below $2 at the pump.
52% (152 votes)
No. The oil companies won't let it drop that low.
23% (69 votes)
No. When you take into account the various taxes and duties the price of oil has to drop even further to warrant a sub $2 price at the pump and that is not going to happen.
19% (56 votes)
No. The oil price has bottomed.
6% (17 votes)
Total voters: 294

Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?

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lower for longer

What about the savers?

A rising OCR should see bank deposit rates rise but banks already flush with cash may mean increases aren't as big as they could be

ASB September 2013 KiwiSaver results

ASB KiwiSaver returns in line with market but questions remain which is the better investment style - active or passive?

Punters bail out of bonds as yields rise

ASB and FirstChoice KiwiSaver Conservative Fund's post negative return for quarter as interest rates climb; Global Sustainability Fund pick of the crop

BIS cautious on 'overburdened' central banks

Bank for International Settlements highlights massive growth of central banks' balance sheets, wary about the impact of an end to easy monetary policy

Time called on big banks' yield run

Macquarie analysts call time on dividend yield driven rally in big Australasian bank share prices, say sector now looks fair value

Govt bond yields fall to record low

Key long-term Government bond yield falls to a 28-year low following OCR review

RBNZ holding OCR 'through end of 2013'

RBNZ to keep OCR at 2.5% 'through the end of 2013'; wrings hands again on house prices, NZ$; Currency jumps as traders realise RBNZ all bark, no bite; Westpac pushes out OCR hike pick

ANZ bond interest rate reset at 5.28%

ANZ resets interest rate on NZ$835 mln bond issue at 5.28% for 5-years, well down on 9.66% they've paid since 2008

Kiwibank's market leading mortgage rate

Kiwibank cuts 1-year fixed home loan rate to 4.99% from 5.25%, withdraws 4.75% 6-month special

New BNZ senior bond offer

Margin to be between 1.23% and 1.28% over the 5-year swap rate and 90-day Bank Bill Rate respectively