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lower for longer

Low rates not hurting NZ life insurers

NZ life insurers not affected by low interest rates causing capital erosion for international insurers

The 'extremely low' rates have even surprised me

With mortgage rates unlikely to fall further without an OCR cut, it may be time to take the bird in the hand, says John Bolton

Are we being too hard on EQC?

Lloyd's of London backs EQC as insurers take aim at it, feels the pinch globally from low interest rates

The bank and the borrower win

Savers being squeezed by the law of supply and demand as bank net interest margins rise

BNZ cuts term deposit rates

BNZ cuts term deposit interest rates as 2015 starts with better news for borrowers than savers

Slumping oil price 'game changer for investors'

Oil price to remain weak for 3 years, helping restrain both interest rates and inflation, Macquarie's Brad Gordon says

What about the savers?

A rising OCR should see bank deposit rates rise but banks already flush with cash may mean increases aren't as big as they could be

ASB September 2013 KiwiSaver results

ASB KiwiSaver returns in line with market but questions remain which is the better investment style - active or passive?

Punters bail out of bonds as yields rise

ASB and FirstChoice KiwiSaver Conservative Fund's post negative return for quarter as interest rates climb; Global Sustainability Fund pick of the crop

BIS cautious on 'overburdened' central banks

Bank for International Settlements highlights massive growth of central banks' balance sheets, wary about the impact of an end to easy monetary policy