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Not until some time next year.
44% (15 votes)
It won't, this tightening cycle is done and dusted.
32% (11 votes)
Before the end of 2014.
24% (8 votes)
Total voters: 34

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median house prices

Misleading property statistics

Alistair Helm explains how the median price statistic is being misinterpreted as a valuation - and skewing the expectations of sellers and buyers. Agree?

Real house prices down most since 70s

NZ house prices down 11% since April 2007 in inflation-adjusted terms, which is biggest fall in real house prices since stagflation of 1970s

Rent ratio

December real estate sales very

"December sales figures confirm what everybody knows: the residential real estate market has slipped back to where it was a few years ago." said REINZ national president Mike Elford. “If you look