25 Mar 17, 9:01am
Michael Keating suggests the Government sells the right to a share in New Zealand Inc to potential migrants at a price reflecting the country's underlying value
21 Mar 17, 11:27am
No let up in Auckland's population growth pain as net migration remains at 71,300 a year
9 Mar 17, 1:22pm
Auckland University academic says taxing migrants could generate $1 billion a year for infrastructure and services
6 Mar 17, 4:15pm
Prime Minister Bill English wants to increase the age of eligibility for superannuation from 65 to 67 from 2037
6 Mar 17, 9:57am
The NZ Initiative's Rachel Hodder invites people blaming immigrants for clogging up roads and hospitals to consider a levy on new migrants
3 Mar 17, 10:08am
Matt Nolan presents his Top 10 links on the economics of automation
28 Feb 17, 1:29pm
Labour hits back at PM English's comments that Kiwis are not applying for jobs due to drugs test requirements
27 Feb 17, 6:03pm
Govt feels NZ migration settings are about right, PM English says, after figures show record net inflow; PM re-raises drug test hurdles for employment of locals
27 Feb 17, 11:29am
No easing up on housing pressure with a net gain of 71,305 migrants in the 12 months to January
26 Feb 17, 7:15am
Auckland's housing market is not going to be getting any help from Australia's flat-lining labour market any time soon as net migration levels to NZ look set to stay high
20 Feb 17, 9:35am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp says low interest rates and high population growth are not to blame for spiralling house prices - try red tape
17 Feb 17, 10:44am
Justin Soong on where the world would be without migration, comparing Muldoon to Trump, the 'implosion' of the left, whether our education system is ready for auto bots & more
9 Feb 17, 12:41pm
Unprecedented net migration has little effect on monetary policy as younger people arrive, but macro-prudential tools may help if it feeds through to higher house prices, RBNZ says
7 Feb 17, 9:13am
NZ Initiative’s Jason Krupp argues we need an apples-for-houses comparison on immigration
2 Feb 17, 3:05pm
Bill English's year-opening salvo suggests the Government's looking to keep its powder dry on the long run to the election
1 Feb 17, 6:38am
CBA's director of interest rate strategy says demography is destiny for interest rates, but immigration a fountain of youth
31 Jan 17, 11:21am
Migrants pouring in from overseas as more NZ citizens left this country than returned last year
27 Jan 17, 1:47pm
Tony Alexander expects the govt to tighten immigration rules, house prices to keep climbing, mortgage rates to keep rising at an uncertain pace and NZ to remain friendly yet not tight with China
26 Jan 17, 4:03pm
Public trust in government, business, media and NGOs around the world plummets, according to survey
23 Dec 16, 5:02am
The 2016 Interesties featuring John Key, Donald Trump, Graeme Wheeler, 'maniping,' Metiria Turei, Tony Alexander, Nathan Penny, Nelson's stock exchange, Andrew Little, Chloe Swarbrick, David Hisco, bad hair & a dictator


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