21 Aug 17, 11:25am
Net migration gains continue to break records driven by non-NZ citizens, as more New Zealanders leave the country than return home
19 Aug 17, 10:48am
Massey's Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Spoonley urges immigration service providers to help tell the good news story of migration's place in NZ
16 Aug 17, 10:23am
Economics consultancy and forecaster Infometrics says NZ's net migration may actually be more like 80,000 per year; says ideal should be between 10,500 and 16,600 - but that could take seven years to achieve
14 Aug 17, 11:32am
Net migration fuelled population growth takes NZ's resident population to 4.79 mln at June with biggest growth coming in 15-39 age group
10 Aug 17, 4:38pm
JBWere's Bernard Doyle on NZ's productivity recession, population growth driving economic growth & advice for NZ sharemarket investors to reduce their holdings
9 Aug 17, 4:10pm
David Hargreaves suggests the way the election is shaping up offers voters the ideal chance to 'cherry pick' various policies - particularly in areas of interest such as housing and immigration
9 Aug 17, 8:57am
Aucklanders caught between high rent increases and low wage growth - high immigration likely to be a contributing factor
4 Aug 17, 10:15am
Tom Coupe on '10 things that amazed me during my first year living in New Zealand' including cold & damp houses, high prices, bare feet & more
27 Jul 17, 1:22pm
After complaints from employers the Government has backed down on original work visa proposals; has now lowered pay threshold to $41.5k from $48k; introduced new 'mid-skilled' category
24 Jul 17, 1:38pm
The Government's looming partial backdown on recently announced migration limits points to the folly of lazy policy formulated through opinion polls and public reaction
22 Jul 17, 9:36am
We extract the data of how Kiwi citizens move in and out of New Zealand compared with overall permanent migrant data, and look at  these major flows in their longer term context, including by region
21 Jul 17, 11:28am
Record arrivals of non-New Zealand citizens push population growth from migration to yet another all time high
14 Jul 17, 8:19am
A property market slowdown mixed with rising interest rates is a cocktail that'll become lethal if the next government clamps down on migration, says Infometrics
5 Jul 17, 2:06pm
Brian Fallow talks to The Opportunities Party's leader Gareth Morgan about his policies and where his votes might come from
1 Jul 17, 8:47am
Mieke Welvaert finds that a quarter of all 'migrant arrivals' are returning Kiwis. But from Australia, the growth in permanent arrivals aren't actually Aussies (or even Kiwis)
27 Jun 17, 9:46am
This election more than any others in recent memory looks set to have a huge impact on the direction of the housing market - and prices - next year and possibly beyond
22 Jun 17, 1:13pm
The Barclay Affair and Labour's international student migrant sweat-shops: The week isn't even over and Winston Peters already has maximum points. No one else is even on the winners' podium
22 Jun 17, 11:55am
Growth in non-New Zealanders moving here is the biggest driver of record migration numbers
19 Jun 17, 10:34am
Brian Fallow looks at what exactly is the issue with immigration that's making it an election year issue, and finds three areas of concern
16 Jun 17, 10:32am
The Spinoff's Simon Wilson makes some suggestions on how to free Auckland's roads and free the city from transport gridlock


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