22 Jun 17, 1:13pm
The Barclay Affair and Labour's international student migrant sweat-shops: The week isn't even over and Winston Peters already has maximum points. No one else is even on the winners' podium
22 Jun 17, 11:55am
Growth in non-New Zealanders moving here is the biggest driver of record migration numbers
19 Jun 17, 10:34am
Brian Fallow looks at what exactly is the issue with immigration that's making it an election year issue, and finds three areas of concern
16 Jun 17, 10:32am
The Spinoff's Simon Wilson makes some suggestions on how to free Auckland's roads and free the city from transport gridlock
16 Jun 17, 9:45am
OECD: Yes, immigration has hit New Zealand’s per capita growth rate. But if you get it right, you’ll benefit later; Also: why Auckland house prices matter
15 Jun 17, 11:31am
OECD warns on vulnerabilities from Auckland house prices; Calls for housing densification; Suggests raft of measures to improve NZ's dire labour productivity; Wants RBNZ to have DTI tool
13 Jun 17, 9:24am
BusinessNZ afraid reducing net migration by 20k-30k will see employers struggle to find staff and affect the $4b export education sector, yet it sees Labour's proposal to regionalise skills shortage lists as a positive
12 Jun 17, 2:35pm
Labour's immigration policy targets KiwiBuild workers and apprentice boost; Aims to cut 20,000-30,000 work, study and post-study visas per year; Little says it's time to take a breather
26 May 17, 5:14pm
Prime Minister Bill English admits wage growth isn't 'hot'; Says businesses need to increase pay significantly before complaining about skills shortages
24 May 17, 11:29am
Accounting firm's client survey hones in on what small and medium businesses say they want from Thursday's Budget
23 May 17, 5:02am
No reason to change migration settings for construction, English says; Defends inability to announce larger Auckland housing programme due to skills shortages; Labour defends KiwiBuild & migration policies
19 May 17, 11:36am
Population gain from migration 15 times higher than 4 years ago in April year, but is the migration gain peaking?
18 May 17, 2:31pm
David Hargreaves sees few credible answers being offered up by politicians to the housing issue
17 May 17, 2:51pm
Aussie wage growth stagnated at a record low last quarter. This matters for New Zealand (read Auckland) housing, migration and infrastructure pressures
15 May 17, 10:44am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says it is a massive mistake to point to unemployment figures and blame immigrants for what unemployment is still out there
4 May 17, 3:06pm
Devon Funds Management's Paul Glass details the policies he'd like to see our politicians implement as we head towards the September 23 election
4 May 17, 10:32am
Gareth Morgan on why we should vote for The Opportunities Party when he wants to get his policies implemented but doesn't want to join the parliamentary 'zoo' 
3 May 17, 3:04pm
The case of truck drivers highlights how confusing NZ's work visa and immigration settings can be; It also shows the shortage might be working in encouraging the industry to figure out how to attract more locals
3 May 17, 9:59am
Winston Peters hits back at criticisms of NZ First's immigration stance, says immigration debate is about race and ethnicity; Attacks govt for using up economic national capital built up by previous generations
30 Apr 17, 7:02am
Gareth Morgan joins Shamubeel Eaqub calling for a population strategy. He wants to know how we form one and what the goal of such a strategy should be


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