1 Dec 16, 8:22am
First home buyers are being squeezed between rising prices and rising interest rates in the upper North Island, but prices are easing in other parts of the country
30 Nov 16, 4:57pm
RBNZ wary of increasing use by banks of wholesale offshore funding to fill gap left by falling growth of local deposits; says banks raising deposit and mortgage rates to help fill gap; see long term rates having bottomed out
30 Nov 16, 3:34pm
New figures show a slowing in the growth rate of household borrowing, while deposits have picked up after falling away recently
30 Nov 16, 10:50am
Youi says it's part of its 'business practice' to keep writing new insurance policies in most cases in disaster struck areas, even if its competitors don't
30 Nov 16, 9:58am
Kiwibank delivers slow September quarter as NZ Super Fund, ACC completed buy-in. Hastings office comes to fore after earthquake
25 Nov 16, 11:10am
ASB increases its floating mortgage rate hot on the heels of fixed-term rate increases
25 Nov 16, 10:03am
Two more main-line banks raise more mortgage rates, returning for extras after hikes earlier in the month (and earlier in the week)
24 Nov 16, 3:39pm
New Reserve Bank figures show housing investors grabbing smallest share of new mortgage lending in at least two years; first home buyers coming on strong
23 Nov 16, 7:01pm
New Zealand's largest bank tests customer loyalty with higher home loan rates for all terms longer than 1 year, following recent wholesale rate rises
21 Nov 16, 10:56am
A major bank sets a term deposit offer rate at a level last seen 15 months ago, as they offer savers a way to benefit from longer term rises in wholesale rates
21 Nov 16, 10:01am
Sharp rising wholesale rates bring more changes from BNZ for fixed mortgage terms of four years and longer
16 Nov 16, 2:05pm
Kiwibank takes advantage of stable short-term wholesale rates to offer the sharpest one year rate in the market, but responds to wholesale rises at the longer end with hikes
16 Nov 16, 10:05am
ASB delivers strong September quarter as home loan growth surges, although asset quality deteriorates
14 Nov 16, 8:20am
Rising wholesale rates force changes in longer term home loan and term deposit rates on the Co-operative Bank
14 Nov 16, 5:02am
In just 12 months, we have gone from a time when all the OCR change was passed on to borrowers, to now when none of it is. Oligoply power wins a stunning reversal
8 Nov 16, 10:09am
BNZ follows ASB by hiking its 3 year fixed 'special' mortgage rate. This follows steady wholesale rate rises and sticky term deposit offers
7 Nov 16, 10:05am
Westpac annual cash profit falls as expenses rise faster than income, net interest margin falls 12 basis points
4 Nov 16, 9:04am
A big-four bank raises longer fixed rate mortgage rates by up to +30 bps as wholesale rates settle in with compounding higher levels
3 Nov 16, 10:09am
One-off costs and higher bad loans send ANZ NZ's annual profit south
2 Nov 16, 3:29pm
An upward move in the expected level of inflation in a new survey will be welcomed by the RBNZ; more economists now seeing next week's expected interest rate cut as the last


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