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ANZ sets new 1yr mortgage rate at market low

Banks start to lower rates following the RBNZ review; wholesale rates fall most at the five year end but latest rate cut is for 1 year

Big covered bond from ANZ NZ

ANZ NZ finds cheap funding through the issue of  a €750 million covered bond

RBNZ 'pouring petrol on housing fire'

RBNZ 'taking a premature gamble with the housing market,' BNZ's Stephen Toplis argues, saying its own actions encourage the behaviour it doesn't want to see

Enticing borrowers

We review who offered the lowest fixed mortgage rates in 2014 and find there are two banks who consistently feature for 1 and 2 years

Five year fixed rates slip below 6%

Westpac pushes long-term fixed mortgage rates lower; other banks signal they will follow with even lower rates

TSB Bank claims lowest 2yr mortgage rate

Unique 'Facebook exclusive' limited and conditional offer launched today for a one week run

ASB matches ANZ, Kiwibank

ASB cuts 20 basis points from its advertised two-year, fixed-term home loan rates

Home loan rate cuts from ANZ and Co-op Bank

Two more banks slice home loan rates as mortgage market competition heats up. New market lows breached

$551,689 house, $1 million in mortgage repayments

Even lower priced homes are now likely to require total mortgage payments of $1 million or more for many buyers in the main centres

Banks irked by draft Responsible Lending Code

Banks argue proposed Responsible Lending Code will unfairly clamp down on pre-approved lending including home loans