30 Jun 16, 3:32pm
The annual rate of growth in household borrowing is continuing to climb at rates last seen in 2008
29 Jun 16, 12:43pm
RBNZ says continuation of non-Auckland house price rises could be a 'challenge' for macro-prudential policy; signals softer approach to inflation targeting
28 Jun 16, 6:06pm
ASB pushes through a +10 bps hike in its floating mortgage rate, even though swap rates and credit spreads don't indicate any funding cost increases
27 Jun 16, 4:00pm
New official Reserve Bank figures reveal that about 40% of new mortgage lending in this country is done on interest-only terms
27 Jun 16, 2:48pm
David Hargreaves says about the only thing we can be sure of is that American interest rates will not rise in the near future, so we need to focus on that
27 Jun 16, 10:29am
PM doesn't see OCR cut on August 11 more likely after Brexit vote; says RBNZ still forecasting 3%-plus growth; Wheeler still has buffer, but Brexit no reason to cut by itself, he says; New FTA needed with UK post Brexit
26 Jun 16, 1:34pm
Wholesale rates may be falling fast toward record lows but risk premiums are rising. Mortgage rates may fall, but it is unlikely to be in the next week or two, although Kiwibank cuts today
23 Jun 16, 11:55am
The Government's desire to keep pumping the economy with a flow of immigrants is increasingly at odds with Auckland's housing shortage
21 Jun 16, 4:01pm
Treasury Secretary warns Aucklanders could struggle to pay their mortgages in the event of a downturn causing a knock on effect on banks and the wider economy
20 Jun 16, 5:02pm
Mystery shop finds Aussie banks have tightened lending criteria but the more aggressive are still prepared to lend 9.4x income for investor mortgages & 6.2x for owner-occupiers
17 Jun 16, 8:22am
We could again very soon be confronted by our powerlessness in the face of global upheavals
15 Jun 16, 3:35pm
Century 21 chief says current real estate market 'completely different' to pre-1987 sharemarket: 'Auckland house prices aren't rising off the back of speculators having a bit of fun'
15 Jun 16, 1:47pm
How financial service providers in NZ are tapping into the WeChat world to connect with the migrant market
14 Jun 16, 5:15pm
The 3 Chinese banks operating in NZ have now lent more than $1 bln and made inroads into the mortgage market
13 Jun 16, 5:32pm
ASB to stop considering overseas income in mortgage applications where a customer does not hold NZ citizenship or permanent residency
13 Jun 16, 3:38pm
The level of household debt to disposable income has hit a new record high and shows no sign of abating
13 Jun 16, 9:07am
Major bank trims a longer term home loan rate as wholesale rate curve flattens, suggesting more longer term rates could fall
10 Jun 16, 4:50pm
Westpac raises its two year 'special' home loan rate, adds two more 'specials' for 3 and 5 years
10 Jun 16, 2:51pm
BNZ tightens rules for non-NZ & Australian citizens seeking loans to buy houses; ASB policies 'under review'
9 Jun 16, 5:31pm
The state-owned bank meets the market in two terms, holds its market-leading two year rate


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