23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
22 Jun 17, 8:04am
David Hargreaves wonders, given the national obsession for housing, whether there could be better 'official' information available on market trends
19 Jun 17, 8:49am
TSB Bank targets its firepower at the heart of the fixed rate market with a competitive offer at a time most banks are sitting back with rates at least 25 bps higher
15 Jun 17, 3:17pm
David Hargreaves wants to see a new Reserve Bank Governor who is thick-skinned and accepts that people will disagree with them
15 Jun 17, 11:36am
Adopting more conservative living expense assumptions and interest rate buffers sees Aussie parents of NZ's major banks tighten the screws on residential mortgage lending
14 Jun 17, 12:42pm
Another very sharp rise in food prices raises further questions about the Reserve Bank's benign inflation forecasts
2 Jun 17, 9:44am
Big banks' net interest margins take a hit in the March quarter with cost-to-income ratios also under some pressure
1 Jun 17, 9:47am
The RBNZ notes small banks have doubled their share of new mortgage commitments since 2014, and that rapid lending growth carries risk
31 May 17, 2:40pm
The RBNZ says a significant proportion of New Zealand borrowers are vulnerable to a material increase in mortgage rates, with Auckland borrowers appearing particularly vulnerable
31 May 17, 12:19pm
RBNZ gives clearest signals yet how and where it could pitch a debt-to-income ratio restricting tool for mortgage borrowers, and which type of borrowers would be targeted
29 May 17, 1:51pm
Lower house prices and static mortgage rates improved housing affordability substantially in many parts of the country in April
27 May 17, 11:11am
The latest Reserve Bank data shows new lending falling significantly from the same month a year ago, but new lending to property investors has fallen at twice the overall pace
24 May 17, 1:33pm
Subdued house prices in the run up to the election are likely to lead to complacency when it comes to some much-needed tightening up measures
24 May 17, 10:57am
The game is up on the 'fill-yerboots with borrowing offshore' modus operandi - sustaining NZ investment is going to require more domestic saving to finance it, ANZ chief economist says
17 May 17, 3:15pm
David Hargreaves crunches some of the official numbers on mortgage interest rates
16 May 17, 5:00pm
Low interest rates and modest drawdown growth are revealed in a detailed look at the components of our home loan market
15 May 17, 5:00pm
Reserve Bank says its forecasting ability could be improved if Statistics New Zealand moved to monthly production of inflation data
11 May 17, 9:05am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; surprisingly, no change seen to future interest rate path, with first OCR hike not projected till late 2019; dollar drops sharply
10 May 17, 9:22am
The Red Bank matches ANZ's home loan rate hikes, but keeps its market leading 5-yr rate. However it doesn't follow ANZ with any term deposit rises
10 May 17, 5:02am
Westpac NZ CEO David McLean 'not terribly concerned' about Auckland first home buyers' ability to service their mortgages if interest rates rise to 7.5%


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