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Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?



BNZ strikes with a hot 3 year rate

Classic rate set to 5.29% trumping its main rivals by a substantial margin for that term

RBNZ's 'pretty reasonable set of options'

Has the RBNZ come up with a way of making banks hold more capital against loans to property investors that's palatable to the banks?

RBNZ spotlight on property investor loans

RBNZ says it's looking at 3 possible ways to categorise mortgage loans to residential property investors; Says move could 'facilitate the introduction of a macro-prudential property investor policy'

Roll up for the great state house sale

David Hargreaves tries to make sense out of the Government's plans to shift more social housing into the hands of  community providers

Aussie housing market focus

Investors continue pouring into Aussie residential property as NAB, ANZ gain mortgage market share

Co-op Bank profit, mortgages grow

The Co-operative Bank delivers 12% rise in December quarter profit as home loan growth tops system

Moving into the poor house

Elizabeth Davies finds the costs of relocating two-and-a-half hours down the road prohibitive

TSB Bank profit smashed

TSB tumbles into the red in December quarter on Solid Energy write-off; Cost to income ratio strong

The stakes are high

The home loan market is set up for an intense bout of competition. Low rates and slow-growing mortgage books putting pressure on all banks to 'grow'

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