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Co-op welcomed into scheme

Co-operative Bank becomes 11th lender to sign up to Government's housing scheme; Housing Minister Nick Smith wants more

'All power to the borrowers!'

ANZ economists see banks offering 'fierce' discounts to advertised mortgage rates as high LVR lending picks up pace. What are you seeing?

BNZ's warning to businesses

BNZ economists warn that economy is at an inflection point; businesses must consider 'a variety' of scenarios in order to be aware of the risks to their operations

Gen Y feels 'locked out of housing market'

Veda says Generation Y is turning to personal loans for cars and consumer goods because they feel locked out of the housing market

New way around LVR restrictions?

FMA says peer-to-peer loans could be used to help fund house purchases

'Banks will compete away their margins'

John Bolton argues interest rates will track below what the market is pricing in, and says we're a long way from seeing mortgage rates above 8%

LVR limits for Auckland mooted

US academic says targeted rather than nationwide response to rising Auckland house prices would be 'prudent'

Westpac ends two-tier mortgages

Westpac removes special higher mortgage rates for high-LVR customers, but retains low equity margin

How revolving credit works

Why revolving credit might be a smarter home loan arrangement than switching to a fixed rate mortgage

BNZ raises many home loan rates, keeps fighting rates unchanged

BNZ raises five fixed mortgage rates as wholesale money costs creep steadily higher, but holds the line on 2 and 3 year offers