23 Jul 16, 9:14am
Mortgage broker John Bolton looks at the Auckland housing market and chances of a market correction
21 Jul 16, 12:02pm
ANZ CEO David Hisco and The Co-operative Bank CEO Bruce McLachlan say the RBNZ should hit residential property investors harder than it's proposing to
21 Jul 16, 9:00am
ANZ CEO David Hisco argues several levers must be pulled to take heat out of the property market and put the NZ economy on a firmer footing
20 Jul 16, 4:24pm
ANZ, ASB and Westpac have now pulled the shutters down now on lending to investors over 60% LVR ahead of introduction of new RBNZ rules
20 Jul 16, 3:09pm
The Reserve Bank's decision to bring forward implementation of the new round of LVR restrictions gives it the edge over the Government in the game of chess that the two parties are playing
18 Jul 16, 4:51pm
BNZ economists see the central bank cutting interest rates next month and needing to signal another cut after that
17 Jul 16, 5:20pm
David Chaston calls on the five main banks to give back the full OCR cuts from December and March now that it is clear the 'higher costs' claimed never materialised or have since faded
14 Jul 16, 3:27pm
Reserve Bank to issue an updated 'economic assessment' next week; market will speculate that a cut to interest rates is coming in August
14 Jul 16, 12:06pm
Labour Party leader releases new interactive 'housing map' showing people 'how the crisis is affecting their neighbourhood'; Govt says it's riddled with errors
12 Jul 16, 11:01am
Westpac sees red flags for the economy in high and rising household debt levels on the back of low interest rates and high house prices
12 Jul 16, 8:16am
John Key and friends are the people to sort out the housing market - and they should stop making excuses and hiding behind the Reserve Bank
8 Jul 16, 5:00am
Finance companies, other non-bank lenders and Chinese banks remain open to foreigners seeking mortgages to help buy NZ property
7 Jul 16, 5:39pm
Reserve Bank Deputy Governor sees tighter LVR rules for housing investors being introduced before end of year; debt to income ratios 'might also have a role'; banks may be asked to hold more capital
6 Jul 16, 2:50pm
What might be termed 'Round 3' of the Reserve Bank's macro-prudential battle with the blazing housing market kicks off in earnest Thursday night. David Hargreaves has a look at the possibilities
1 Jul 16, 12:02pm
Household debt growth outpacing growth of household deposits by the most in more than six years
1 Jul 16, 9:16am
ASB changes two fixed rates, raising one and lowering another, following its floating rate hike
30 Jun 16, 3:32pm
The annual rate of growth in household borrowing is continuing to climb at rates last seen in 2008
29 Jun 16, 12:43pm
RBNZ says continuation of non-Auckland house price rises could be a 'challenge' for macro-prudential policy; signals softer approach to inflation targeting
28 Jun 16, 6:06pm
ASB pushes through a +10 bps hike in its floating mortgage rate, even though swap rates and credit spreads don't indicate any funding cost increases
27 Jun 16, 4:00pm
New official Reserve Bank figures reveal that about 40% of new mortgage lending in this country is done on interest-only terms


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