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How to think about fixed vs floating

Now that banks are cutting fixed rates again, Bernard Hickey looks at how to think about whether to fix or float, and how long bank economists think the RBNZ is 'on pause'

ASB reduces rates then Kiwibank trumps them

Bank's vie for lowest-rate claim in rapid-fire mortgage rate reductions in the key one and two year terms, following wholesale rates down

BNZ eyes mortgage market growth

Marketing & retail director Craig Herbison says BNZ looking to 'reciprocate value' received from having all of a customer's banking business back to customers

BNZ cuts its Classic 2yr mortgage rate

A second bank cuts home loan rates as wholesale benchmarks fall; BNZ follows Co-operative Bank as margins open up for more reductions

Mortgage rates chopped

The Co-operative Bank grabs the mantle of having the lowest four and five year home loan rate offers

Capitalising poor productivity into house values

John Bolton shows what a property developer is up against when constructing houses. The costs of system inefficiencies get priced into the properties

Analysing the home loan fixed rate options

John Bolton takes a look at the term structure of mortgage interest rates, showing how to think about value-for-money for each of the terms

The pros and cons of using more than one lender

Squirrel Mortgages' John Bolton unpicks the tangle of how multiple mortgages and multiple banking can operate, identifying the traps and the opportunities

A 1st birthday party for LVR speed limits?

A year on from their introduction, the RBNZ's controversial high LVR home loan speed limits are working, Gareth Vaughan argues

90 seconds at 9 am: NZ$ watch

NZ dollar and RBNZ watch; Police vs pro-democracy protesters in HK; Bill Gross leaves Pimco; Restrictions on UK banks' mortgage lending come into force