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NZD appeal dented

The extended elevated run by the NZD is undermining RBNZ inflation assumptions, may induce an OCR hike interruption

Rates rally on CPI undershoot

US Treasury yields rise on positive US economic data; BoC holds rates; EU inflation adjusted lower

Inflation weaker than expected

Inflation weaker than expected as strong NZ$, lower airfares and lower electronics costs offset tobacco tax hike and surge in housing cost inflation; OCR hike still on for next Thursday

NZD broadly weaker

Declining dairy prices and rising consumer prices may see inflation at the top of the RBNZ target 'before long': BNZ

NZ swaps constrained by US CPI

Bond yields fall as risk aversion rises, pushed by Ukraine tension; inflation data tame

'All power to the borrowers!'

ANZ economists see banks offering 'fierce' discounts to advertised mortgage rates as high LVR lending picks up pace. What are you seeing?

'NZ commodity prices have peaked'

Lower dairy prices 'will take a toll on the NZD in time'; USD boosted by higher retail in March; eyes on RBA for AUD view

NZ swaps follow offshore yields lower

Better than expected US retail sales report sees UST yields rise; eyes on tomorrow's CPI and Thursday's DMO auction

NZD direction to determine inflation outcomes

Roger J Kerr warns that interest rate increases could be a lot sooner and more severe if the NZ dollar falls sharply

Kiwi dollar diverging from critical lead-indicators

Roger J Kerr says a surprise 'no change' OCR decision would be much more effective to pull the NZ dollar down than jawboning