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ASB lifts variable home loan rates

ASB passes on the full OCR rise to floating mortgage customers; also raises some short term deposit rates

ANZ first out of blocks, again

ANZ increases floating and flexible home loan interest rates and 'Serious Saver' rate by 25 basis points following OCR increase

RBNZ hikes OCR to 3%

RBNZ lifts OCR by 25 bps to 3% as expected; repeats that high NZ$ not sustainable, but also says it is reducing inflation pressures; will take NZ$ into account when setting rates; NZ$ rises

OCR lifted to 3%

Reserve Bank increases official interest rates by another quarter of a percentage point

Eye-catching migration data noticed by RBNZ

NZD will fall today if the markets think the RBNZ is downgrading its inflation assessment: BNZ

NZ gets cues from AU

Global interest rates slightly softer as a mild risk-off tone pervades markets

Door open for correction

Speculative investor positioning changes removes the crutch for the NZD: BNZ

Ukraine having little impact

Swaps rise recovering all of last week's decline following US Treasuries higher

RBNZ has chance to adjust the message

Roger J Kerr advises the RBNZ to select their words much more carefully this time than they did in March as the currency needs to follow dairy prices down

Re-rating of the Kiwi dollar starting to emerge

Roger J Kerr reminds us that the demand to invest into NZ’s higher yields dissipates quickly if the currency ceases to appreciate and starts to depreciate