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Markets rate cut bets overplayed?

NZD may gain following RBNZ signals that rate cuts unlikely; but soft AU CPI may encourage RBA rate cuts

On hold and happy about inflation

HSBC's economists like what they see in the New Zealand economy and they think the RBNZ will be very happy to accept current conditions

Volatile year for the NZ$ seen

HiFX's Dan Bell says NZ dollar could swing 20% against the greenback this year, sees global ramifications from ECB move

NZD gets only faint ripples from ECB

Even though NZ economy expanding with no inflation, markets focused on the 'no inflation' and pricing in higher chances of a rate cut. Kiwi dollar slips

ASB expects OCR to stay on hold for 'the foreseeable future'

ASB expects the Reserve Bank to postpone further increases in the OCR 'for the foreseeable future'; Westpac sees no hike until June 2016

NZD dragged lower again

Kiwi currency falling as commodity block countries get marked down. Canada reacts. Eyes now firmly on the ECB

Inflation below RBNZ target

Deflation seen in Dec qtr; Annual inflation of 0.8% below most economist forecasts and below RBNZ's 1-3% target band; OCR seen on hold until late 2016; NZ$ falls

A NZD downtrend became entrenched overnight

Kiwi currency ends its unsuccessful flirtation with the notion of parity with the AUD. China data doesn't excite but Greece might

Term deposit rate cuts keep coming

As wholesale rates fall, banks keep reducing their term deposit offers. Some opportunities are briefly open

ECB positioning sets the tone

Danes defend euro peg, cut rates to align with euro. But NZD will be more influenced by Chinese GDP result later today