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When do you think the Reserve Bank will resume increasing the Official Cash Rate?



What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; rates react to RBNZ hike, confidence fades, affordability actually improves, wholesale swap rates rise, and more

Home price falls beat interest rate rises

NZ home loan affordability improves in June after house price falls, Roost Home Loan Affordability Reports show

'Book your parity party venue'

HSBC sees Kiwi dollar challenging parity with the Aussie dollar by year's end

Swaps fall but bonds rise overnight

Drive to 'neutral' rates gets a pause, 'period of assessment' may last until past December

Bold and direct warning over NZD

RBNZ says NZD not yet adjusting to falling commodity prices and is unjustifiably high and unsustainable

What happened Thursday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; rates rise after OCR hike, Chinese PMI up, NZ trade balance strong, high LVR lending rises, swap rates fall, and more

ANZ lifts floating, flexi mortgage rates

ANZ follows OCR hike with increases to floating and flexi mortgage rates, introduces term deposit 'special'; ASB hikes floating rates & 2 deposit rates

RBNZ hikes, but signals pause

RBNZ signals "period of assessment"; NZ$ drops to 86 USc after Wheeler warns it could fall a lot; Pause may last til March; Door seen opening for NZ$ intervention

NZD/AUD drops sharply after the AU-CPI release

Markets reduce its pricing of an RBA rate cut to 40%, down from 70%; less support seen for NZD over rest of the year

Bond yields decline, swap curve flattens

NZ-AU yields narrow as market retreats from expecting an AU rate cut, may narrow further