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It will fall back to about A92 cents
31% (73 votes)
It will overtake the Australian dollar and head towards A$1.02 or even higher
19% (45 votes)
It will likely end up about where it is now around A97 cents
18% (43 votes)
It will stop just short of parity at around A99 cents
16% (38 votes)
It will hit parity A$1.00
16% (37 votes)
Total voters: 236

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$18.9 mln Bridgecorp deal

FMA consents to settlement between the receiver of Bridgecorp, the Bridgecorp directors & liability insurers; Another 4c for Bridgecorp investors

Doug Graham to keep knighthood

PM John Key says NZ a better country because of Doug Graham's work as Treaty Negotiations Minister and he'll keep his knighthood

Westpac defrauder pleads guilty

Kenneth Anderson the director of Lane Walker Rudkin, which still owes Westpac more than $50m, pleads guilty to SFO charges

BNZ will get all Mainzeal money back

Receivers confirm that the BNZ will get all the $11.3 million it is owed by the collapsed Mainzeal group back

BNZ likely to get Mainzeal debt back

Liquidators fighting to get returns on the $106.3 million owed to unsecured creditors.

Westpac a TV3 shareholder - again

Lenders including Westpac, Rabobank, RBS and JP Morgan take shares in TV3's new parent company after receivership

SFO drops charge against Graeme Brown

False accounting charge against former South Canterbury Finance chief financial officer dropped

$600 million debt write-off

TV3 owner MediaWorks in receivership after lenders including Westpac fail to reach recapitalisation deal; About $600 mln of debt being written-off

ANZ's NZ$20m Feltex shortfall

Feltex receivership wraps up with plug puller ANZ still owed almost NZ$20 mln, unsecured creditors and shareholders out of pocket

Mainzeal debt total still unknown

Receiver yet to calculate total Mainzeal debts; No indication yet whether secured creditor BNZ will get all its money back