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Landlords' rental yields declining sharply

Rental yields on residential investment properties have been steadily declining since the early 1990s, ANZ says

Auckland's rental property bubble

Why is rental inflation in Auckland much lower than house price inflation? Will the bubble burst or just get bigger?

Rising house prices vs rents

Property values are rising faster than rents in Auckland but it's a different story in the rest of the country

Breaking of the link between house prices and rents

Landlords are probably not going to get rent increases to match rising interest rates, says Rodney Dickens. That will put house prices at risk he says

Auckland apartments fetch good yields

Shoebox apartments are rising in price but are still achieving reasonable yields

Friday's guest Top 10

Elizabeth Davies on elder abuse, Rio's slums vs billion dollar football, NZ rental housing WOF failures, the car park auction app, property worth more than sex, Greenpeace hypocrisy, Dilbert & more

Pressure on apartment rents

Apartment rents have not kept pace with price rises but that may be about to change

Rising rents in Wellington and Christchurch

Rents in Christchurch are quickly catching up with those in the capital

(Some) Auckland rents take a hike

Rents are up by 6.7% in some parts of Auckland, while others haven't risen at all

Friday's guest Top 10

Brendon Harré on National vs Labour on housing affordability, UK councils' spy planes, Christchurch rents, Canterbury's leap frog sprawl, Dilbert & more