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retail banking

ANZ has shed 800 staff since merger

ANZ NZ says staff requests, earthquake concerns among reasons behind lower than pledged post-National Bank branch numbers

Banks enter 'co-creation phase'

PwC lists 6 things banks must do to succeed in the digital era, sees branch foot traffic falling 25% in 3 years

The mobile banking app 'hygiene factor'

BNZ retail director Andy Symons sees potential for mobile app comparison subscription services for retail customers and SMEs

'No lego helicopters in our new branch'

ANZ unveils new look 'gimmick free' Queen Street branch, putting emphasis on expert bankers and technology

Banks chase the 'mass affluent'

Major retail banks pushing electronic banking at regular customers to free up staff time and branches for their rich customers, Lafferty Group says

ANZ's mass product cull

ANZ NZ more than halves its retail and business banking products in $382 mln 'simplification strategy'

Kiwibank innovation highlighted

Global retail banking innovation survey highlights development of mobile only banks; Says technological disrupter 'fundamentally changing economics of banking' yet to emerge

BNZ claims NZ banking first

BNZ to introduce voice biometrics and open speech navigation technology to call centres

Personalisation, banking's future?

Chris de Wit says banks must be more customer centric tailoring services for individuals with add-ons like the insurance & airline industries

More self service coming at Kiwibank

NZ Post shake-up may see reduction in number of Kiwibank branches with more electronic self service kiosks coming