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Solid Energy says restructure needed

Solid Energy chairman says restructure of bank debt necessary for ongoing survival beyond September 2016; looking at Stockton redundancies; EPMU calls for Govt support

TSB Bank profit smashed

TSB tumbles into the red in December quarter on Solid Energy write-off; Cost to income ratio strong

Another Solid Energy bailout?

Solid Energy sees  'diminishing ability to repay or refinance debt.'' TSB writes off full $53.9m exposure, 5 other banks owed $300m plus

Asset sales: How well did we do?

Investors have done very well out of the sale of state assets so far - taxpayers probably less so

Kiwibank nears first dividend

Kiwibank posts 36% rise in half-year profit to record $71 mln, net interest margin up 30 basis points with first dividend near

TSB's fresh Solid Energy provision

TSB makes $5.4m provision against remaining $53.7m holding of Solid Energy bonds; Taxpayers, banks prop up SOE not forecasting a profit until 2017

Kiwibank puts brakes on high LVR lending

Kiwibank temporarily halts high LVR home lending that's not exempt from the RBNZ restrictions to 'rebalance the book'

Strong September quarter from Kiwibank

Kiwibank September quarter profit jumps 35%, net interest margin rises, cost to income ratio falls

Govt helping hand for Solid Energy, again

Solid Energy's $103m land remediation indemnity tab covered by taxpayers to prevent SOE falling into negative equity; Labour's Cosgrove puts boot into govt

'Kiwibank must be supported'

NZ First calls for 'urgent action' to develop New Zealand owned and operated banks