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Super City

SuperCity's 'great Norwegian transaction'

Auckland Council borrows NZ$300m through 15-year Norwegian bond, lifts its offshore borrowing to NZ$819m

English plays down 'dramatic' solution

Bill English says Govt could step in to take control of land supply away from councils if housing affordability continues worsening but doesn't want to; Study on building material costs

Super City nears new leaky provision

Auckland Council says its yet to be determined provision for leaky commercial buildings won't be as big as its NZ$417 mln one for leaky homes

Super City's 'big number' borrowing plans

Gareth Vaughan talks to Mark Butcher, the man tasked with borrowing NZ$14 billion on behalf of Auckland ratepayers over the next decade

'Super City' completes 1st retail bond issue

Auckland Council to pay 4.41% per annum on its first retail bond issue which has raised NZ$125 mln

Auckland Council defers bond offer

Leaky home court ruling forces Auckland Council to postpone bond issue; Has $417m leaky home provision for residential properties but may now be liable for leaky commercial properties too

1st retail bond issue from 'Super City'

Auckland Council seeks up to NZ$175 mln through 6-year, fixed-rate secured bond offer

Auckland Council eyes retail bond issue

Auckland Council planning to open retail bond offer next week; Good demand for LGFA debt

Auckland's 10-year 'roadmap' revealed

Mayor Len Brown launches Auckland's economic development strategy calling for less property speculation & more focus on exporting high value goods; Your view?

Auckland Council's corporate speak revealed

The Auckland 'Super City' discloses its 24 point plan to become 'a more innovative, effective & focused council'