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Too Big to Fail

Banks 'can and will be allowed to fail'

NZ's stable, if heavily consolidated, financial system creates 'ample scope' for new entrants, RBNZ says

Big banks' implicit govt guarantee on the line

Loss of implicit government guarantee could cost big 4 Australasian banks A$1b annually, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts say

'None of our banks are too-big-to-fail'

Kiwibank reaches RBNZ's 'systemically important bank' threshold but nothing changes for the state owned bank

What is shadow banking?

IMF working paper sets out to clear up confusion around shadow banking with a definition and explanation

ICBC added to 'too big to fail' list

 Chinese bank that's seeking NZ banking registration added to global 'too big to fail' list

Lending money comes with risk

Gareth Vaughan argues banks' lending to big corporates on an unsecured basis shouldn't expect a taxpayer bailout if things turn to custard

All Blacks' sponsor 'too big to fail'

Five years after a US$182 billion bailout, insurer AIG is included on global list of 'too big to fail' insurers

Regulatory oversight of GE increases

As the RBNZ reviews its non-bank deposit taker regulations here, GE Capital's US parent is designated 'systemically important'

NZ banks to avoid 'too big to fail' demands

Reserve Bank says NZ's big 4 banks don't need to hold more capital than other banks despite their 'too big to fail' status

Bank outsourcing rules for insurers?

Should the RBNZ enforce banking sector type standalone capability on NZ's big Australian owned insurers?