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Economic weather report: Public sector wage gap widens

Posted in News

Bernard Hickey details an economic weather report in association with ASB, including a look at two charts on wages which show wage growth slowing overall, but slowing less for the public sector and widening its advantage over the private sector. Here's the link to the interactive chart

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Not only are public sector

Not only are public sector workers getting more than private sector workers but they are also benefiting from increased job security. Bernard do you have any statistics on how many public sector workers have lost their jobs compared to the private sector? Very few I would suspect. A good example of this is in the building permits section of local authorities. During the housing boom of 2002 -2007 all local authorities took on extra staff to process the increased number of new houses. Now that building permits have slowed down to a trickle the staffing levels have remained the same.

This is a disgrace. When

This is a disgrace. When are these spineless Nats going to get rid of some of these wasteful and useless bureaucrats?
here is an example, I tried to call an officer at one of the govt departments a few weeks ago, must have called 6 times and left 3 or 4 messages (and he wasn't on leave)
the guy finally called me back today, and was hardly apologetic
there has been a massive bureaucratic gravy train under Labour, the govt needs to get serious about giving a good chunk of them the chop
that will help you out veedub (assuming you don't work in the public sector). Chop a couple thousand bureaucrats that wil help dampen the property market in das capital

I can't quite understand why

I can't quite understand why the nats aren't cutting bureaucrats. After all most of them are Labour supporting socialists so its not like National will lose a lot of their vote

Matt I don't think its


I don't think its fair to expect the Nat to simply cut and slash jobs, after all they would flood the labour market and though it only partially decrease costs (as benefits would rise)

What I want to see is the removal of the myth that if you must pay public servants at pivate sector rates!, its crap, there are offsetting benfits from being in public service, Poor management is never corrected by money alone.


Prior to being booted out

Prior to being booted out of office, the Labour party claimed there were 35000 employed in the public "service" ( an oxymoron, if ever there was one ! ). The actual figure is 45000. Oops, we missed 10000 in our heads up. That's testament to the sheer incompetence of Clark & Cullen. And it explains the shortage of office space in Wellington, gotta lotta bodies to hide from the guy with the click-counter !!! Anyone know what "service" the 10000 invisible men/women perform ?

"Anyone know what “service” the

"Anyone know what "service" the 10000 invisible men/women perform ?"

'Analysts', Assistants to 'Assistants', but mostly 'Communication Advisors'!

Interesting comments. Overall from my

Interesting comments. Overall from my experience of working in the NZ public service (1yr) is that, the "lean and fit service"(quote Rt Hon Mr Bogler 1995) has created a low grade professional management class and with skills to match. All the best have gone or moved too OZ. From what I see from new Nat is pretty much old Nat of the 90's. As for not working hard. I found that 'hands on' technical people (trades, IT, Comms) were over worked, under paid and generally not respected. I've meet many high skilled and paid NZer's overhere (OZ) and its the same old tale. Everyone wants more for less in NZ. It aint going to work out by doing a cull.