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Christchurch International Airport Ltd

Issuer Christchurch Int'l Airport Ltd (CIAL)
Issue type Fixed Rate Notes - unsecured and unsubordinated
Rank Equally with other unsecured unsubordinated debt securities
Maturity 4 October 2021
Early redemption No
Coupon (%) 6.25% or 8-year swap + 1.45% margin
Amount Up to $75 million ($50 mln with $25 mln over-subscriptions).
Opening date 23 September 2013
Closing date 27 September 2013
Listed These notes will not be listed on any exchange
Credit rating BBB+
Lead manager(s) Westpac
Information Term Sheet & Investment Statement (see attachments)


New Christchurch International Airport bond


  • Swap or NGZS plus a margin means the actual rate will be set at that margin over the relevant maturity swap rate or Government bond rate, usually a couple of days before the issue date. Click here for swap rates and here for Government bond rates.
  • The amount on offer is usually allocated to brokers who then accept subscriptions up to their allocations. The lead manager(s) control the allocation of bonds. There can be a public pool which is not allocated and subscriptions under the public pool are made directly to the issuer or lead manager(s).
  • Listing on NZDX unless stated otherwise.