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The Warehouse Group Limited


The Warehouse Group Limited

Issue type Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate debt obligations
Rank Ranks equally with other similar securities
Maturity June 15, 2020
Early redemption Neither the investor nor The Warehouse Group are able to
redeem the bonds before maturity unless there is a change of control of the company.
Coupon (%) Indicative range 5.30% to 5.55% - actual rate to be confirmed.
Amount $125 million ($75 mln from general offer + 25 mln from the exchange program + up to $25 mln in over subscriptions)
Opening date 20 May 2015
Closing date 10 June 2015
Minimum parcel size $5,000 and then in multiples of $1,000
Listed the company intends to have the bonds listed on the NZDX (debt market)
Credit rating Unrated. The creditworthiness of the company has not been assessed by an approved rating agency. This means that the company has not received an independent opinion of its capability and willingness to repay its debts from an approved source.
Lead manager(s) Deutsche Craigs, ANZ, BNZ
Information Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)


The Warehouse Group Limited new retail capital note bond issue.


  • Swap or NGZS plus a margin means the actual rate will be set at that margin over the relevant maturity swap rate or Government bond rate, usually a couple of days before the issue date. Click here for swap rates and here for Government bond rates.
  • The amount on offer is usually allocated to brokers who then accept subscriptions up to their allocations. The lead manager(s) control the allocation of bonds. There can be a public pool which is not allocated and subscriptions under the public pool are made directly to the issuer or lead manager(s).
  • Listing on NZDX unless stated otherwise.