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15 Dec 12, 10:48am
Peter Kerr thinks we could use some strategic 'glue' to help get the best out of our best-practice pastoralism methods. Your view?
8 Dec 12, 11:50am
Peter Kerr says because we have not yet claimed our story, we are getting under-paid and under-appreciated for our unique seasonal grazing methods. Agree?
6 Dec 12, 9:30am
Peter Kerr says our pastoral farming is an exclusive romantic brand, has the reassurance of science and is completely non-commodity. Is he right?
30 Nov 12, 12:09pm
Peter Kerr wants us to stand back and see our pasture-based farming systems for what they really are - a world's best farming practice. Is he right?
17 Nov 12, 9:13am
Peter Kerr wants to connect our unique sustainable pastoral farming with how consumers make buying choices. Is he right?
10 Nov 12, 12:23pm
Peter Kerr worries our wonderful products, the result of applied science to sunshine, soil and fresh air, are lumped with all the other commodity meats and fibres. Your view?
2 Nov 12, 10:15am
Peter Kerr says we should start believing, living up to and improving the science-based picture our pastoral farms project. Your view?
26 Oct 12, 4:04pm
Peter Kerr points out that our pastoral method’s lack of a brand or name is the opposite of the ‘tragedy of the commons’. Your view?
22 Oct 12, 10:57am
Peter Kerr points out that our pasture-based farming systems should be contrasted with feedlot systems and the differences will impress consumers - if we tell them. Your view?
20 Oct 12, 11:47am
Opinion: Peter Kerr thinks we should recognise NZ's contribution to rotational pastoral farming, own it and promote it to consumers who value sustainable farming systems. Your view?
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