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USD remains under intense pressure

Yield chasing investors supporting NZD; USD vulnerable to any negative news

US economic recovery continues

Divergent US & European growth profiles re-emerge

Fantastical prospect of Iran & US alliance

Geo-political intrigue adds to dynamic market sentiment; rising oil prices and negative economic growth impacting the United States

Established ranges dominate

With little in the way of developing trends, currency markets are treading water; equity markets meanwhile hit all-time record levels

Risk on risk off theme continues

US economy showing signs of vulnerability and concerns around China's banking sector spills over into markets

Political games take centre stage

Debt ceiling negotiations remain a tool for political posturing but needless to say, it seems likely a last minute agreement will be reached

Fed tapering in focus

Recent US data hasn’t been weak enough for the market to reassess expectations of the Fed announcing its tapering package

Risk aversion wanes for the time being

With patchy global growth and increased geopolitical tensions, expect further volatility in currency markets

Australasian currencies remain vulnerable

The NZ$ had rough start to the week thanks to Fonterra's announcement at weekend; A$ impacted by expectations of RBA rate cut

Will the USD lose momentum?

Better-than-expected US data and US$ strength were the main themes over the past week but there was a lack of follow through buying

Volatility here to stay

Big moves in some currency pairs over past week has NZ$ revisiting its recent lows against most majors

US$ rally takes a pause

Better readings for manufacturing out of Europe and the UK has meant the US$ has lost ground across the board

Expectation of further volatility building

A hint of what could be ahead was shown in Japan with their stock market falling 7% in one day

US not hampered by inflation

With little in the way of inflation to worry about, there's plenty of room for US Fed to keep stimulating the economy

Resurgent US dollar provides the lead

Increase in demand of US$ driven by better-than-expected US data and economic outlook

Central banks remain the driving force

RBA cash rate cut of 25 bps to 2.75% is further acknowledgement of global economic under-performance

US$ suffers from renewed pressure

Disappointing data for the US and a theme of ongoing central bank support will provide underlying demand for the NZ$ and A$

Global recovery horizon lengthens

Hopes for a flourishing recovery for the global economy in the first half of 2013 were misplaced

Weak data puts pressure on growth forecasts

It is becoming apparent we will not see a straight forward recovery for the global economy this year

BoJ make their mark

BoJ's aggressive monetary policy initiatives have had a significant effect on NZ$/JPY; moves favour NZ$ for now