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11 Oct 16, 2:18pm
Stronger US data helps USD hit recent highs; spectacular GBP/USD meltdown; NZD easing against USD & AUD
4 Oct 16, 1:52pm
UK PM nails down time frame for Brexit; bearish sentiment toward GBP; NZD trapped in tight range
26 Jul 16, 3:23pm
Eyes on FOMC and BoJ announcements; Australian inflation data could have policy implications for RBA
19 Apr 16, 2:32pm
Geopolitical tensions prevent Doha resolution; volatile week ahead for commodity-linked currencies; strong correlation between oil price and equities continues
2 Jul 14, 9:15am
Yield chasing investors supporting NZD; USD vulnerable to any negative news
25 Jun 14, 9:11am
Divergent US & European growth profiles re-emerge
18 Jun 14, 9:15am
Geo-political intrigue adds to dynamic market sentiment; rising oil prices and negative economic growth impacting the United States
19 Nov 13, 2:54pm
With little in the way of developing trends, currency markets are treading water; equity markets meanwhile hit all-time record levels
29 Oct 13, 3:37pm
US economy showing signs of vulnerability and concerns around China's banking sector spills over into markets
1 Oct 13, 2:41pm
Debt ceiling negotiations remain a tool for political posturing but needless to say, it seems likely a last minute agreement will be reached
17 Sep 13, 3:35pm
Recent US data hasn’t been weak enough for the market to reassess expectations of the Fed announcing its tapering package
3 Sep 13, 2:55pm
With patchy global growth and increased geopolitical tensions, expect further volatility in currency markets
6 Aug 13, 2:58pm
The NZ$ had rough start to the week thanks to Fonterra's announcement at weekend; A$ impacted by expectations of RBA rate cut
9 Jul 13, 5:10pm
Better-than-expected US data and US$ strength were the main themes over the past week but there was a lack of follow through buying
11 Jun 13, 3:40pm
Big moves in some currency pairs over past week has NZ$ revisiting its recent lows against most majors
4 Jun 13, 6:20pm
Better readings for manufacturing out of Europe and the UK has meant the US$ has lost ground across the board
28 May 13, 8:39pm
A hint of what could be ahead was shown in Japan with their stock market falling 7% in one day
21 May 13, 6:08pm
With little in the way of inflation to worry about, there's plenty of room for US Fed to keep stimulating the economy
14 May 13, 4:31pm
Increase in demand of US$ driven by better-than-expected US data and economic outlook
7 May 13, 5:54pm
RBA cash rate cut of 25 bps to 2.75% is further acknowledgement of global economic under-performance
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