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16 Feb 17, 8:52am
William Rolleston sees the advent of argument dressed up as science but which abandons the principles of evidence, balance and context in order to persuade
27 Aug 16, 4:50pm
William Rolleston challenges the many claims that point the finger of blame for the Havelock North water contamination and system failure; calls for science-based evidence gathering
29 Jun 16, 9:35am
William Rolleston's address to the Federated Farmers of NZ National Council - June 2016
10 Jun 15, 12:45pm
Federated Farmers says there is nothing sinister in breeding plant hybrids, and it is not unnatural for cows to eat more than just grass
17 Apr 15, 1:48pm
Federated Farmer president lays out how his vision for farming issues will play out in the future, both globally and locally
8 Feb 15, 4:31pm
Farmers to cut back spending plans and increase debt in response to latest global forces buffeting the industry, according to Federated Farmers survey
10 Jan 15, 8:15am
Federated Farmers calls for an audit of overseas investment approvals and a register of foreign ownership of land, supporting Labour's Stuart Nash
12 Sep 14, 12:26pm
William Rolleston sees farming seems under attack from most political parties in this election, with claims aimed at a gullible urban audience but disconnected from the facts on the land
13 Aug 14, 10:00am
Quality farmland is a finite commodity and why the OIO needs to see if there are real and tangible benefits for New Zealand from farmland sales to foreigners: Rolleston
3 Aug 14, 8:09pm
Federated Farmers wants to know what the ‘substantial and identifiable benefit’ is to approve the sale of the major and iconic sheep, beef and dairy station to overseas interests
16 Jul 14, 9:46pm
The new President of Fed Farmers compares current science with the "romanticised ideal of past farming practices" and finds it is the urban critics who are in denial
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