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Much worse off.
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BNZ NIM up in June quarter

BNZ June quarter profit drops with income lower and expenses higher

NZ First, Conservative surge in poll

NZ First up 1.7% to 6.3%, Conservative up 2.1% to 4.6% in 3News poll after 'Dirty Politics'; National down 2.5% to 45%; Labour launches KiwiBuild policy

Heartland still aiming to double assets

Heartland Bank holds to formation goal of doubling asset base in 5 years, but sees acquisitions as key to this

How different is China?

Arthur Chin deconstructs the half-empty glass of the challenges in building successful international trade, looking for the half-full glass when interests are aligned

Most want foreign buying limits - poll

Poll shows most want foreign buying limits; Survey finds over third say 'Dirty Politics' will affect their vote; Assange to help Dotcom on Sept 15

Westpac repays taxpayer backed debt

Westpac NZ quarterly profit boosted by sale of Visa shares and lower loan impairments

SBS June quarter profit up 16%

SBS posts higher quarterly profit, ekes out mortgage growth, appoints ex-BNZ executive as a director

Westpac NZ confirms Moven deal

Westpac teams up with NY-based downloadable bank account provider Moven, which is run by 'bank breaker' Brett King; Will help customers with budgeting

Heartland delivers as forecast

Heartland Bank lifts 2014-15 profit guidance, to continue eyeing acquisition opportunities, mulling capital management options

Do first home buyer subsidies work?

National would double first home buyer subisidies; Labour says it would just pump up prices; Labour trims election promises; Labour sets climate, transport policies

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