Business and banking industry news

25 Aug 16, 10:10am
Accountants more cautious than lawyers and real estate agents about being drawn into the AML/CFT Act
24 Aug 16, 4:02pm
Westpac NZ sees June quarter net interest margin slide, cost of funds drop, and cost to income ratio rise
23 Aug 16, 4:30pm
BNZ June quarter funding costs, net interest margin fall, cost to income ratio rises
23 Aug 16, 9:20am
Governor defends flexible inflation targeting regime; sticks with MPS view of another 35 bps of OCR cuts; says holding OCR would push up NZ$; but says more aggressive cuts would not lower NZ$ much and would worsen housing imbalances
23 Aug 16, 5:03am
Ministry of Justice non-committal on who will supervise newcomers to Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism Act
22 Aug 16, 10:23am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says developing a more efficient customs process will make it faster & cheaper for big & small players across TPPA countries to do business
22 Aug 16, 10:03am
Zhang Jun says regional differences in economic performance reflect the country's massive structural changes as it seeks the status of a high-income economy
18 Aug 16, 9:55am
Craigs Investment Partners lifts target price on Heartland Bank shares by 13% after annual results
17 Aug 16, 11:16am
Statistics NZ reports unemployment fell to 5.1% in June quarter from revised 5.2% in March quarter; Under-utilisation rate, which includes unemployed and those who want more work, at 12.7%; 342,000 out of work or want more work
17 Aug 16, 9:59am
ANZ NZ provision for credit impairment and capital both rise, dividend drops
16 Aug 16, 1:07pm
English says unfair to say Wheeler has failed to meet his performance target on keeping inflation around 2% when global inflation is very low and NZ economy is growing faster than 3%; says 2nd term up to board
16 Aug 16, 10:31am
New Zealand's biggest bank records profit fall due to rising bad debts and software charge
15 Aug 16, 4:40pm
NZ financial services professionals discover their IDs being used without permission by dubious Israeli binary options firm
15 Aug 16, 10:34am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy looks at how the global supply chain poses a problem for the boffins who have to nut out the details of preferential trade agreements
12 Aug 16, 1:21pm
NZ Bankers' Association completes about face on 'weak tool with low welfare gains', but is wary of RBNZ move towards debt-to-income ratio limits & making banks hold more capital against housing loans
12 Aug 16, 9:01am
China is using Zespri to signal to the world it's becoming bigger on quality rather than quantity, says an Asia NZ professor
11 Aug 16, 4:26pm
ASB June quarter net interest income and profit up, cost-to-income ratio and cost of funds down
11 Aug 16, 11:11am
RBNZ's Wheeler expects banks to pass on most of OCR cut; says RBNZ will send debt to income multiple limit plan to English in next week or two, but unlikely to be introduced this year; says migration putting downward pressure on wages
11 Aug 16, 9:12am
RBNZ cuts OCR by 25 bps to 2.0% and forecasts just one more cut; NZ$ sprints over 73 USc after markets had forecast chance of 50 bps cut
10 Aug 16, 10:34am
ASB annual profit hits NZ$913 mln despite fall in net interest margin and higher provisioning for loans to dairy farmers


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