Business and banking industry news

8 Oct 15, 12:10pm
Combination of rising sharemarkets & falling NZ dollar help reduce NZ Super Fund's tax bill by almost 90%
8 Oct 15, 9:29am
F&P Finance CFO says negligible impact on business from sales process & Heartland's i-Finance push, defends 25% interest rates
7 Oct 15, 11:34am
Ministry of Justice to discuss potential extension of NZ AML/CFT Act territorial guidance with RBNZ, FMA & Department of Internal Affairs
7 Oct 15, 11:03am
MFAT says TPP effectively prevents future ban on foreign buying of property; TPP rules also apply to non-TPP countries such as China; TPP also doubles threshold for Overseas Investment Act rules; Labour worried
6 Oct 15, 4:17pm
Dairy's down but don't panic... New Zealand's economy is still in the middle of the pack across the OECD, says HSBC's Paul Bloxham
6 Oct 15, 10:00am
NZIER QSBO shows confidence about economy at lowest since March 2011, but businesses confident about themselves; Inflation pressures at 16 yr low; Net 6% of firms cut prices
6 Oct 15, 7:50am
TPP deal finally done; PM says deal eliminates tariffs for 93% of NZ exports to US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Peru; Dairy companies disappointed with deal; Beef tariffs removed; drug costs to rise
5 Oct 15, 4:02pm
S&P cautions on cyber-attack threat to bank credit ratings, notes 'the sensitivity to confidence inherent in the banking industry'
5 Oct 15, 2:48pm
Awarding of new govt banking contracts, with Westpac still the Crown's transactional banking service provider, to save taxpayers more than $120m, English & Joyce say
3 Oct 15, 7:02am
Brash warns the Govt risks being held liable for a bank or insurance company collapse, as the RBNZ's taking on too much responsibility as the regulator
2 Oct 15, 5:43pm
McKinsey & Co highlights data as banks' 'essential ingredient in capturing the customer' as digitalisation & competition from FinTech startups gathers pace
2 Oct 15, 3:02pm
On the block F&P Finance issues prospectus seeking up to $300 million
2 Oct 15, 5:03am
Senior lawyer suggests simple solution to anti-money laundering law arbitrage opportunity, says judgment against FMA well constructed and logical
1 Oct 15, 12:47pm
ANZ Group names chief financial officer Shayne Elliott as new CEO succeeding Mike Smith from 2016
1 Oct 15, 11:00am
NZ Super Fund trumpets 50% a year gross return on Z Energy investment
1 Oct 15, 9:12am
The Warehouse buys out partner Westpac from financial services venture, pledges new services from in-house financial services business
30 Sep 15, 3:48pm
Kiwis are still amping up household borrowing ahead of new Government and RBNZ housing investment rules
30 Sep 15, 10:11am
IRD on why it can't, or won't, speak about the settlement of a long running tax dispute with ASB
30 Sep 15, 9:59am
Property Institute CEO says English's Auckland housing crash warning 'unhelpful' and equivalent to 'reading chicken entrails'; says Auckland nothing like US market; Auckland prices go up, but don't slump, he says
30 Sep 15, 9:22am
Three of five equity crowdfunding projects fail in September. Five platforms now active and have raised $13.7 mln since inception in 24 successful offers


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