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F&P Finance retail deposit funding falls

F&P Finance records 13% nine month fall in retail deposit funding with 73.1% reinvestment rate

Govt scales back Genesis bids sharply

Bids for more than NZ$2,500 of Genesis shares scaled back sharply after strong demand surprises Government; Shares set for 10% plus premium on debut on Friday

Taking control without breaking it

Family business transition: as 'baby boomers' hand over to 'millennials', the risks of getting it wrong have never been greater

ASB's mobile payments 'bridging' service

ASB also working with host card emulation and cloud based token technology as it pilots 'PayTag' mobile wallet

The controversial US FATCA goes global

First there was FATCA, now here comes AEOI as repercussions from US tax policy spread

Usual suspects take Roy Morgan awards

TSB Bank, Kiwibank take out Roy Morgan's February customer satisfaction awards

ASB's 'Swiss Army knife of banking'

ASB unveils mobile wallet trial via 'PayTag' with Visa Paywave sticker; Says will work on both NFC and non-NFC enabled mobile phones

The product - all about analytics

Stuart Bilbrough explains why good analysis must have effective presentation for the messages to be understood

PayPal wants unified Aust, NZ regulation

PayPal asks Australian government to use CER to align Australian and New Zealand payments regulations

ASB eyes new business credit cards

ASB says exclusive credit card partnership with Visa will see new offers for business customers

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