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23 Mar 17, 9:08am
Lee Jong-Wha thinks China has as much to lose as South Korea if they use trade as pressure to solve a secondary problem. The primary problem needs their attention
23 Mar 17, 5:02am
Auckland has a well publicised housing shortage. Over the ditch there's an array of property development companies and concerns about oversupply. So why aren't more of them coming to Auckland?
22 Mar 17, 10:57am
UBS looks at how Australian politicians & regulators might respond to their country's ongoing housing boom and how this would impact banks
21 Mar 17, 1:46pm
The global ABC of where New Zealand's Financial Service Providers Register has been wrecking our reputation
21 Mar 17, 9:04am
Xi Jinping is defending globalisation and "inclusive, sustainable development". But can China really provide the leadership and solutions needed?
18 Mar 17, 8:26am
ICBC & China Construction Bank explain how China's NZ banks operate within the US$50k restriction on Chinese citizens taking money overseas & their AML responsibilities
17 Mar 17, 4:48pm
NZ Super Fund says RBNZ gave the green light to Kiwibank capital instruments it's now questioning last year when Super Fund and ACC were doing due diligence on the bank
16 Mar 17, 11:24am
Macquarie analysts sanguine about threat of more regulatory action against lending by Australian banks to property investors, see margins on these loans fattening
16 Mar 17, 11:05am
GDP grows only 0.4% in December quarter versus market pick of 0.7% and RBNZ forecast of 1.0%; Stats NZ says only half of 16 industries recorded growth; September figures revised down sharply
16 Mar 17, 10:13am
Zhang Jun expects the US will be economically tougher on China, potentially triggering a trade war. But he says the new American portrayal of China is both inaccurate and illogical
15 Mar 17, 6:02am
Justice Minister Amy Adams says estimated compliance costs of extending anti-money laundering net have fallen by as much as half to between $800 mln and $1.1 bln
10 Mar 17, 7:40am
China Construction Bank keen to lend for infrastructure, including apartment, development, but aims to do half its lending in the home loan market
9 Mar 17, 5:25pm
Gareth Morgan's Opportunities Party wants to wean NZ off fossil fuels, end 'bias' towards roads, and see traffic congestion charges introduced
9 Mar 17, 11:26am
Simon Tong succeeds Russell Jones as ASB's executive general manager for technology, innovation and payments
9 Mar 17, 10:34am
What will 'strong on a standalone basis' mean for NZ's major banks as the RBNZ moves to review their regulatory capital requirements?
8 Mar 17, 9:50am
RBNZ review of bank capital to probe differences in banks' capital modelling, and use of controversial convertible capital instruments
7 Mar 17, 11:10am
RBNZ review of bank capital requirements to cover definition of capital, the measurement of risks banks face, plus minimum capital requirements and buffers
7 Mar 17, 10:26am
Yu-Ming Wang of Nikko Asset Management says the real trade war is for IP, innovation, and talent, and is being fought on the turf that is Asia’s burgeoning class of middle income consumers
5 Mar 17, 8:12pm
'Measured' approach proposed for closing multinationals' tax loopholes seen as too tough by big business consultant and too weak by retail lobby group
2 Mar 17, 5:08pm
Fullerton Markets touts more than 2,000 clients including 13 in NZ, flags IPO in correspondence with Bill English's office


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