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11 Feb 16, 12:09pm
Organisation for Migration puts Auckland ahead of London, Paris and New York, as a city with a population made up of a higher portion of people born overseas
11 Feb 16, 9:47am
ASB, CBA CEOs Barbara Chapman & Ian Narev sanguine about turmoil in global financial markets; Narev suggests over reaction also a threat
11 Feb 16, 9:08am
Zhang Jun defends China's central bank against accusations that it lacks transparency
10 Feb 16, 10:44am
ASB half-year profit after tax reaches $474 mln helped by break fees bounce
10 Feb 16, 5:03am
Boss of new P2P lender Wayne Croad says Lending Crowd's secured SME loans offer investors a chance to diversify away from property
9 Feb 16, 7:41pm
English sees no need to change Policy Targets Agreement around inflation; says RBNZ not trying to shift goal-posts; says happy to see debate over measuring inflation and targeting inflation, but no plans for change now
9 Feb 16, 4:02pm
The specter of harsh accusations and harsher punishment is stalking China’s political, intellectual, and business elites, even affecting the inner sanctum of the Chinese Communist Party
6 Feb 16, 12:02pm
Chris Green responds to the RBNZ's criticism of 'some commentators advocating mechanistic rate cuts'; says RBNZ seeing inflationary ghosts and has systematic upward bias; ignoring rise in real interest rates and tightening relative to other central banks
5 Feb 16, 12:15pm
UBS analysts suggest APRA may turn up the heat on restrictions on Aussie banks' residential property investor lending
4 Feb 16, 4:02pm
Verifone NZ boss sees potential competition issues if his company were to seek to buy Paymark
3 Feb 16, 1:04pm
Governor says will interpret 1-3% inflation target flexibly in defiant speech; says won’t be ‘mechanistic’ about cutting rates just because CPI inflation below 1-3% target; Auckland still a financial stability risk
3 Feb 16, 11:11am
PM says 15% dairy price fall this year linked to lower oil prices, which helps consumers; says RBNZ will be monitoring dairy prices; says no need to exclude foreign land buying from TPP as NZ can still impose big taxes on buyers, but no plans to for now
3 Feb 16, 11:04am
Statistics NZ reports unemployment rate of 5.3% in December, down from 6%; But participation rate lower; Annual wage inflation only 1.5%
2 Feb 16, 12:10pm
Winston Peters wants the RBNZ to buy Paymark from the big 4 banks as step towards 'taking back control of our financial system'
2 Feb 16, 7:41am
Paymark owners ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac say strategic review of their shareholdings under way after interest received
1 Feb 16, 11:57am
Chartered Accountants research shows "massive under reporting" of business corruption
1 Feb 16, 11:10am
Statistics NZ reports record high net migration in 2015 year; seasonally adjusted net migration 5,500 in Dec, down from 6,200 in Nov; Net migration from Australia at 800 in 2015; highest since Oct 1991; Tourism up 10% in 2015
29 Jan 16, 3:07pm
Uber ups competition with taxi industry through promo with ASB that sees it offer fares up to 50% cheaper than those offered by traditional taxis
29 Jan 16, 1:57pm
Bank lobby group names Karen Scott-Howman as new CEO succeeding Kirk Hope
29 Jan 16, 5:19am
The Chinese Year of the Monkey will not favour all New Zealand regions equally. David Kennedy sets out who will gain and who will miss out


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