Business and banking industry news

8 Jul 15, 10:04am
Treasury reports NZ$1.176 bln Budget surplus for 11 mths to May; Corporate taxes above forecast; GST below forecast; Spending less than expected
8 Jul 15, 9:12am
Will David Murray's Australian oligopoly busting mortgage risk weight recipe be imported to New Zealand?
8 Jul 15, 6:01am
Govt vague on how it'll fulfill ambitions of doubling the amount of capital migrants bring to NZ in three years to $7 billion
7 Jul 15, 11:23am
'NZ Investment Attraction Strategy' aims to get all government wakas paddling in the same direction to attract foreign investment
7 Jul 15, 9:59am
NZIER's QSBO shows confidence fell to 3 yr low in June quarter; dairy regions hardest hit; retailer confidence dives; Inflation indicators at 6 yr low; NZIER sees rate cuts in July, Sept
6 Jul 15, 1:01pm
Citi analysts argue over 15yrs the big banks' wealth management vision 'has not eventuated,' advocate major change
6 Jul 15, 10:02am
Adam Weaver says talking about Chinese travellers seems to take precedence over talking with them
4 Jul 15, 7:02am
Taking on the dodgy offshore financial service providers; One lawyer's recipe to remove their stain from NZ's reputation
3 Jul 15, 4:02pm
NZ registered company whose Australian shareholder has been convicted in Germany, removed from NZ financial service providers register
3 Jul 15, 3:07pm
Smith and Brown announce two new greenfield Special Housing Areas in South Auckland for up to 1,800 new homes as Auckland Council appears to end moratorium on new greenfield SHA consents
2 Jul 15, 4:01pm
NZBA puts a price tag on the cost to banks of implementing RBNZ's new asset class for residential property loans to investors
1 Jul 15, 4:01pm
Plenty of trans-Tasman airpoints being raked up as Westpac NZ executive team gets a facelift
1 Jul 15, 3:49pm
FMA kicks Luigi Wewege led Vivier and Company off the Financial Service Providers Register; Vivier directors 'surprised'
1 Jul 15, 10:02am
Rejig at Westpac NZ with Karen Silk & Simon Power's stock on the rise
30 Jun 15, 4:01pm
Big 4 NZ banks remain more profitable than counterparts from major developed countries
30 Jun 15, 3:07pm
Key says Government won't add to NZ$30 million of support given to Rio Tinto to keep Tiwai Pt open
30 Jun 15, 1:20pm
ANZ insider named new CEO of finance company subsidiary UDC Finance
30 Jun 15, 9:05am
Physics professor calls for govt to learn lessons from scientists being silenced during Fonterra's botulism scare
29 Jun 15, 2:47pm
Peer-to-peer lending the more likely path for 'Fintech' entrants in NZ than the rigmarole of a banking licence
29 Jun 15, 11:36am
Key, English defend possibility that Queensland-based housing charity could buy quarter of state houses up for sale; Labour, NZ First say move 'desperate' and social housing reforms now a 'farce'


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