Business and banking industry news

24 May 16, 9:51am
RBNZ decides not to extend outsourcing policy beyond the big banks, softens proposal for independence from overseas parents
23 May 16, 12:26pm
ANZ's UDC gets growth at a cost in asset finance market shaken up by GE Capital's dismemberment
23 May 16, 12:23pm
Experts call for overhaul of the OIO, saying the non-economic incentives NZ accepts makes us look like a developing country and the cumbersome application process puts off foreign investors
23 May 16, 7:38am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy says the economic reforms of the 1980s have NZ well placed for the freer trade of the TPPA
21 May 16, 5:02am
The RBNZ suggests digital disruptors could boost resilience of the financial system by reducing the systemic importance of big banks
20 May 16, 11:49am
Rabobank NZ posts rise in March quarter profit against backdrop of tough times for dairy farmer customers
19 May 16, 10:14am
Heartland Bank CFO details how any big purchase such as UDC could be funded, says reverse mortgage book picking up momentum
18 May 16, 2:18pm
Simon Bennett of blue-collar recruiter AWF says NZ almost entirely lacks consistent and efficient pathways for school-leavers, the unemployed and the low-skilled to train on-the-job and gain the necessary basic skills to be able to adapt to survive
18 May 16, 1:00pm
Labour calls on Govt to abolish Auckland's Rural Urban growth Boundary and relax density controls in upcoming National Policy Statement; also calls for new way to fund infrastructure for developments
18 May 16, 12:52pm
Lee Jong-Wha has strong doubts that central banks can ensure sustained global growth using 'unconventional' policies. He calls for a return to the 'conventional' to restore central bank credibility
18 May 16, 11:25am
IRD says it's educating financial institutions, rather than the public, on the OECD's AEOI tax initiative
17 May 16, 11:48am
Electricity Authority proposal for new transmission pricing system would raise power bills in Auckland, Northland, Ashburton and Westland by up to NZ$100/yr; Tiwai Pt smelter charges to drop NZ$21 mln a year
17 May 16, 10:43am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy looks at the balancing act of getting NZ exporters greater overseas access whilst also protecting NZ from imported biological threats
16 May 16, 4:42pm
Key says Govt looking at $3 bln tax cut, either in Budget 2017 or before 2017 election; still committed to cutting net debt to 20% of GDP
15 May 16, 7:40pm
Global peer-to-peer lending bellwether Lending Club under pressure after shock CEO departure amid questions around the sector
13 May 16, 2:07pm
HSBC economists say an upswing in the Australian economy may dampen NZ's migration growth, tightening the labour market, generating wage growth and lifting inflation
13 May 16, 1:19pm
Court of Appeal overturns High Court judgment that allowed the Luigi Wewege associated Vivier and Company to remain on NZ's Financial Service Providers Register
13 May 16, 9:42am
Profit still higher despite net interest margin fall as costs and impairments rise at ASB
13 May 16, 9:34am
David Andolfatto explains that blockchain tech works using a similar localised trust network humans have built and used ever since families communicated - which explains its power and potential
13 May 16, 5:03am
What's keeping Graeme Wheeler up at night; The RBNZ runs the ruler over current and developing risks facing the economy


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