Business and banking industry news

21 Feb 17, 9:59am
Expense growth outstrips income growth at Kiwibank as net interest margin and funding costs fall
20 Feb 17, 10:30am
Kiwibank says funding pressures, bank infrastructure spending and Kaikoura earthquake contribute to reduced $63 mln after-tax profit; net interest margin drops below 2%
20 Feb 17, 10:12am
ANZ NZ December quarter income and profit increase, cost of funds and expenses fall
17 Feb 17, 1:27pm
ANZ NZ staff paid most on average at big five banks, Kiwibank staff paid least on average
17 Feb 17, 10:00am
If NZ economic fundamentals remain strong, rising interest rates shouldn't cause strain in ASB's lending book, CEO Barbara Chapman says
17 Feb 17, 7:48am
KPMG's annual FIPS says bank bosses are questioning whether the beginnings of a structural change in the way Kiwis invest is hitting their deposit funding
16 Feb 17, 10:38am
Crown accounts show OBEGAL surplus of $9 mln for six months to December versus forecast of $666 mln deficit; tax revenue and GST running higher than expected
16 Feb 17, 9:21am
Siah Hwee Ang on how NZ can maintain relationships with both China and the US, why Trump's threats won't all materialise and how multilateral trade agreements were always doomed to die
15 Feb 17, 10:05am
ASB breaks the half billion dollar mark for six month profit; chief executive lauds 'strong momentum'
14 Feb 17, 10:40am
'All we want is NFC access' parents of ASB, BNZ & Westpac NZ tell the ACCC in ongoing battle with Apple over Apple Pay
14 Feb 17, 7:00am
Lawyers continue to balk at the Government's plans to drag them into compliance with anti-money laundering laws
13 Feb 17, 7:13am
Chartered accountants' industry body wants 'pragmatic & proportional' AML compliance for its members that offers tangible benefit
10 Feb 17, 9:40am
Big banks' earnings in focus with Australasia's banking behemoth, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, to report half-year results next week
10 Feb 17, 9:32am
Minxin Pei shows that while China may be relieved at the waning challenge from the West's concepts of a liberal democracy, they fear the new trade and globalisation challenges, and are very anxious about the security risks
7 Feb 17, 4:50pm
NZBA offers range of 'proactive and voluntary measures' as an alternative to potential government regulation of retail payments systems
7 Feb 17, 4:48pm
New Zealand banks reduce advertising spending to lowest level in seven years
3 Feb 17, 12:07pm
Heartland targeting residential mortgage borrowers who want speed & certainty, not the best rate, in new online home loan offer
2 Feb 17, 10:10am
Analysts see growth in Australian investment property lending as a 'concerning development' due to elevated house prices and household leverage
2 Feb 17, 7:00am
Whistleblowing, fees, incentives and disclosure; the FMA tackles the tough stuff as it details its approach to regulating financial service providers
1 Feb 17, 3:51pm
Government says its Housing Infrastructure Fund has received indicative proposals for $1.79 billion of infrastructure; Ministers say few of the proposals so far would increase the development speed of proposed projects


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