Business and banking industry news

23 Jun 17, 3:42pm
Total combined assets of SBS Bank, The Co-operative Bank and TSB Bank push past $13 billion as strong residential mortgage lending growth continues
23 Jun 17, 12:02pm
Benn Steil and Emma Smith explore the main causes behind the rapid decline of the Chinese currency's global standing
22 Jun 17, 9:35am
Despite having 2 questions knocked back by a High Court judge, the Commerce Commission says it can get the answers it needs from the 3 questions allowed in its Harmoney CCCFA case
21 Jun 17, 9:35am
A credit card on the agenda at SBS Bank as home loans and consumer lending through Finance Now continue to surge
20 Jun 17, 1:55pm
BNZ chief financial officer Adrienne Duarte shifting to Melbourne to be CFO at the ex-GE personal finance business Latitude Financial Services
20 Jun 17, 8:02am
Siah Hwee Ang says China will continue knocking on the doors of western countries with its 'notorious' outward direct investment in search of good value
15 Jun 17, 11:36am
Adopting more conservative living expense assumptions and interest rate buffers sees Aussie parents of NZ's major banks tighten the screws on residential mortgage lending
14 Jun 17, 12:42pm
Another very sharp rise in food prices raises further questions about the Reserve Bank's benign inflation forecasts
13 Jun 17, 10:06am
Siah Hwee Ang takes a look at the vexed relationship between India and China and suggests India’s rise cannot be distanced from China
13 Jun 17, 9:24am
BusinessNZ afraid reducing net migration by 20k-30k will see employers struggle to find staff and affect the $4b export education sector, yet it sees Labour's proposal to regionalise skills shortage lists as a positive
13 Jun 17, 5:02am
The RBNZ floats the idea of macro-prudential tools such as LVR and DTI restrictions becoming permanent fixtures of the borrowing and lending landscape
9 Jun 17, 10:24am
TSB Bank says it has lent $50 mln in unsecured consumer lending through P2P lender Harmoney
9 Jun 17, 7:49am
The RBNZ says debt to income restrictions could prevent about 10,000 borrowers from buying a house, reduce house sales volumes by about 9%, trim house prices and credit growth by up to 5%, and shave 0.1% off GDP
8 Jun 17, 4:37pm
First skirmish in the Commerce Commission's fees court case against P2P lender Harmoney results in something of a draw
6 Jun 17, 11:05am
Rabobank's annual surge in impaired assets highlights the pressures felt in dairy sector over the past couple of years
2 Jun 17, 12:15pm
Adrienne Duarte, BNZ's chief financial officer, to leave the bank next month
2 Jun 17, 10:01am
Shock, horror, the RBNZ concludes banks' ability to attract household deposit funding is sensitive to the interest rates they offer savers
2 Jun 17, 9:44am
Big banks' net interest margins take a hit in the March quarter with cost-to-income ratios also under some pressure
1 Jun 17, 4:39pm
Kiwibank 'deconsolidates' bond issuing vehicle at a cost of $1.1 mln to resolve capital standoff with the RBNZ
1 Jun 17, 3:55pm
Zhang Jun sees weak demand dragging down China’s economic growth with the slowdown very difficult to reverse


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