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21 Jan 17, 4:20pm
Financial consulting firm compares what has happened to American leadership with strongman rulers in emerging economies. It sees opportunities, and higher uncertainties
17 Jan 17, 10:15am
Business confidence ended 2016 on a high, NZIER says, with pricing indicators pointing to an increase in inflation 
17 Jan 17, 9:54am
Three senior ANZ New Zealand roles filled by internal promotions; Stewart Taylor new CFO with Antonia Watson becoming managing director of retail and business banking
16 Jan 17, 1:53pm
BNZ appoints new head of retail banking & marketing who the bank's CEO says has a 'strong track record of lifting customer satisfaction'
15 Jan 17, 9:58am
With technology generating products at unbeatably low costs, and the gains accruing to very few, oddly voters are attracted political slogans suspicious of regulation. The status quo is getting dangerous
14 Jan 17, 12:01pm
The challenge is to try to keep short term political quick-fixes from doing predictable long term damage, and ensure that monetary and fiscal policies work together effectively
14 Jan 17, 10:07am
Minxin Pei shows that the 'core leader' of China faces some steadfast internal political resistance, the risk of a real-estate market crash, and the corrosion of capital flight
14 Jan 17, 8:40am
Fathom Consulting shows how the relentless rise in the median age in Japan is now weighing heavily on young women and men entering adulthood today
11 Jan 17, 11:04am
Donald Trump's popularity in China has plummeted after statements on contentious issues. The abrupt change in the way the US projects its power may now involve "throwing a few elbows" by both leaders, says Jeffrey Wasserstom
4 Jan 17, 9:25am
With US President-elect Donald Trump’s help, the “Chinese Century” may arrive sooner than anyone expected. By openly engaging with Taiwan, pointlessly pillorying China, and dismantling the TPP, Trump is simultaneously provoking and empowering China
3 Jan 17, 9:02am
Zhang Jun shows it is not easy being a Chinese company, with surcharges and taxes hobbling profitability, encouraging avoidance, and incentivising moves offshore. Inefficient SOEs impose large extra costs too
29 Dec 16, 2:24pm
Keynes ruled for 40 years. Then, a counterrevolution took hold, reflecting sharp criticism of his fiscal activism. After another 40 years, Keynes’ key idea is back, and Japan, for one, desperately needs to take it on board
28 Dec 16, 8:56am
Fathom Consulting shows how emotion has played its part by giving pre-Christmas returns a measureable bounce. But in the time of robo- and algorithmic trading, will that still apply?
22 Dec 16, 10:48am
GDP grew 1.1% in Sept qtr; Economists had forecast around 0.8%; Annual growth 3.5%; Construction, tourism, transport strong; farming weak
22 Dec 16, 8:12am
After lobbying from NZ's Chinese govt owned banks, the RBNZ clarifies its rules for the dual registration (local subsidiaries & branches) of small, non-systemic foreign banks
20 Dec 16, 11:17am
Fullerton Markets claims to have applied to the FMA for a licence, the FMA says this is not so
19 Dec 16, 3:38pm
Kerry McDonald says exporters are losing 10-40% of the value from their exports because of an over-valued currency. He suggests shifting from using banks to convert US$ to NZ$ to using fintech and blockchain instead
19 Dec 16, 11:10am
Fullerton Markets - 'Asia’s fastest growing brokerage firm', Bill English, and Wellington: 'The next financial hub of New Zealand'
19 Dec 16, 5:02am
Bank lobby group says 'no thanks' to RBNZ's dashboard disclosure proposal, arguing it presents new, complex & potentially irresolvable issues
18 Dec 16, 3:27pm
English names his first Cabinet; Bridges and Adams promoted; No successors yet to McCully and Parata in Foreign Affairs and Education as they will stay until May 1; Goldsmith and Upston promoted to Cabinet


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