Business and banking industry news

27 Oct 16, 10:14am
BNZ annual profit drops $125m; Gross impaired assets top $1b; Capital bolstered; CEO sees increased pressure on lending margins influencing interest rates
27 Oct 16, 9:46am
RBNZ says bank managers and directors generally better placed to design mortgage lending risk management systems than regulators
27 Oct 16, 8:34am
Gloomy reports of anemic GDP growth in Japan have undermined investor confidence. But a more comprehensive look at Japan's economy provides strong grounds for optimism
26 Oct 16, 6:19pm
Bernard Hickey reviews the day's business news with Duncan Garner at RadioLive, Wednesday, October 26, 2016
26 Oct 16, 12:33pm
Overseas tourism spending jumps 20% in the last year, as the total tourism spend in New Zealand hits a whopping $35 billion
26 Oct 16, 10:58am
Macquarie analysts estimate the big 4 Australasian banks can cut costs by up A$700m over three years
25 Oct 16, 2:31pm
S&P downgrades UDC's credit rating by 3 notches saying parent ANZ may sell NZ's biggest finance company within a year
25 Oct 16, 10:01am
'Subdued results in-line with market expectations' predicted from the big bank results. NAB's dividend, ANZ's strategic reviews among the focal points
22 Oct 16, 5:02am
Professor Siah Hwee Ang on accusations Bill English is bowing to Chinese interests and the Philippines' 'dramatic' separation from the US
20 Oct 16, 8:15pm
Juniper Research sees global mobile banking users growing by 800 million over five years
20 Oct 16, 5:16pm
Yet another batch of curious New Zealand financial service providers emerge, and they all have three things in common
18 Oct 16, 10:59am
Inflation drops to 0.2% in September qtr from 0.4% in June quarter, but slightly above economists' expectations; housing costs (excluding land) rose 2.0% in quarter and 6.3% for year; transport costs down 11% for year due to ACC, petrol
17 Oct 16, 10:28am
Greens propose tightening migration settings to achieve 1% population growth per year; Shaw wants to smooth out big swings in migration and reduce pressure on infrastructure, housing; Winston Peters accuses of Greens of hypocrisy
15 Oct 16, 9:13am
Avner Offer argues that the Nobel Economics prize's origin and the selection of winners reflect an ongoing political struggle
13 Oct 16, 1:36pm
Government increases Budget surplus to NZ$1.8 bln in 2015/16 from NZ$414 mln in 2014/15; English says rising surpluses give Govt options for debt repayment and tax cuts
13 Oct 16, 10:25am
Financial Markets Authority says it's purpose is not to advocate for Harmoney as P2P lender's dispute with the Commerce Commission ratchets up a notch
12 Oct 16, 1:49pm
BNZ consulting with staff on potential changes to some parts of its business
12 Oct 16, 12:02pm
Bank funding costs down more than 26% since 2014, KPMG says in quarterly FIPS, boosting net interest margins
12 Oct 16, 10:02am
ACT's leader tells Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith to overrule 'over zealous' regulator and make a law change for P2P lender Harmoney
12 Oct 16, 5:02am
NZ's problematic Financial Service Providers Register the subject of the fourth highest volume of annual queries received by the FMA


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