Business and banking industry news

30 Jun 16, 12:55pm
Report touted as the first internationally agreed guidance on cyber security for the financial services sector released
30 Jun 16, 11:36am
EY points out that double tax agreements with 43 countries mean NZ can't impose new property taxes on their nationals unless we apply them to New Zealanders as well
29 Jun 16, 11:03am
Reserve Bank to reassess its definition of systemically important banks after mulling dual registration for non-systemic overseas controlled banks
29 Jun 16, 8:49am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy urges small business owners to make use of a suggestion box in the TPPA's SME chapter
29 Jun 16, 5:03am
NZ's big four banks more profitable than banks from a range of countries surveyed by the Bank for International Settlements
27 Jun 16, 3:05pm
Shewan Inquiry into foreign trusts recommends stronger initial registration rules and need for annual returns with distribution details; Revenue Minister plans to stop 'excessive payments' by local units to foreign parents
27 Jun 16, 10:29am
PM doesn't see OCR cut on August 11 more likely after Brexit vote; says RBNZ still forecasting 3%-plus growth; Wheeler still has buffer, but Brexit no reason to cut by itself, he says; New FTA needed with UK post Brexit
25 Jun 16, 11:18am
Chris Patten says the Brexit vote outcome recalls one of Churchill’s more famous aphorisms: 'The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it'
24 Jun 16, 10:14am
More time required to finalise sale of 45% of Kiwibank to NZ Super Fund and ACC, NZ Post says
24 Jun 16, 9:57am
SBS Bank sees massive rise in annual residential mortgage and consumer lending, but net interest margin contracts
23 Jun 16, 9:02am
Koichi Hamada likens government borrowing, especially for QE, to a ponzi scheme, something only illegal in the private sector
23 Jun 16, 5:00am
Andrew Cornell says to combat cybercrime market operators and regulators must behave more like the criminals by constantly evolving, testing and probing and constantly revisiting protocols
22 Jun 16, 4:29pm
Zhang Jun says there is plenty of reason to doubt China's investment numbers, the accuracy of which should be as hotly debated as their GDP data
21 Jun 16, 1:41pm
Given not everyone plays fair when it comes to international trade, Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy probes the TPPA's trade remedies
21 Jun 16, 11:30am
What the government does not need to know about you if you're a non-resident trying to set up a NZ foreign trust or company
21 Jun 16, 9:53am
Siah Hwee Ang looks at China's global shopping spree and concludes New Zealand is not the apple of China’s eye
20 Jun 16, 5:02pm
Mystery shop finds Aussie banks have tightened lending criteria but the more aggressive are still prepared to lend 9.4x income for investor mortgages & 6.2x for owner-occupiers
18 Jun 16, 9:05am
HSBC's Frederic Neumann sees future economic growth coming from countries that have low private debt levels as these juice up their prospects by leveraging up
18 Jun 16, 8:20am
Optimising its resource allocation is far from all that China must do to boost prosperity. It is time to focus on workers and elevating the experience of their labour, says Edmund Phelps
16 Jun 16, 10:58am
GDP grew 0.7% in March quarter compared with consensus forecasts of 0.6%


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