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Greg Muir

No charges laid over Hanover Finance

SFO says won't be laying criminal charges over collapse of Hanover Finance; says investigations into finance companies at an end; FMA still pursuing civil charges

Farm supply firm lifts bank borrowings fourfold

Tru-Test's biggest shareholder & rival Gallagher Group says 'no' to renounceable rights issue launched to help fund Tru-Test's 'transformational' acquisition

SFO Hanover probe near end

SFO nearing conclusion of 'enormous' Hanover investigation, outgoing CEO says, adding outcome will show right result reached; 5 or 6 transactions over several years the focus

Hanover may be FMA's 1st 'S34' target

Financial Markets Authority boss says a finance company, potentially Hanover, likely to be 1st target of FMA's ASIC style 'in investor's shoes' power

FMA seeking compensation for investors

Civil case launched by FMA against Hanover directors ... and promoters

FMA filing civil claims against Hanover

FMA to file civil proceedings against directors, promoters of Hanover; seeking penalties and compensation for investors; FMA criminal charges unlikely; Greg Muir disappointed

Muir paid equivalent of 64% of firm's profit

Ex-Hanover chairman Greg Muir paid NZ$959,000 as Tru-Test boss versus company's NZ$1.49 million profit

Will the SecCom lay Hanover charges?

Securities Commission decision on potential Hanover charges nears

'Room full of boxes' in SFO's Hanover probe

Strategic Finance not off the SFO's radar screen; Hanover probe a 'beast of a case'.

Hanover could be 'bigger than Ben Hur'

SFO investigation into Hanover Finance shows 'reasonable grounds' to believe fraud may have been committed; Dividends, Allied Farmers deal focus