Canterbury earthquakes

30 Mar 17, 3:53pm
Michael Stiassny says bidders eyeing a Tower takeover will need to pay at least $1.40 per share; Says the Board's considering a capital raising
23 Feb 17, 7:40am
IAG commits to employing 'targeted rates increases' in the wake of the Kaikoura quakes; Says it has been hiking motor insurance premiums throughout the country as more car owners are making claims
18 Feb 17, 7:30am
Cameron Preston crunches the numbers to explore whether it is Tower or NZ's insurance system that is 'broken'
13 Feb 17, 12:19pm
Tower Chairman says the company would have a higher sale price if the EQC system wasn't 'broken'; Government says the law has nothing to do with the risk the insurer takes on
9 Feb 17, 11:26am
Tower shares in trading halt ahead of 'announcement'; Reports the insurer has received a take-private proposal from Fairfax Financial Holdings
6 Feb 17, 7:37am
A court document reveals Tower has $6 million at stake in its legal battle with EQC over land damage; Question marks remain over why there are still $51 million of EQC recoveries in dispute
28 Jan 17, 8:21am
How EQC has avoided being stung by rising land values; Cameron Preston has the back story to the legal action IAG and Tower have launched against EQC
26 Jan 17, 1:32pm
IAG and Tower demand EQC coughs up the cash, having allegedly short-changed thousands of Canterbury quake claimants with land damage
25 Jan 17, 10:10am
EQC responds to accusations it blacklisted a vulnerable quake victim after wrongly accusing her of lying to get a free heat pump
24 Jan 17, 4:16pm
Insurers expected to cover 60% of Kaikoura quake losses; climate change expected to keep escalating risk of natural disasters
11 Jan 17, 4:29pm
EQC's 'unaccountable actions' see Christchurch woman 'wrongly' accused of fraud and left uninsurable, says Andrew Hooker
13 Dec 16, 2:40pm
Agreement reached to see private insurers receive, assess and settle Kaikoura quake claims on behalf of EQC
12 Dec 16, 10:00am
Judge orders Tower to pay quake claimant more than 4 times settlement offer; Finds insurer guilty of withholding information
6 Dec 16, 3:05pm
Supreme Court backs Vero in landmark property damage case; Rules you can't reopen an insurance claim once it has been settled
6 Dec 16, 10:02am
Government confirms it has not been approached by Tower as the insurer seeks capital to ring-fence its quake-related business; Forsyth Barr expects Tower to sell 'RunOff Co'
6 Dec 16, 5:02am
Insurance lawyer bites back at Tower chairman for slagging the litigation industry, he claims 'sprung up to agitate disenfranchised customers to demand not just fair resolution, but a windfall'
2 Dec 16, 12:02pm
IAG's chief risk officer believes Wellingtonians will soon stop being subsidised by insurance policyholders in other parts of the country for living in a quake hotspot
29 Nov 16, 9:51am
Tower announces plan to ring fence troublesome quake claims; says industry model is 'broken'; widens loss to $21.5 million; share price at record low
15 Nov 16, 12:51pm
Tower confident it has enough reinsurance so the North Canterbury quakes won't set it back more than $7.2m; Share price falls as its investors wary 2010/11 quake hangover remains
3 Nov 16, 8:31am
IAG NZ buys $900 million of extra reinsurance as its Canterbury earthquake bill keeps growing


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