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Not until some time next year.
37% (25 votes)
It won't, this tightening cycle is done and dusted.
32% (22 votes)
Before the end of 2014.
31% (21 votes)
Total voters: 68

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company tax

This image was uploaded with the post Tax advisors say IRD's Alesco tax case win &q

IRD wins key tax test case

Tax advisors say IRD win in Alesco tax case 'an alarming result'; may discourage foreign investment; about NZ$300 mln worth of disputed tax could be affected

Govt keener on surplus than corp tax cut

Govt would have to balance calls for cut in company tax rate against quest for surplus, English says, as Aussie business tax review eyes cut to 25%, below NZ's 28%

Treasury revisits property tax ideas

Ministers may soon face difficult choice of tax changes to further dis-incentivise property investment, Treasury boss says; Also not keen on Tobin Tax

Lower co. tax rate 'no silver bullet'

IRD Commissioner Bob Russell pours cold water on idea low company tax rate would boost foreign investment

English under friendly fire over SOE sales

Finance Minister Bill English quizzed by National Party delegates on ensuring SOE shares not sold to foreign investors by Kiwis