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Current account deficit

'More Mick Jagger than Justin Bieber'

HSBC economist Paul Bloxham, who labelled NZ economy a rockstar, says it has staying power & shouldn't be a one hit wonder. But needs weaning from low interest rates

Current account deficit 4.1% of GDP

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.1% of GDP in September quarter, from revised 3.9% in June quarter

Moody's mulled NZ downgrade

Moody's has considered downgrading NZ's Aaa credit rating due to concerns over the current account deficit, Bloomberg reports

Current account deficit drops

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.3% of GDP, down from 4.5%

NZ AA & AA+ ratings affirmed by Fitch

Fitch affirms NZ credit ratings, retains stable outlook; Says upside & downside risks to the rating 'well balanced'

Current account deficit drops

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.8% of GDP, down from 5%

Imbalances 'set to worsen'

Economists see current account deficit widening further; BNZ sees it as part of the 'bigger slippery slope'

Current account deficit hits 5%

NZ annual current account deficit higher than expected at 5% of GDP as value of exports falls, net international liabilities at $150b, or 72% of GDP

When the cat's away...

With our overseas creditors still lending Bernard Hickey says we could use this period to rebuild for growth, wealth & safety. Or will we just splurge & spend on consumption? Your view?

Current account deficit narrows

NZ current account deficit narrows to 4.7% of GDP in Sept qtr from June, but more imports this year means more paid to rest of world than a year ago