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Current account deficit

NZ current account deficit falls

NZ current account deficit improves as expected in March quarter to best levels in four years as dairy exports remain strong and meat surges

The IMF gives NZ a big tick

IMF says NZ economic expansion 'becoming increasingly embedded & broad based'; Sees main threat to economy as China slowdown, NZ$ up to 15% overvalued

Our endangered Kiwi EFTPOS

Bernard Hickey argues EFTPOS is a national champion that saves NZ Inc hundreds of millions of dollars a year. He says it should not be surrendered in the shift to contactless payments and mobile wallets

'What about the capital account?'

Kudos for innovative thinking but the current account deficit isn't the full picture, outgoing BNZ boss says of Labour's monetary policy

'More Mick Jagger than Justin Bieber'

HSBC economist Paul Bloxham, who labelled NZ economy a rockstar, says it has staying power & shouldn't be a one hit wonder. But needs weaning from low interest rates

Current account deficit 4.1% of GDP

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.1% of GDP in September quarter, from revised 3.9% in June quarter

Moody's mulled NZ downgrade

Moody's has considered downgrading NZ's Aaa credit rating due to concerns over the current account deficit, Bloomberg reports

Current account deficit drops

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.3% of GDP, down from 4.5%

NZ AA & AA+ ratings affirmed by Fitch

Fitch affirms NZ credit ratings, retains stable outlook; Says upside & downside risks to the rating 'well balanced'

Current account deficit drops

NZ annual current account deficit at 4.8% of GDP, down from 5%