Dairy prices

24 Mar 17, 2:41pm
ANZ reduces its Fonterra 2016/17 milk price forecast, although it still remains above the co-operative's own forecast
22 Mar 17, 8:56am
Fonterra set to pay out unchanged dividend of 40c a share; Milk price forecast also unchanged at $6
22 Mar 17, 8:18am
Results at the latest global dairy auction were far better than had been indicated ahead of time, with overall prices firming 1.7% and the key Whole Milk Powder rising 2.9%
20 Mar 17, 1:47pm
Roger J Kerr says dairy prices remain the wildcard in the performance of the NZ currency against its US counterpart
13 Mar 17, 11:28am
Roger J Kerr believes the Kiwi dollar selling interest is all but exhausted for the meantime
13 Mar 17, 10:42am
Keith Woodford says the latest downturn in milk powder prices suggests considerable caution is appropriate for next season’s budgets
8 Mar 17, 8:12am
A 12.4% plunge in the price of Whole Milk Powder leads overall dairy prices down 6.3%; analysts see any recovery in prices as difficult while there is a surplus of supply; economists downgrade milk price forecasts
6 Mar 17, 2:31pm
BNZ economists first among the major banks to lower their milk price forecast for farmers ahead of an anticipated fall in global dairy prices at this week's auction
6 Mar 17, 1:01pm
Roger J Kerr says the rapidly closing interest rate differential between the US and NZ currencies is coming right back into the market’s focus and prompting Kiwi dollar selling
27 Feb 17, 12:55pm
Roger J Kerr says New Zealand companies manage their currency risks more actively than companies elsewhere
22 Feb 17, 8:28am
Whole Milk Powder price drops 3.7% as Fonterra makes more available for sale; economists still see likely increase in forecast milk price from Fonterra very soon
20 Feb 17, 9:14am
Roger J Kerr says the forces affecting the New Zealand dollar are evenly balanced
13 Feb 17, 3:06pm
Roger J Kerr says the Reserve Bank finally got the NZ dollar to behave the way it wanted
8 Feb 17, 8:21am
Dairy prices eke out a small gain; economists see an extended period of consolidation as 'possible'
7 Feb 17, 2:42pm
Roger J Kerr believes the Kiwi dollar will fall from its current highs; sees potential weakness in dairy prices at this week's auction
31 Jan 17, 10:18am
Roger J Kerr says it will be interesting to see what the Reserve Bank says next week about the New Zealand dollar, which is much higher than our central bank was forecasting
23 Jan 17, 2:19pm
Roger J Kerr says Trumponomics are likely to further strengthen the US dollar
23 Jan 17, 11:35am
What happened while this newsletter has been away: UDC sold, mortgage rates hiked, bank executive appointments, property market cools & more
18 Jan 17, 8:26am
ASB economists believe attempts to take advantage of higher Whole Milk Powder prices by offering bigger volumes for sale have come at a cost
17 Jan 17, 10:15am
Business confidence ended 2016 on a high, NZIER says, with pricing indicators pointing to an increase in inflation 


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