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Have rising residential property values left you better or worse off financially?



Labour's forestry plans

Accelerated depreciation one of Labour's plans to encourage forestry investment

Labour considers export incentives

Labour considering incentives for exporters, Parker says; Advances on Election 2011 policy to look at tax breaks, accelerated depreciation

Big REIT hit by depreciation change

Goodman Property earnings fall 4.1% as depreciation changes double tax bill

Key cites rent rises in anti-CGT view

Auckland housing shortage, rent rises, one of the reasons I don't like capital gains tax, PM Key says. Your view?

Key not ruling out further property tax

PM John Key not ruling out further tax changes which might affect property market, but says comfortable with current system

Creating an export-led recovery

Scott Yates shows how we can encourage growth in high productive industries. Your view?

'The tax advantage myth of property'

David Whitburn argues the idea that property investors have a tax advantage is a myth; the depreciation changes actually created a disadvantage

Rent inflation to be 'elevated for years'

Westpac sees rent inflation remaining elevated "for years" due to tax changes, earthquake destruction and Auckland immigration. Your view?

Firms want more quake tax relief

Quake-hit businesses want more tax relief. Your view?

Dunne eyes Christchurch tax breaks

Revenue Minister Dunne eyes tax assistance for people and businesses in Christchurch