26 Aug 15, 9:10am
Shocking period for stocks; Risk aversion causing volatility in foreign exchange markets; commodity prices tumble; global growth indicators skewed to the downside
26 Aug 15, 1:02am
NZIER survey sits between Westpac's negativity and ASB's optimism in its view of the NZ economy
24 Aug 15, 1:47pm
ASB economists say some commentators may be seeking attention by talking down the economy; Cite tourism, immigration & low inflation as positives
18 Aug 15, 1:13pm
PBOC currency intervention an effort to stimulate flagging Chinese economy; IMF says global growth to be slowest since 2009
11 Aug 15, 2:07pm
Westpac expects NZ economy to weaken until 2020, hit by low dairy prices, the Canterbury rebuild ending & with house price growth slowing
11 Aug 15, 1:55pm
Australasian currencies overcooked; plenty of negative news already priced into NZD, Australian data could set tone for NZD this week
4 Aug 15, 2:16pm
Volatile period ahead with raft of data; NZD and AUD closer to fundamental value; weaker labour numbers could see USD sell off
28 Jul 15, 2:24pm
Soft commodity picture and Chinese growth concerns negative for markets; current environment tough one for NZD and AUD; market expecting US Fed to wait to initiate rate hikes
23 Jul 15, 9:03am
RBNZ cuts OCR 25 bps and says "some further easing seems likely"; says further fall in NZ$ still necessary; cuts GDP growth view to 2.5% from 3%
21 Jul 15, 2:08pm
Prospect of higher US interest rates, excess supply and slowdown in demand from emerging markets to blame for commodity price decline
16 Jul 15, 10:56am
Statistics NZ reports Consumer Price Index rose 0.4% in June qtr vs 0.3% fall March qtr after 8.8% rise in petrol prices; annual inflation up to 0.3% from 0.1%
14 Jul 15, 3:20pm
Greece's long term financial future still up in the air; Chinese stock market helped by suspending trading in certain company shares; USD benefits from uncertainty
7 Jul 15, 2:37pm
Recent Chinese stock market loses equivalent to 10 times Greece's GDP; fluid situation in Greece and tension between parties rising; declining dairy prices holding down NZD
3 Jul 15, 10:54am
BNZ's Stephen Toplis predicts a 'fun time ahead' for the RBNZ with the economy softening, the NZ dollar weakening, and inflation potentially rising
30 Jun 15, 2:13pm
Dramatic increase in volatility; Chinese sharemarket carnage sees PBOC cut rates; Greek situation a mess and they will surely default
23 Jun 15, 2:35pm
Grexit the biggest near term risk for markets; Chinese market an epic bubble and credit flowing freely
16 Jun 15, 3:06pm
Majority of economists polled expect Fed hike by September; Fed states future rises will be gradual; Equities overvalued rate hikes will undermine support for stocks
10 Jun 15, 5:01am
NZIER Shadow Board members cautious to support rate cuts over keeping the OCR on hold
9 Jun 15, 2:07pm
Strong US employment data caused a sharp appreciation in the USD; wild ride for bond markets with yields significantly higher; expect volatile price action around RBNZ announcement
9 Jun 15, 11:07am
Rodney Dickens says the latest boom in Auckland house prices is not over but it won't last indefinitely


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