20 Jun 17, 3:16pm
NZD expected to hold the 0.7170 - 0.7250 USD range ahead of RBNZ's OCR announcement on Thursday; big 4 Australian banks see credit downgrade, but AUD bounced back from the news on the back of an iron ore price rally
17 Jun 17, 10:52am
Brian Easton analyses house prices relative to consumer prices over a long period. He says what makes recent house price changes so extraordinary is their occurrence during a time of general low inflation
14 Jun 17, 12:42pm
Another very sharp rise in food prices raises further questions about the Reserve Bank's benign inflation forecasts
13 Jun 17, 3:51pm
Market expects a 0.25% rate hike this week, but there is uncertainty around the number of hikes planned for the remainder of the year; NZD to hold 0.7200 USD level until FOMC announcement; GBP under pressure after election
7 Jun 17, 9:10am
Finance Minister Joyce renews existing RBNZ Policy Targets Agreement for when incoming acting Governor Spencer takes over from Wheeler in September
6 Jun 17, 3:47pm
NZD now above 0.7100 USD and continues to outperform AUD; UK election, ECB meeting and Comey testimony key events for the week; Fed expected to increase rates despite weak economic data
30 May 17, 4:31pm
NZD trading at 0.7046 USD after hitting at a 2 month high of 0.7090, consolidation at current levels expected; AUD suffers as commodity prices struggle, NZDAUD traded at a 3 month high of 0.9524 last night
28 May 17, 7:55am
Adjusting for inflation, the gains in house prices in the past four years are actually nothing special when viewed over a full 50+ year timeframe
26 May 17, 5:14pm
Prime Minister Bill English admits wage growth isn't 'hot'; Says businesses need to increase pay significantly before complaining about skills shortages
23 May 17, 6:17pm
NZD back above 0.7000 USD and 0.9300 AUD; US markets have calmed after Trump's tour to Saudi Arabia; AUD began the week on a more positive note holding over 0.7400 USD
20 May 17, 9:48am
Mind the output gap: The Reserve Bank wants us to take note of its capacity pressure risk scenarios. Don't look away - inflation, wages and mortgage rates might rise earlier than expected
16 May 17, 5:38pm
Supportive fundamentals are countered by RBNZ's neutral policy, which limits upside potential of the NZD; AUD back above the 0.7400 USD level, however overall tone remains negative; US data releases mixed but overall positive trend in economy expected
12 May 17, 8:02am
A blueprint is born for how the Greens and New Zealand First might work with each other around Andrew Little’s Cabinet table
9 May 17, 7:18pm
NZDUSD currently trading at 0.6903, a move towards 0.7000 possible; AUD under pressure as Chinese data and iron ore prices take effect; primary support for USD are Fed decisions as Trump policies look increasingly diluted
8 May 17, 8:23am
Official Cash Rate set to remain at 1.75% but RBNZ's MPS to be perused closely for forecasts on future hikes, inflation outlook and comments on the softening housing market
2 May 17, 4:47pm
NZDUSD lost almost 200 points last week and is now trading at 0.6918; with the French elections this weekend, expect choppy European markets this week; soft US data releases lately indicate that the health of the economy may have been overstated
28 Apr 17, 5:02am
Asset price inflation has been a concern; Global adjustments will need careful management as interest rates increase, Finance Minister Joyce says
20 Apr 17, 10:59am
CPI inflation of 2.2% in year to March beats expectations, with housing-related and transport prices on top of cigarette tax rise driving it
18 Apr 17, 4:36pm
NZDUSD has recovered to 0.7000 level, however NZD weakness is expected in the near term; against the AUD, NZD likely to be rangebound after facing resistance at the 0.9300 level; mixed USD data and Trump comments have added volatility to the markets
18 Apr 17, 9:09am
Economists expect the Consumers Price Index to hit levels not seen in years; Reserve Bank not expected to act at this stage


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