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Actually they should ban high LVR lending, where the borrower doesn't have a deposit of at least 20%, altogether.
36% (221 votes)
Yes, as soon as possible.
24% (148 votes)
They should leave the restriction as it is for at least another year.
14% (89 votes)
No, but they should increase the limit from 10% to 15%.
13% (81 votes)
No, they should leave the 10% limit there permanently.
13% (78 votes)
Total voters: 617

Should the Reserve Bank remove its "speed limit" on banks' high loan to value ratio (LVR) home lending?

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Rates rally on CPI undershoot

US Treasury yields rise on positive US economic data; BoC holds rates; EU inflation adjusted lower

Inflation weaker than expected

Inflation weaker than expected as strong NZ$, lower airfares and lower electronics costs offset tobacco tax hike and surge in housing cost inflation; OCR hike still on for next Thursday

NZ swaps constrained by US CPI

Bond yields fall as risk aversion rises, pushed by Ukraine tension; inflation data tame

NZ swaps follow offshore yields lower

Better than expected US retail sales report sees UST yields rise; eyes on tomorrow's CPI and Thursday's DMO auction

The house price conundrum

David Hargreaves asks: Is house price growth accelerating or slowing? And how on earth are we supposed to be able to tell?

NZD direction to determine inflation outcomes

Roger J Kerr warns that interest rate increases could be a lot sooner and more severe if the NZ dollar falls sharply

Kiwi dollar diverging from critical lead-indicators

Roger J Kerr says a surprise 'no change' OCR decision would be much more effective to pull the NZ dollar down than jawboning

The elusive house price story

Westpac chief economist says it's  impossible to tell what is really going on with house prices

NZGB immune to offshore rally

The flattening of the curve in recent days is attracting corporate interest to pay at the long-end as these rates sink

BNZ's warning to businesses

BNZ economists warn that economy is at an inflection point; businesses must consider 'a variety' of scenarios in order to be aware of the risks to their operations