24 Nov 15, 2:14pm
Soggy euro trading ahead of ECB meeting; AUD standout performer as RBA rate cut looks likely; NZD/USD relinquishes gains to trade under 65c
17 Nov 15, 2:23pm
Risk appetite dampened following terrorist attacks; heavy trading in EUR continues; NZ Q3 retail sales report has had little impact on NZD
12 Nov 15, 11:55am
The Reserve Bank looks intent on giving itself the best range of tools available to tackle the rampant house market
11 Nov 15, 2:05pm
The Reserve Bank says it's not considering DTIs 'at this point'. But it's gathering an awful lot of information on the subject...
10 Nov 15, 1:51pm
Market expectation is now 70% chance of US rate hike; pressure on ECB for December rate cut; dovish rhetoric from BoE sees no interest rate change in near term
4 Nov 15, 10:53am
Statistics NZ reports jobs fell 0.4% in Sept qtr and unemployment rate rose to 6.0% from 5.9% as participation rate also fell; jobs growth weaker than expected
3 Nov 15, 2:28pm
RBA likely to hold if market pricing is accurate; lack of inflation in Eurozone front of mind for ECB; global dairy auction and unemployment key drivers for NZD
29 Oct 15, 4:27pm
BNZ chief economist says continued strong house price rises in Auckland would likely see introduction of rules limiting mortgage sizes relative to earnings
28 Oct 15, 12:36pm
Labour's Grant Robertson calls for employment to be a core objective of monetary policy
28 Oct 15, 1:02am
NZIER's Shadow Board makes strong call for Graeme Wheeler to hold the OCR at 2.75%
27 Oct 15, 4:19pm
China's PBoC surprises market with rate cut; BoJ the closest of the major central banks to making an interest rate decision; US Fed almost certain to hold and RBNZ expected to follow suit
27 Oct 15, 3:15pm
Treasury expresses enthusiasm for debt to income ratios in paper to Reserve Bank; sees them as 'alternative or additional way' of managing financial system vulnerability
22 Oct 15, 11:00am
ASB economists argue RBNZ should be reducing interest rates; disagree with central bank's view of 'neutral' interest rate setting
17 Oct 15, 6:02am
John Bolton questions whether the current monetary system will survive these days of high debt, weak inflation & low interest rates
16 Oct 15, 11:04am
Statistics NZ reports CPI inflation of 0.3% in Sept qtr as higher housing related costs more than offset lower ACC levies; Annual inflation 0.4%; Economists had expected 0.2% for qtr and 0.3 for year
14 Oct 15, 1:51pm
The hurdle for further interest rate cuts just got higher says BNZ's head of research Stephen Toplis
14 Oct 15, 9:28am
Reserve Bank Governor says 'some further easing' in OCR still likely, but conscious of impact low rates have on housing demand and higher price inflation
14 Oct 15, 8:07am
Mark Brown says although the RBNZ may get some short-term respite from a lower NZ dollar, longer-term it will be back facing the challenge of getting inflation higher
13 Oct 15, 1:49pm
Small chance of Fed rate hike in December; argument against raising rates centres on low US inflation; markets susceptible to swings in sentiment and commodities
12 Oct 15, 1:24pm
ASB economists say RBNZ has 'already come unstuck' with forecasts of a lower dollar


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