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NZ curve steepens

BNZ pushes out its expectations of when the next RBNZ rate hike will happen, and lowers the expected peak

NZ swaps steady, but short US yields spike higher

Strong local receiving demand blunts NZ swap rates; eyes on RBNZ tone as no-one expects a rate hike signal

Market positioning for a dovish OCR review

BNZ says it is hard to see short end swaps falling further; US yields volatile on surprise lower, then higher data; local eyes today on business confidence survey

Low global inflationary pressure sidelines central banks

Expectations for rate hikes from Fed and BoE have been pushed back to end of 2015; lower oil prices offers stimulation to most economies

Corporate bond issuance opportunities being neglected

Roger J Kerr points out there is a good opportunity for corporates to issue significant new fixed income bonds, but he also sees the inhibitions

Kiwi dollar holds its ground despite lower interest rate outlook

Roger J Kerr says that despite an expected dovish RBNZ Statement this week, 3% economic growth when inflation is 1% means real wealth is being created and that will support the NZD

NZ swap and bond yields edge higher

Markets ignore big trade deficit and push local rates higher with a steepening bias; curve close to cycle trough?

Rates now close to cycle trough

Market sentiment rises as Eurozone manufacturing expanding again. Yields rise worldwide and NZ expected to follow

OCR seen on hold until Sept 2015

CPI up just 0.3% in Sept qtr and 1.0% for the year; well below economists' forecasts; NZ$ drops half a cent to 78.7 USc; OCR seen firmly on hold until September 2015

Market risks misinterpreting today's CPI data

NZ swaps up, UST 10yr yields up, markets see an RBA cut by year end, eyes on NZ CPI today