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Markets regain composure, for now at least

Ongoing global growth concerns created volatility in the early part of last week but by the end nerves were calmed by better than expected US data

BNZ pushes out forecast for OCR hike by 6 months

BNZ pushes back its expectation of RBNZ rate hikes to September 2015 on a lower CPI track. Still sees OCR higher by +75 bps in a year

Bond markets over-react to Ebola scare

Roger J Kerr reviews a bond market on edge, spooked by many things including some non-economic ones. But it is economic fundamentals that show the real direction

Kiwi dollar establishes itself in new trading range

Roger J Kerr expects the NZD to stay below 80 USc and hold its own against the euro. He also warns of inflation complacency

Expecting downward pressure on NZ yields

Markets bracing for a period of increased volatility; better US data sees a sell-off in US Treasuries and yields rise

Inflation may be 'lower for longer'

Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens says RBNZ may now not increase OCR until after June next year; Says meat prices may fall

Interest rates markets shell-shocked

US 10-year Treasury yields plunge to 1.88% before snapping back to 2.09%, and a major fall for the day

Risk aversion drives down yields

NZ interest rates grind lower as global growth concerns weigh on international interest rate markets

Global growth concerns draw attention

IMF says "bold action" needed to bolster global growth; Chinese economy holding up; Japanese and eurozone economies continue to struggle 

NZ The curve squeezed lower by 3–5 bps

NZ swaps fall in sympathy with US rates as markets push out expectations of Fed Funds Rate hikes