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Where do you think the NZ dollar could end up against the Aussie dollar by the end of the year?



Trying to keep the run rate up

Gareth Kiernan has a World Cup Cricket-themed look at likely economic developments and concludes that NZ's big hitting is going to give way to more stolid accumulation

Central Bank rate decisions draw focus

NZD could experience volatility with RBA announcement; US data supporting economic outlook & USD remains well supported; NZD/EUR trades near historical highs

Key over-rules Authority on MPs' pay

Cabinet decides to change law for Remuneration Authority to ensure future pay increases for MPs are in line with rest of public sector; Solid Energy in 'delicate' talks with banks

Rating the chances of change

Roger J Kerr asks how sustainable the current totally “flat” NZ interest rate yield curve is

Stuck in a groove

Roger J Kerr sees a number of balancing factors both positive and negative for the NZ dollar; meaning the currency is likely to stay in its current range

Australia toughening foreign investor rules

Labour suggests PM Key takes a leaf out of Abbott's book when it comes to regulating foreign investment 

Bank execs nervous about inflated asset prices

Bank bosses air concerns about foreigners pushing NZ asset prices too high, and they're also worried about house price inflation

EU kick can down the road

Greece's debt pile largely unsustainable although market reacts positively as agreement reached; market focus on Yellen speech; recent US data suggests slow down in economic activity

Smart money already returning to Australia

Roger J Kerr says you should 'sell the Kiwi against the AUD' when you see media reports predicting parity

NZ long-term interest rates likely to catch up to the US

Roger J Kerr points out that there is likely a big jump coming in longer tenor swap rates and that creates opportunities for wholesale borrowers