23 May 17, 6:17pm
NZD back above 0.7000 USD and 0.9300 AUD; US markets have calmed after Trump's tour to Saudi Arabia; AUD began the week on a more positive note holding over 0.7400 USD
20 May 17, 9:48am
Mind the output gap: The Reserve Bank wants us to take note of its capacity pressure risk scenarios. Don't look away - inflation, wages and mortgage rates might rise earlier than expected
16 May 17, 5:38pm
Supportive fundamentals are countered by RBNZ's neutral policy, which limits upside potential of the NZD; AUD back above the 0.7400 USD level, however overall tone remains negative; US data releases mixed but overall positive trend in economy expected
12 May 17, 8:02am
A blueprint is born for how the Greens and New Zealand First might work with each other around Andrew Little’s Cabinet table
9 May 17, 7:18pm
NZDUSD currently trading at 0.6903, a move towards 0.7000 possible; AUD under pressure as Chinese data and iron ore prices take effect; primary support for USD are Fed decisions as Trump policies look increasingly diluted
8 May 17, 8:23am
Official Cash Rate set to remain at 1.75% but RBNZ's MPS to be perused closely for forecasts on future hikes, inflation outlook and comments on the softening housing market
2 May 17, 4:47pm
NZDUSD lost almost 200 points last week and is now trading at 0.6918; with the French elections this weekend, expect choppy European markets this week; soft US data releases lately indicate that the health of the economy may have been overstated
28 Apr 17, 5:02am
Asset price inflation has been a concern; Global adjustments will need careful management as interest rates increase, Finance Minister Joyce says
20 Apr 17, 10:59am
CPI inflation of 2.2% in year to March beats expectations, with housing-related and transport prices on top of cigarette tax rise driving it
18 Apr 17, 4:36pm
NZDUSD has recovered to 0.7000 level, however NZD weakness is expected in the near term; against the AUD, NZD likely to be rangebound after facing resistance at the 0.9300 level; mixed USD data and Trump comments have added volatility to the markets
18 Apr 17, 9:09am
Economists expect the Consumers Price Index to hit levels not seen in years; Reserve Bank not expected to act at this stage
13 Apr 17, 10:02am
Infometrics says we've forgotten the lessons of the GFC and homeowners will struggle with mortgage debt as interest rates rise and house prices fall
11 Apr 17, 4:20pm
NZD is currently trading at the 0.6950 level after testing a 0.6920 low, look for a move to the 0.6900 level over the next week; against the AUD the NZD has been firm and upside potential remains; USD strength to continue as Fed rate rises
10 Apr 17, 5:27am
Labour formally announces monetary policy 'full employment' mandate alongside price stability for Reserve Bank; New OCR-setting committee would allow Treasury input but no vote alongside RBNZ Governors and three externals
5 Apr 17, 7:38am
NZD at 0.70 USD levels and has risen to around the 0.92 AUD level, expected to drift downwards against USD and upwards against AUD; Despite Trump administration's difficulties in enacting policy, the US economy continues to grow at a slow and steady rate
4 Apr 17, 1:31pm
Construction firms in position to raise prices as they hit capacity buffers with skilled labour shortages showing no signs of letting up, NZIER survey shows
28 Mar 17, 4:32pm
NZD consolidated against the USD and outperformed the AUD over the last week, this trend looks to continue in the coming week; USD softens as markets question Trump's ability to deliver promised tax cuts
22 Mar 17, 3:42pm
Economist warns capital controls could see inflation in China spike and spread around the world, putting the Fed behind the eight ball as it tightens monetary policy 
21 Mar 17, 4:38pm
NZDUSD spiked to 0.7072 Monday night but was unable to hold, currently trading at 0.7058; Wednesday's GDT prices are expected to be lower as futures prices are down 5%; AUD has rallied over 0.7700 USD, supported by stronger commodity prices
21 Mar 17, 3:28pm
Inflationary risks are rising, but NZIER Shadow Board agrees the Reserve Bank should hold fire before raising interest rates 


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