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Mixed messages & data keeps market guessing

Canadians release revised employment data after error found; BoE Governor speech leaves market confused; little life out of Europe sees EUR under pressure

Yields up in NZ and US

Rare Kauri adds receiving interest, DMO signals more large IIBs and syndication, ears on central bank talk

NZ swaps down again

Better than expected US housing data and lower Ukraine risk helps UST yields rise

Nervous investors send bond yields lower

Roger J Kerr says interest rate risks are moving for more than just the geopolitical aspects; expectations of Yellen's next signals are part of it as well, he says

USD strength still anticipated

Roger J Kerr looks at what is in store for the NZD after the RBNZ rate hike pause and lower dairy prices, both of which now appear to be factored in to current pricing

Down, down, down

Declining yields the feature of most bond market activity, pushed that way by chronic geopolitical pressures

German 10-year bonds below 1%

Poor euro-zone GDP data sends German bond yields to record lows; US treasuries heading towards 2013 lows

The inflation culprits

​Bernard Hickey fingers the electricity and local government sectors as the inflation culprits underneath our painfully high interest rates and currency. He suggest the Reserve Bank reads them the riot act

Expectations for rate hikes pared

Continued interest in receiving NZ swaps; US yields in full retreat after release of retail sales data

Swaps and bond yields consolidate

Despite weak German confidence, 10yr bund yeld at 1.06% vs UST 10yrs at 2.43%; big LGFA tender today