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On hold and happy about inflation

HSBC's economists like what they see in the New Zealand economy and they think the RBNZ will be very happy to accept current conditions

Volatile year for the NZ$ seen

HiFX's Dan Bell says NZ dollar could swing 20% against the greenback this year, sees global ramifications from ECB move

Inflation below RBNZ target

Deflation seen in Dec qtr; Annual inflation of 0.8% below most economist forecasts and below RBNZ's 1-3% target band; OCR seen on hold until late 2016; NZ$ falls

Increased volatility a sign of things to come?

Banks, hedge funds traders and brokers affected by SNB surprise move; SNB lost over 60 bln by removing the CHF/EUR floor; Greek's go to the polls

FX market holes as big as those in Swiss cheese

Roger J Kerr thinks currency markets have already priced in the lower values for the euro ahead of the ECB announcement. The NZ$ should hold its level he says. Your view?

Flat-lined yield curve sending inaccurate signals

Roger J Kerr does not see the current fall in benchmark bond yields and the rush to safety resulting in lower New Zealand interest rates nor a slowing local economy

Fixation with short-term news delivers false security

John Bolton takes a look at the big, long-term economic picture and finds pre-GFC fundamental problems are yet to be tackled

Holiday briefing: World Bank rocks markets

  World Bank cuts to 2015, 2016 global growth forecasts send shares and commodities lower, 30-yr US Treasuries to record low yield; Banks 'under assault'; NZ$=US77.19c, TWI=79.0

Holiday briefing: China trade surprise

Oil price remains in free fall; Chinese trade surprise; Carney sees potential for deflation; Will the ECB's QE actually work? NZ$1 = US77.22c, TWI =77.17

'Interest rate market too complacent on inflation'

Inflation doves need to look beyond low historical numbers, says Roger J Kerr