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Mortgage demand raises 2yr swap

NZ rates higher but little drive; German rates fall again, ECB expected to cut although markets not certain

GDP growth outlook being revised down

Roger J Kerr sees a sharp slowdown coming, probably with inflation. He says borrowers should fix, investors should stay short

All variables point to NZD depreciation continuing

Roger J Kerr sees the NZD at 78 USc in a few weeks as the lower dairy prices bite and the US dollar strengthens - and lower still if there is political uncertainty

Eyes on ECB

Subdued bond markets see swap rates inch higher, but more action expected in coming week with five central bank reviews

More lower, flatter trending

Bond markets ignore US growth, worry about Europe and Ukraine, NZGB yields down but risks for offshore investors growing

Lower and flatter

Only rises in US yields can prevent rate inversion if OCR hikes resume next year; 2-10 spread at lowest since 2008

Swap yields tracking NZD lower

Yields trending down on speculation of currency intervention; lower currency removes one impediment to future rate hikes

Central bank focus increases and paths diverge

Fed and BOE steering towards normalisation of monetary policy while ECB and BoJ moving in other direction to combat inflation

More stimulus was on its way for Eurozone

German IFO confidence weaker, bond yields lower, Draghi confirms more stimulus announcements soon, eyes on NZ trade data

'Fix now as low interest rates are unsustainable'

Roger J Kerr says 'market interest rate pricing is far too low in my book'. Once investors get over their geopolitical worries, they will see 'upward momentum is just so compelling'