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Reader poll

The economy going reasonably well.
46% (33 votes)
Labour's disarray.
24% (17 votes)
John Key's popularity.
17% (12 votes)
Kim Dotcom.
10% (7 votes)
Nicky Hagar's Dirty Politics book.
4% (3 votes)
Total voters: 72

What was the main factor in National's thumping election victory?

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Draghi prepares for full-blown QE

The pressure is rising in the eurozone for a major money-printing initiative. Bond yields reposition in expectation

Interest rate outlook not benign; markets complacent

Roger J Kerr sees business-as-usual post election, with the NZD weakening, exports and investment rising, and inflation risk higher. Interest rates are going up

Voters endorse a strong economy

Roger J Kerr says expect a short-term surge of appreciation for the NZ dollar over coming days, potentially up one cent

US Treasury yields drift lower

Status quo with National re-elected; upcoming NZGB bond auction may get a demand boost; long yields may flatten

Monday's guest Top 10

Kirdan Lees on the skills to pay the bills, 7 reasons why Australian house prices are so high, blast off for US interest rates? Dude, where's my inflation? Dilbert & more

Swap curve steepens

Swap and bond yields rise, NZDMO gets 2027 tender away successfully, ECB's TLTRO poorly supported

Fed forecasts show rate rises planned

Higher Fed Funds assumptions above market expectations, targeting 3.75% by end of 2017; new DMO bond auction today

Too-close-to-call Scottish vote a key currency risk

Soft China data a special risk for the NZD, recovery in US economy sees interest rates moving higher, vote volatility risks

NZ swaps and bonds down 2-5bps

RBA increasingly concerned about Aussie house price spike; observers not expecting changed Fed wording

'Markets ahead of itself'

US data sends confusing signals, now prefering to await the US Fed decision