22 Aug 17, 5:02am
Where's all the inflation gone, and where's it going to come from? Alex Tarrant chats to RBNZ Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand about importing low global prices, the need for domestic inflation to pick up, and whether he's going for the top job
15 Aug 17, 3:50pm
NZDUSD helped by weaker than expected US CPI data but remains susceptible to any further uptick in risk-aversion; NZDAUD continues to range trade; US-Korea tensions ease; Chinese data disappoints
9 Aug 17, 7:45am
NZDUSD broke the 0.7400 support level as the USD strengthened and is trading at 0.7351, close to the 0.7340 support level; NZD also lower against the AUD; NZD direction dependent on the RBNZ statement this week
1 Aug 17, 3:27pm
NZD trading at 0.7519 USD on a weak USD; USD down 2.6% for the month as continuing upheavals in the Trump administration and lack of progress on tax agenda attracted USD selling, direction to be driven by data releases this week
1 Aug 17, 9:40am
BNZ's Stephen Toplis outlines case for the RBNZ to cut the Official Cash Rate, if taking a purely 'mechanistic approach' to monetary policy
31 Jul 17, 4:03pm
Former RBNZ economist Michael Reddell reviews Modern Monetary Theory where fiscal policy is the key lever rather than monetary policy; He argues monetary policy is still best for cyclical stabilisation
28 Jul 17, 1:33pm
It was lost but now it's found; the Reserve Bank appears to be getting its collective head around where inflation is living in the modern world - and what it is likely to do in future
27 Jul 17, 11:42am
Beneficiaries and lower-income groups have been hit the hardest by typical cost rises over the past year as housing and other price increases make their mark
26 Jul 17, 10:10am
Reserve Bank Assistant Governor John McDermott says the measure of inflation the RBNZ pays attention to is running at about 1.4%; the 'neutral interest rate' is now down to 3.5%
25 Jul 17, 12:40pm
Political paralysis has weighed on the USD; NZD consolidating around the 0.7430 USD area and has bounced back against AUD to 0.9379 AUD; Fed Funds rate meeting this week expected to have no surprises
18 Jul 17, 12:12pm
USD weakness has been the main theme for the week, driven by Fed speakers, data and Trump administration; NZD has underperformed over this time and is lower on other crosses, not helped by soft inflation data
14 Jul 17, 10:13am
Economists expect much of the sharp rise seen in the Consumers Price Index during the March quarter to evaporate, led by sharp falls in petrol prices
11 Jul 17, 12:24pm
NZDUSD trapped in the 0.7250 and 0.7340 range for three weeks and a downside bias likely; NZDAUD also likely to have a downside bias; US data shows low unemployment but not broad based wage gains
27 Jun 17, 4:22pm
NZD has performed well against the USD and AUD and currently trades at 0.7293 and 0.9596 respectively; USD supported by Fed policy to normalise interest rates despite soft data; commodity prices expected remain choppy
20 Jun 17, 3:16pm
NZD expected to hold the 0.7170 - 0.7250 USD range ahead of RBNZ's OCR announcement on Thursday; big 4 Australian banks see credit downgrade, but AUD bounced back from the news on the back of an iron ore price rally
17 Jun 17, 10:52am
Brian Easton analyses house prices relative to consumer prices over a long period. He says what makes recent house price changes so extraordinary is their occurrence during a time of general low inflation
14 Jun 17, 12:42pm
Another very sharp rise in food prices raises further questions about the Reserve Bank's benign inflation forecasts
13 Jun 17, 3:51pm
Market expects a 0.25% rate hike this week, but there is uncertainty around the number of hikes planned for the remainder of the year; NZD to hold 0.7200 USD level until FOMC announcement; GBP under pressure after election
7 Jun 17, 9:10am
Finance Minister Joyce renews existing RBNZ Policy Targets Agreement for when incoming acting Governor Spencer takes over from Wheeler in September
6 Jun 17, 3:47pm
NZD now above 0.7100 USD and continues to outperform AUD; UK election, ECB meeting and Comey testimony key events for the week; Fed expected to increase rates despite weak economic data


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