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Macroprudential tools

The battle over property investment

David Hargreaves looks at the RBNZ's struggle to place new rules around banks' lending to housing investors

ASB expects new RBNZ lending restrictions

ASB's Housing Confidence Survey heads skyward. Chief economist Nick Tuffley warns borrowers to expect new mortgage lending restrictions

Will Wheeler beef up his toolbox?

The drums are beating for another RBNZ macro-prudential tool. Could it be some sort of debt-to-income ratio?

Taking on the houses

David Hargreaves looks at the RBNZ's challenge of taming the Auckland housing market - and wonders why it is being left to do the job

ASB boss sees NIM peaking

ASB navigating way through competitive home loan market 'quite carefully,' CEO Barbara Chapman says

RBNZ building case for Macro-Pru, says English

Finance Minister says Governor Wheeler's speech was building case for more Macro-Prudential measures to slow Auckland housing inflation; agrees 'correction' possible

'Debt reality calls for fresh approaches'

McKinsey finds debt has reached new heights despite the pain of the GFC, says new approaches are needed in a world with US$199 trillion of debt

Wheeler rejects rate cut calls

RBNZ's Wheeler argues in speech for OCR stability; says monitoring banks' role in generating Auckland house price inflation; no talk on Macro-Pru; NZ$ bounces

RBNZ 'pouring petrol on housing fire'

RBNZ 'taking a premature gamble with the housing market,' BNZ's Stephen Toplis argues, saying its own actions encourage the behaviour it doesn't want to see

From the beach 2015

Gareth Kiernan looks at some key trends we will face this year, and suggests that the RBNZ will launch new housing loan restrictions