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Macroprudential tools

Banks playing safe on LVRs

Banks still sticking well under the 10% limit on high LVR lending despite the resurgence of the housing market

Don't risk a state house fire sale

David Hargreaves challenges the Government to let common sense prevail - and axe its proposed state housing sale

Govt social housing policy under fire

Mounting opposition to Govt plans to sell off up to 2000 state houses after Salvation Army pulls out of negotiations to buy

Auckland property targeting the only way

David Hargreaves says it is time to stop pretending that the Auckland housing demand problem can be fixed by nationally-focused initiatives

English concerned about Auckland rents

Finance Minister warns Auckland rents and rising house prices a concern for Government; says RBNZ has tools to address interest-only loans to landlords

'Noticeable impact on the housing market'

Westpac economists say any 'significant' RBNZ restrictions on property investors will have an impact because investors set prices at the lower end of the market

Auckland housing not a factor in OCR

Wheeler says Auckland housing surge not a factor in OCR decision as RBNZ not seeing same 'wealth effect' on spending and CPI as 2006-07,; but still a concern for financial stability

The accidental property investors

David Hargreaves believes the RBNZ has spread the net too widely with its new housing investment proposals

English sees little impact from RBNZ move

English sees little impact from RBNZ move on capital for rental property mortgages; says RBNZ faces delicate balance on CPI inflation, housing boom; Key wants more intense Auckland housing

Is Graeme Wheeler a control freak?

Rodney Dickens looks at the RBNZ's housing experiments, its exchange rate game, and assesses what sort of a Governor Graeme Wheeler is