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Will the price of unleaded 91 petrol fall below $2 at the pump?


Macroprudential tools

RBNZ to go back to its toolbox?

RBNZ seen potentially introducing another macro-prudential tool to try and rein in housing market building a new head of steam

A 1st birthday party for LVR speed limits?

A year on from their introduction, the RBNZ's controversial high LVR home loan speed limits are working, Gareth Vaughan argues

Monday's guest Top 10

Kirdan Lees on the skills to pay the bills, 7 reasons why Australian house prices are so high, blast off for US interest rates? Dude, where's my inflation? Dilbert & more

RBNZ says no to debt-to-income limit

Lenders should ensure borrowers will be able to service mortgages if interest rates rise significantly, RBNZ says in Responsible Lending Code submission

RBNZ sitting tight on LVR restrictions

Deputy Governor Grant Spencer tells the RBNZ's plans for the future of its LVR restrictions will be revealed in November's Financial Stability Report

Monday's guest Top 10

Kirdan Lees on tweeting economists, happiness indices versus GDP, Janet Yellen & asset bubbles, US fuel efficiency, GDP flaws, optimal immigration, Dilbert & more

Kiwibank welcomes levelled playing field

Removal by RBNZ of requirement for Kiwibank 'double dipping' for capital requirements, and alignment with big 4, cheered by state owned bank

'New UK mortgage limit better than RBNZ's'

NZIER says Bank of England's new tool to manage financial stability is better than RBNZ's high LVR limits which don't take into account households’ long-term ability to service debt

Why high LVR lending refuses to grow

Unintended consequences of the RBNZ's LVR policy could involve borrower self regulation and lender wariness of new regulatory restrictions

House prices rise again

QV says house prices rose, but annual growth slowed  to 8.2% from 8.4% in past month; average price edges up to $471.8k; Auckland prices up 13.1%