Macroprudential tools

24 May 17, 1:33pm
Subdued house prices in the run up to the election are likely to lead to complacency when it comes to some much-needed tightening up measures
24 May 17, 10:57am
The game is up on the 'fill-yerboots with borrowing offshore' modus operandi - sustaining NZ investment is going to require more domestic saving to finance it, ANZ chief economist says
17 May 17, 12:00pm
RBNZ asks for 'theoretical and empirical papers' on housing, household debt and policy ahead of December conference
15 May 17, 5:00pm
Reserve Bank says its forecasting ability could be improved if Statistics New Zealand moved to monthly production of inflation data
11 May 17, 9:05am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; surprisingly, no change seen to future interest rate path, with first OCR hike not projected till late 2019; dollar drops sharply
9 May 17, 7:53am
IMF calls for a more intensive approach to bank supervision from the RBNZ, deposit insurance and a debt-to-income cap tool in its Financial Sector Assessment Program report on NZ
8 May 17, 2:35pm
BNZ economists now predict rate hikes early next year and the RBNZ will be 'negligent' if it doesn't explicitly indicate higher interest rates in future when it reviews the OCR ths week
19 Apr 17, 7:59am
The housing market looks set to be quiet in the run up to the election, but David Hargreaves wonders if that's necessarily a good thing
18 Apr 17, 2:36pm
NZ's rising debt-to-income ratios for new property lending presenting additional risks; New DTI restriction tool could help - Reserve Bank of Australia
15 Apr 17, 7:28am
David Hargreaves would like to seen any review of the Reserve Bank undertaken as a part of a root-and-branch overhaul of its governing legislation
12 Apr 17, 2:15pm
Moody's says house price increases in NZ 'closely resemble' those in Spain, Ireland and the US on the eve of their housing market crashes
4 Apr 17, 7:39am
Interest-only lending doesn't appear to be the problem here that it is in Australia - but there's still no good reason why we couldn't clamp down on it too
30 Mar 17, 10:33am
David Hargreaves hopes the best for the Auckland home buyers taking a high-stakes gamble in the Auckland housing market
29 Mar 17, 2:40pm
ANZ economists believe higher interest rates and tighter credit will continue to dampen the housing market despite ongoing housing supply imbalances; estimate that average interest costs in Auckland for new purchasers are chewing up 51% of income
27 Mar 17, 3:59pm
The latest data showing cash-rich investors ruling the roost in Auckland demonstrate why the Government can't leave the housing market to the Reserve Bank
23 Mar 17, 9:06am
Reserve Bank says monetary policy will be accommodative for a considerable period and numerous uncertainties remain
14 Mar 17, 9:41am
Another slower month of housing sales will give the Reserve Bank optimism its efforts are at least keeping some heat out of the Auckland market
13 Mar 17, 3:06pm
BNZ economists disagree with the Reserve Bank's view that the risks are equal of interest rates moving up or down; BNZ sees inflation much higher and economic growth much lower than central bank predicts
8 Mar 17, 5:00pm
The Superannuation issue is just one example of a Government continually pushing problems out into the future for others to deal with
2 Mar 17, 9:20am
RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler says there's equal probability the next official interest rate movement is either up or down


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