Macroprudential tools

18 Jan 17, 10:31am
ANZ economists caution the Reserve Bank against making another false move against anticipated inflation
20 Dec 16, 9:16am
ANZ economists say it's possible the Reserve Bank might raise the Official Cash Rate as soon as the second half of 2017
17 Dec 16, 5:02am
Will the housing market have a massive hangover or a soft landing next year? ANZ and Westpac economists give their views
15 Dec 16, 7:31am
David Hargreaves ponders the possibilities in the housing market for next year
8 Dec 16, 9:16am
Graeme Wheeler says the 'trend' of lower interest rates, asset price appreciation and a high NZ dollar 'may finally be turning'; warns on housing market that 'soft landings' after a boom are rare
30 Nov 16, 1:18pm
Forget the new smartphone, the latest six-burner bbq or a swanky set of outdoor furniture - there's only one thing on the RBNZ's Christmas shopping list this year
23 Nov 16, 2:12pm
Would-be first home buyers should not agonise over trying to second-guess the direction of the housing market
20 Nov 16, 5:02am
Long term bond yields have risen sharply since Donald Trump's election, which is pushing up mortgage rates and the Government's borrowing costs just as it may have to start borrowing again and just as housing markets are cooling
15 Nov 16, 8:36am
The new 40% deposit rules for investors have clearly had an impact - but the jury is very much out on how long the impact lasts for
10 Nov 16, 2:11pm
The Reserve Bank has delivered its last one. And now it is done, the next move is up
10 Nov 16, 1:10pm
RBNZ Governor says still in talks about including Debt to Income multiple limit in tool kit, but wouldn't use it right now because housing market has moderated; says English posing many questions on DTI
10 Nov 16, 9:03am
Here is the latest Official Cash Rate statement from the Reserve Bank
7 Nov 16, 2:40pm
The Reserve Bank folk might be wishing they hadn't effectively locked themselves in to cutting interest rates this week
5 Nov 16, 6:02am
ANZ NZ CEO says volume of Auckland apartment developments falling over not a problem yet, debt-to-income ratio limits 'complex,' new LVR investor restrictions working
3 Nov 16, 8:19am
The Government is showing signs of wanting to call all the shots on the housing market itself next year
2 Nov 16, 7:12pm
Finance Minister cautious about Reserve Bank hopes for Debt to Income multiple limits; say looking closely at unintended consequences; Key says Auckland housing market stabilising; points Mt Roskill voters to low interest rates
31 Oct 16, 1:21pm
BNZ economists cast doubts on the Reserve Bank being soon able to introduce new income-related mortgage limits
29 Oct 16, 5:02am
BNZ CEO Anthony Healy says RBNZ must be careful with DTI tool not to lock young first home buyers out of the housing market
25 Oct 16, 4:19pm
Both the Reserve Bank and the financial marketplace are going to need to make adjustments under the RBNZ's new interest rate prediction policy
25 Oct 16, 2:56pm
ANZ economists have changed their call and now see an expected RBNZ cut of the OCR to 1.75% next month as the last one in the current interest rates cycle


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