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The economy.
40% (101 votes)
Affordable housing.
24% (60 votes)
Sales of NZ land to foreigners.
22% (55 votes)
Education & health.
10% (26 votes)
4% (9 votes)
Total voters: 251

What do you view as the biggest election campaign issue?

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Bernard Hickey reviews the progress so far of the Government's partial float of two SOE electricity companies and finds few goals being achieved

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The shareholder value myth - Why Fonterra and the floated SOEs should be wary of shareholders' lust for short term gains and cash

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Meridian Energy looking forward to partial sale; 'Is a strong cash generator with high yields and excellent dividend prospects'

'Mums and Dads top priority,' Key says

New Zealand 'mum and dad' investors number one priority for PM Key when it comes to SOE share allocations; But may not get them all

English confirms Solid Energy value 'issue'

Finance Minister Bill English confirms Solid Energy issues centre around NZ$1 bln disagreement over value between market and company

Low rates could make SOEs attractive

Low interest rate track could make shares from SOE sell-downs look more attractive by driving up values and prices

Big valuations for SOE selldown

Sell-down of NZ state energy companies would gross $6.8 bln, latest valuations show

Goldilocks and the 3 energy companies

Bernard Hickey explains why the SOE floats must be carefully positioned - not too hot, not too cold