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Open Bank Resolution Policy

The moral hazard in our 'Too Big To Fail' property market

Bernard Hickey looks at the lessons we should learn from warnings about our over-valued property market and the need for a deposit insurance scheme

Big banks' implicit govt guarantee on the line

Loss of implicit government guarantee could cost big 4 Australasian banks A$1b annually, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts say

'None of our banks are too-big-to-fail'

Kiwibank reaches RBNZ's 'systemically important bank' threshold but nothing changes for the state owned bank

Spotlight on NZ covered bonds

NZ banks now have $20b of assets, including 143,627 home loans, guaranteeing covered bonds

Fitch raises OBR related concerns

Credit rating agency downgrades SBS, building society support ratings due to RBNZ's Open Bank Resolution Policy

RBNZ's OBR bank failure policy live

Open Bank Resolution policy now in the RBNZ's toolkit, any use would be 'assessed on a case-by-case basis'

How the RBNZ's OBR might work

If a bank failed and the Open Bank Resolution Policy was implemented, how would it affect bank depositors, bondholders and shareholders?

'Why RBNZ & PM are wrong on deposit insurance'

PM John Key and the Reserve Bank are wrong in their opposition to deposit insurance, says NZ-based advisor to international deposit insurers' body

KiwiSaver funds would stay frozen in full under OBR

KiwiSaver funds held by banks won't be 'pre-positioned' for the RBNZ's OBR policy as managers viewed to be 'better able to manage temporary illiquidity' than depositors

Deposit insurance 'easy to accommodate'

NZ doesn't have deposit insurance due to concerns over moral hazard & the difficulties of defining boundaries & pricing, but it could easily be accommodated, the RBNZ says