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Bruce Wills is the president of Federated Farmers. He is a Hawke’s Bay sheep and beef farmer and a former banker.

Articles by Bruce Wills

It is goodbye from me and goodbye from him, goodbye

Bruce Wills reflects on his time as President of the Feds, the changes, the progress and the work still to do

Concealing policy like its Thin Lizzy

Bruce Wills says the Greens policy of wanting to penalise farmers for being the world’s most carbon efficient seems an odd policy position

Knocking tall poppies

Bruce Wills bristles at the attacks on current farming success and their plans to push forward with modernisation and productivity

The future of pizza is ... rabbit

Bruce Wills bemoans the loss of tools to fight imported pests and worries we are losing the fight - all to assuage urban sensibilities who aren't in the frontline battling them

Don’t cry for me, Argentina

Bruce Wills finds an example where big export contributors are being milked to fund populist domestic policies. He doesn't recommend such policies for New Zealand

‘World War C’ and the coming wasp plague

It's war on the farm as aphids invade, wasps swarm, and it will most likely will be won by ... native ladybirds, says Bruce Wills

Is the ‘Party Party’ over?

Bruce Wills explains how Federated Farmers achieves its influence on rural issues in the political arena and why online access has cross-party appeal

Nature and high-end design meets farming

Bruce Wills sees encouraging progress on a number of fronts based on science, market research, and sector strategies

Christmas on-farm

Bruce Wills has greetings and four wishes for the new year

Getting down to business

Bruce Wills reviews a year of advocacy by Federated Farmers, and where the focus will be in the coming year

Getting provincial economies back in the game

Bruce Wills looks forward with some optimism for provincial New Zealand; says they may be 'back in the game' following some big decisions

Let’s make our lives a little easier

Bruce Wills wonders why it is not an issue when cities store water to cover dry periods but some see it as a threat when rural NZ does

Back to the future for local elections with a twist

Bruce Wills calls for big changes to the way we vote in local body elections; wants an online option, with the polls open for one day only

Living up to our global responsibilities

Storing rain water which makes so much sense, the IPCC report included it notes Bruce Wills. NZ pasture farming makes us agriculture's leader

Talking up the TPP

The TPP is a matter of when and not if, Bruce Wills says. 'The more you engage it makes the world a smaller and safer place'

Better local government

Bruce Wills wants to see 'collaboratively designed policy', and central govt paying for 90% of roading costs. Your view?

School for scandal

Bruce Wills objects to the gleeful way some NZers delight in smearing Fonterra and losing all perspective on the tainting issue. Your view?

Focus on the opportunities available

Bruce Wills says making more of our biological advantages, in all of their guises, is vital to advancing our economy. Your view?

The highs and lows of farming

Bruce Wills says we must prove that our high standards of food production are more than words. Critical self-examination and then action, will go a long, long way. Your view?

Auckland or bust

Bruce Wills wants to change the model from one-world-class-city to having world class towns and cities. Your view?