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Credit Agricole

ComCom slams Forsyth Barr

Commerce Commission says Forsyth Barr's promotion of 'capital protected' Credit SaILS was "both misleading and deceptive"; shouldn't have been marketed to retail investors

Bonds 'the poor second cousin'

With the sharemarket's surge tipped to continue, how will the bond market compare in 2013? And will many investors holding the NZ$108 bln of term deposits be tempted to move their money elsewhere?

Credit Sails investors to get NZ$60m

Investors in subprime disaster Credit Sails, including church groups & hospices, to get back NZ$60mln from Forsyth Barr & Credit Agricole after Commerce Commission settlement

ComCom continues Credit Sails probe

Commerce Commission investigation into Credit Sails, which cost ma & pa's NZ$91.5 mln, awaits feedback from participants

Bond holders face falling interest payments

Low interest rate environment set to take toll on bank bond holders sitting on NZ$1.3 bln worth of bonds as rate reset and call dates loom

How the Euro crisis affects NZ savings

Amanda Morrall talks to Banking Editor Gareth Vaughan about the Eurozone crisis and what it means for NZ savers, particularly those in Rabobank

Why a little known French bank matters

Gareth Vaughan details the curious story of Credit Agricole's deeply subordinated bond issue to Kiwi investors and how the European crisis might hit them

90 seconds at 9 am with BNZ

EU leaders agree 'fiscal compact' without UK and funds via IMF; Chinese export growth slumps; Credit Agricole downgraded on 'liquidity concerns'; NZ$250 mln of Credit Agricole bonds at risk; New Kyoto deal

The world's too big to fail banks

Global banking body's list of too big to fail banks includes 5 of NZ's 21 registered banks, but none of the Aussie parents of our big four

Rabobank's Fitch rating threatened

Fitch puts AA+ credit rating of Dutch parent of Rabobank, NZ's biggest rural lender, on ratings watch negative