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BNZ's Thorburn lands top at NAB

Andrew Thorburn to head up BNZ's parent company after 'retirement' of NAB chief Cameron Clyne

'Ludditism doesn't work in 2014'

Management guru Tom Peters says bankers have a tough job in 2014, needing to innovate to a level  they haven't before

Banks urged to share 'sky high' profits

Bank workers union looks for increased pay and improved conditions for staff facing 'high levels of stress'

Bank workers slam 'unrealistic targets'

FIRST Union says research of bank workers shows 'startling' results regarding sales targets

Big banks' 'wages of terror'

Bank bosses get millions of dollars while front line staff face sales targets that cause high levels of stress and anxiety, union says

Reasons to be a banker in New Zealand

Fifty things you’ll need to sacrifice if you want to make it in [British] banking

Banks get $3.47 bln taxpayer protection

The post-GFC taxpayer umbrella is still preventing $3.47 bln of bank funds from getting rained on

'Best value' KiwiSaver ?

Canstar name their seven best value for money KiwiSaver Schemes in their 'latest report'. Is your's one of them?

Why banks are special

Banks are special because the medium of exchange is special, says Nick Rowe. You agree?

BNZ KiwiSavers sacrifice 300 toasters

BNZ says its 6 month old KiwiSaver scheme has $78m under management and 19,000 members