29 Sep 16, 1:36pm
NZ Bankers' Association wants Govt, not banks, to cough up more money to help fund the FMA
27 Sep 16, 2:51pm
Commerce Commission flags concerns over spike in finance company complaints despite new consumer credit laws being introduced
23 Sep 16, 9:01am
Money remitter shut out by banks due to AML concerns claims it has no choice but to physically ship cash around the world
15 Jul 16, 2:30pm
Environment Commissioner warns getting insurance will become harder as sea levels rise and insurers take cover
6 Jul 16, 10:16am
EY's Rees Logan says dairy farms that survive the current downturn will be leaner, more agile and resilient
5 Jul 16, 10:02am
EY's Rees Logan suggests our highly profitable banks are playing a long-term and responsible game with struggling dairy farmer borrowers
29 Jun 16, 11:03am
Reserve Bank to reassess its definition of systemically important banks after mulling dual registration for non-systemic overseas controlled banks
24 Jun 16, 9:57am
SBS Bank sees massive rise in annual residential mortgage and consumer lending, but net interest margin contracts
15 Jun 16, 1:47pm
How financial service providers in NZ are tapping into the WeChat world to connect with the migrant market
10 Jun 16, 5:00am
Bill English rules out 'radical' policy changes to shield money remitters from banks' blanket de-risking policies
7 Jun 16, 4:02pm
Treasury says KiwiSaver members need to become more financially literate to shop with their feet and pressure providers to drop their fees
3 Jun 16, 10:02am
Martien Lubberink presents a European stew of monetary expansion, bank profitability, CoCos, rogue traders and more
11 May 16, 10:50am
Reserve Bank cautious on further LVR controls; only says 'closely monitoring developments to assess whether further financial policy measures would be appropriate'; tells Govt to worker harder on housing supply
10 May 16, 1:52pm
A wrap on how the big banks and insurers are lobbying the Government as it proposes drawing clearer lines between salespeople and advisers
20 Apr 16, 1:06pm
UN whistle-blower and WorldRemit CEO warns banks' refusal to do business with money remitters is driving them underground, heightening the laundering risks they pose
19 Apr 16, 9:57am
Martien Lubberink looks at the new Basel Committee proposals and how NZ banks are faring on capital requirements - and finds the RBNZ is motivating our banks to 'build a bigger safety net'
13 Apr 16, 11:54am
Cybersecurity firm calls for Government to pick up the pace revamping the Privacy Act 1993 to make it mandatory for agencies attacked by cyber criminals to tell the individuals affected
12 Apr 16, 5:02am
Punters are splashing the cash with sales of motor vehicles at record highs but how much of the money are they borrowing, and how are vehicle financiers faring?
6 Apr 16, 4:55pm
English says Government to put capital facility directly behind Kiwibank to replace NZ Post guarantee; sees NZ Post keeping its 55% stake
23 Mar 16, 11:59am
Westpac takes 6-16 basis points off its fixed term home loan rates, while Co-op Bank shaves off a similar amount as it re-aligns itself for the 2nd time since the OCR cut two weeks ago


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