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Fixed vs Floating

'All power to the borrowers!'

ANZ economists see banks offering 'fierce' discounts to advertised mortgage rates as high LVR lending picks up pace. What are you seeing?

'Banks will compete away their margins'

John Bolton argues interest rates will track below what the market is pricing in, and says we're a long way from seeing mortgage rates above 8%

How to think about fixed vs floating

Bernard Hickey looks at how to think about whether to fix or float and what bank economists are saying. Your view?

Borrowers continue race to fix

Switch from floating to fixed-term mortgages continues although most fixers are locked in for less than 2 years  

'10% speed limit lower than expected'

CEO Barbara Chapman says ASB now has 'a great degree of comfort' with RBNZ's high LVR restrictions after being taken aback at how low limit was set

Borrowers continue move to fixed rates

Growth of fixed-term mortgages by value keeps rising, reaching 58.6% of total in December as RBNZ holds off OCR increase until at least March

Sobering RBNZ message for borrowers & savers

RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler sees mortgage costs 'biting'; Bank funding access 'easy, pricing low.' So depositors shouldn't hold their breath for higher interest rates

Westpac lowers floating rate

Westpac cuts standard floating mortgage rate to 5.64% for borrowers with at least a 20% deposit

BNZ's 'other income' grows 16%

Revenue boost for BNZ from customers switching from floating to fixed-term mortgages as annual net profit rises 20% to $695 mln

Focus on under 80% LVR lending

Westpac comes back with a new one year 'special' mortgage rate, matching ASB