money printing

8 Feb 15, 7:30am
Bernard Hickey wonders if central banks are wasting their time with money printing to solve a deflation problem caused by supply shocks
11 Feb 14, 5:16pm
John Bolton says he's uncomfortable with how much the NZ economy is being talked up, urges that an eye be kept on overseas events
31 Jan 14, 5:10pm
HiFX's Dan Bell on the chances of the NZ$ hitting parity with its Aussie counterpart, NZ$ outlook vs the greenback, and chickens coming home to roost in emerging markets
9 Dec 13, 2:31pm
Never a dull moment for the NZ$; Dan Bell says 'behind the curve' Fed should, but won't, start tapering its money printing this month
3 Dec 13, 4:01pm
Christian Hawkesby says incoming Fed chairman Janet Yellen has the best economic forecasting record since the GFC among voting FOMC members
2 Aug 13, 12:50pm
Roger J Kerr on 'bloody good news for NZ,', US non-farm payrolls & the likely currency impact of next week's expected RBA rate cut
24 Jun 13, 3:42pm
Bank for International Settlements highlights massive growth of central banks' balance sheets, wary about impact of them ending easy monetary policy
19 Jun 13, 10:22am
Greens dump pro-money printing policy, call for RBNZ board not just governor to be responsible for OCR decisions and board minutes to be public
8 May 13, 6:10am
Opinion: With inflation expectations 'anchored', major central banks err on the side of providing too much stimulus rather than too little
7 May 13, 12:11pm
Opinion: UBS analysts question the sharemarket valuation of the big 4 Aussie banks, warn 'buyer beware'
3 May 13, 7:41am
HiFX's Dan Bell looks at the US Fed's latest FOMC statement, US 'fiscal drag', the big fall in the gold price, and next week's Australian interest rate review
2 May 13, 10:01am
PM John Key says currency intervention or money printing simply wouldn't work and exporters have to 'ride through' the strong NZ dollar cycle
15 Apr 13, 8:45am
90 seconds at 9 am: Voters shun ALP; new anti-euro party rises in Germany; costs fall for AU banks; gold tumbles; NZ$1 = US$0.858, TWI = 78.8
12 Apr 13, 8:28am
90 seconds at 9 am: China credit surge; Cyprus bailout blowout; Aust employment soft; skim milk powder prices rocket higher; NZ$1 = US$0.86.3, TWI = 78.9
11 Apr 13, 8:39am
90 seconds at 9 am: IMF says recapitalise, restructure or shutdown banks; France on credit watch; new US budget proposal; Fed minutes tip QE reduction; NZ$1 = US$0.857, TWI = 78.9
10 Apr 13, 8:42am
90 seconds at 9 am: EU probes card company fees; Greece prepares secret reparation claim on Germany; Inflation low worldwide; Fitch downgrades China; another TWI record; NZ$1 = US$0.852, TWI = 78.4
9 Apr 13, 8:43am
90 seconds at 9 am: Thatcher dead, foresaw euro problems; AU in currency deal with China; Holden cutsback; Nikkei surges; NZ$1 = US$0.846, TWI = 78.1
8 Apr 13, 12:17pm
Opinion: Bank of Japan raises the stakes in the currency wars, in the fight for a sustainable global economic recovery, and in navigating an exit from quantitative easing
8 Apr 13, 8:39am
90 seconds at 9 am: US jobs growth slows; China and Aust to trade currencies directly; China presses for better investment access; NZ TWI hits record; NZ$1 = US$0.843, TWI = 77.7
5 Apr 13, 9:05am
90 seconds at 9 am: BofJ fires all its bullets; ECB says it may cut, wants EU haircut rules; Germany stagnating, France contracting; gold almost in a bear market; NZ$1 = US$0.840, TWI = 77.3


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