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Petrol prices
31% (76 votes)
29% (72 votes)
Term deposit interest rates
18% (44 votes)
The NZX50
15% (37 votes)
Mortgage interest rates
7% (16 votes)
Total voters: 245

Which of these will have the biggest percentage decline this year?

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The economic risks that lurk beneath

John Bolton says he's uncomfortable with how much the NZ economy is being talked up, urges that an eye be kept on overseas events

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HiFX's Dan Bell on the chances of the NZ$ hitting parity with its Aussie counterpart, NZ$ outlook vs the greenback, and chickens coming home to roost in emerging markets

When will US Fed start tapering?

Never a dull moment for the NZ$; HiFX's Dan Bell says 'behind the curve' Fed should, but won't, start tapering its money printing this month; What will RBNZ say about the NZ dollar?

What will change at the US Fed mean?

Christian Hawkesby says incoming Fed chairman Janet Yellen has the best economic forecasting record since the GFC among voting FOMC members; Ongoing 'easy' US monetary policy likely

US job growth weaker than expected

Roger J Kerr on 'bloody good news for NZ,', US non-farm payrolls & the likely currency impact of next week's expected RBA rate cut

BIS cautious on 'overburdened' central banks

Bank for International Settlements highlights massive growth of central banks' balance sheets, wary about the impact of an end to easy monetary policy

Greens drop money printing plan

Greens drop plan to print money to buy infrastructure bonds; say policy change makes Labour coalition easier; change came after feedback from exporters

The threat of inflation or deflation

With inflation expectations 'anchored', major central banks err on the side of providing too much stimulus rather than too little

'The great bank bubble of 2013'

UBS analysts question the sharemarket valuations on the Aussie parents of NZ's big four banks; Warn 'buyer beware'

Never a dull moment for the NZ$

HiFX's Dan Bell looks at the US Fed's latest FOMC statement, US 'fiscal drag', the big fall in the gold price & next week's Australian interest rate review