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How high are NZ prices?

New research investigates whether our prices are 'too high' and what is driving the differences from other (larger) countries

Getting Auckland into shape

Bernard Hickey says everyone would benefit if 'skinny' Auckland could 'fatten up' its city-scape with better transport and cheaper land to lower housing costs

Westpac NZ 'productivity role model'

Westpac NZ CEO Peter Clare sees 'productivity sizzle' as customers embrace self service

Why NZ's productivity is an OECD laggard

Productivity Commission & OECD blame tyranny of distance from big markets and suppliers, plus low investment in innovation for lagging NZ productivity

Productivity progress

Labour productivity gains continue in 2013, capital productivity insignificant; New Zealand lags Australia

Friday's guest Top 10

Guest poster Eric Crampton on intersectionality, legalising marijuana, productivity, unbelievable opportunities, Christchurch, Dilbert & more

Why New Zealand industries lag behind Australia

Financial and insurance sectors identified as a major drag on New Zealand's productivity; 'Professional, scientific and technical services' sector one of our better ones

Working longer, producing less

Turning around a declining trend: we need policy that supports productivity, and firms to focus on it: Productivity Commission

'Why Bill English is wrong'

John Walley says a thriving manufacturing & export sector would provide employment & higher wages, would be better for NZ than cheap imports

The final of ANZ's 6 key themes for 2013

ANZ NZ's economics team look at key themes for 2013; Here's theme six  - All about jobs