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Lamb price trends

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No changes on lamb pricing this week as prospects remain flat at a time when traditionally demand from short supply is strong.

The lessons of previous years have been heeded as financial pressure limits risk taking in lamb trading by exporters.

Trends suggest values should be maintained but nobody is keen to push the price back to the unsustainable levels of a few years ago and have the unevitable sharp downward adjustment that will put further pressure on sheep numbers.

Optimism for the future from Beef and Lamb NZ in the New Season Outlook report with a prediction the 2014/15 year could return $105/hd for lambs and $79/average for mutton. However this assumes an exchange rate that averages 48p per British pound and 61c for the Euro currency which based on the NZD past performance seems a bit high.

Local trade lambs are in demand however and prices peaked in indicator saleyards as the milder winter weather has allowed quality animals to be offered.

Store lambs for the season are about finished and care from now on will be required identifying those animals with hogget teeth change to ensure grade changes don't affect profitability.

Allied Livestock report they are back in the black after refocusing on their core livestock business again after losing their way on speculation.

Lincoln University announces they have now entered their third farming partnership on a sheep and beef demonstration farm north of Bulls as they look to play their part in agricultural education and improving profitability on these type of farms.


The latest South Island wool sale saw the market consolidate on the back of supply shortages and the currency slowly weakening helping to keep this fibre competitive.

Primary Wools looks to buy 5% of Wool Equities and announces a goal to join with Wools of NZ to create one strong Co Operative to market wool for crossbred farmers of NZ.

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