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Lamb price trends

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More easing of schedules to reflect prices in the frozen market as post Xmas chilled negotiations start, to secure the next premium price lift but local trade pricing which peaked at $7/kg in the north and $6.50 in the south has kept export processors competitive.

Cooler dry conditions in the south have kept the new seasons harvest behind the norm but northern early areas have reported good heavy lambs at drafting that are achieving $10/head more than last year.

Lincoln University launched it’s new sheep research initiative as it strives to improve production and profits of sheep farming systems in different environments and includes sheep milking as part of it’s study.

Two strong candidates for the Alliance board elections and one for Silver Fern Farms, have received backing from the MIE group as they look to pressure processors to make reforms to enable long term profits to return to the red meat sector.

Alliance released it’s $17.6m profit result that enables it for the first time for three years, to pay a small rebate on all stock classes, including those providing store lambs for finishing.

In the south, farmers are reporting some scabby mouth vaccine failure and urge all who use this vaccination to check on its uptake.

Mutton schedules have bounced back from their seasonal lows as low stocks and reducing sheep numbers stimulate demand.


A small North Island wool sale of mainly hogget, second shear and crossbred fleece sold at easing rates as a resurgent currency resulted in indicators dropping by 22-24c/kg.

Wools of NZ are now holding their roadshows as they look to promote last year’s success of the company and encourage more growers to commit their product and share in the quality premiums they have been able to achieve.

Main shearing will be starting soon and with a milder winter and easy spring, wools will be of good quality, and if the currency eases there is optimism that prices should hold.

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