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Matt Nolan is a senior economist at Infometrics. He focuses primarily on the outlook for the private sector, by attempting to understand changes and movement in household and business behaviour. In order to do this he uses a range of empirical models, while keeping a keen eye on current events. He enjoys trying to explain the sometimes wonkish views of economists in a way that people can understand. Matt joined Infometrics in early 2007, and has an MCA in Economics from Victoria University of Wellington.

Articles by Matt Nolan

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan takes a look at the drivers of NZ growth over the next year with a two handed Top 10 that's actually two top fives

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan takes a look at income inequality in NZ, including why it is there

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan sifts through three political parties' policies to try and help him decide who to vote for

Monday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan on the top 10 misconceptions about economists including they never agree, are a pro-business lobby group, economics was debunked by the GFC , Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan has a detailed look at global warming issues and policies, including the source of rising emissions, China's plans, the NZ Greens, Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10

Matt Nolan on labour market recoveries, regional divergence, structural unemployment, youth unemployment, NZ's real crisis, robots, Dilbert & more

Friday's guest Top 10 at 10

The Valentines Day issue - The market for marriage, romance and income inequality, how govt influences your romantic choices, digital roses a good idea?

Friday's guest Top 10 at 10

The Pope and an economist walk into the bar - Matt Nolan looks at how economists have reacted to The Pope's Evangelii Gaudium; Dilbert and more

Happiness for all

Matt Nolan explores the hidden costs of our GDP, and 'happiness machine' obsessions

Daylight savings, global warming, and co-ordination

Matt Nolan explores the factors that result in why some co-ordination projects work and why some don't

Friday's Top 10 at 10

Lessons from the Great Recession; Credit constraint; The weight around the NZ economy's neck; Dilbert and more

It is good to be small

Matt Nolan says our small size and export reliance on homogenous goods actually makes us resilient to global economic shocks

The inflation tax

Matt Nolan takes a final look at tax and explores 'monetary financing', and ramping up the inflation rate as a form of taxation

Is the price right – externality taxes

Matt Nolan scrutinises taxes targeted at social behaviours, separates 'excessive' & 'patently ridiculous' from where efficient correction can occur

Progressivity, how does that work?

How fairness & redistribution work in the way taxes are designed & who pays after the resulting 'incentive' shifts

Understanding inequality

Matt Nolan takes a close look at fairness and points to equality of opportunity rather than eliminating inequality as a better goal

Housing and the accidental xenophobe

Matt Nolan says anyone pushing bans of the sale of property to non-residents just doesn’t understand the ‘problem’

Taxing when we consume

Matt Nolan looks at how taxes on consumption and capital income work, and how they differ from income taxes

Bubbles: Remember to ask about the mechanism

Matt Nolan says its not the RBNZ's job to pop housing bubbles - that's the government's 'fiscal' role. You agree?

Factoring in factor taxes

Matt Nolan looks at why we have income taxes, their benefits and the problems with efficiency and 'deadweight losses'. Your view?