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Articles by Olly Newland

'What shortage and why the fuss?'

Olly Newland gives seven reasons why he thinks the property market may get the speed wobbles this year. Your view?

Do interest rate rises really matter?

Olly Newland says 'Give it a few weeks, and the interest rate rise news will be fish and chip paper, of that I am sure'. Your view?

Olly's CGT quiz

Olly Newland has twenty questions to ask before you buy (or sell) your property. Your view?

How to avoid the coming lending crunch

Olly Newland recounts 10 ways to avoid any RBNZ imposed LVR restrictions, and forecasts stagnant rents are about to rise soon. Your view?

Capital Gains Tax — it's no magic bullet

Olly Newland says any form of tax imposed feeds into prices and reminds regulators to remember the laws of supply and demand. Your view?

'House prices to double over next few years'

Opinion: Olly Newland looks at the year in retrospect and reviews what is to come. Your view?

Can house prices be controlled?

Opinion: Olly Newland worries the whole property market is approaching a crisis and sees a large upward burst in prices and rents. Your view?

Who's to blame for high house prices?

Olly Newland says building reasonably priced housing is a dying business, strangled by regulation. Your view?

Commercial property - the alternative to residential

Olly Newland says that commercial property could be a better option for many investors. Your view?

'The property investment market waits for no one'

'I have good news for you: Now is the time to come out of hiding and get stuck in to property investing' says Olly Newland. Your view?

'I told you so,' says Olly Newland

Olly Newland declares victory for property investors despite all the doomsayers, including Bernard Hickey. They debate prices, rents, bonds and subsidies for first home buyers. Your view?

Olly Newland warns against spruikers

Property investor and adviser Olly Newland says low interest rates are the 'cream on the cake' and now is the time to invest, but he warns about 'spruikers'. Your view?

While rates are low, borrow more

Olly Newland says now is the time to borrow more while rates stay lower for longer and invest in more property to make tax free capital gains. Your view?

Which way now for the market?

Olly Newland wants first home buyers grant; sees under-priced apartments as new market darlings; believes rental property never better. Your view?

The game changers

Game changers mean misfortune for some & profit for property investors, says Olly Newland

Opinion: The trouble with housing

Olly Newland tells property investors to stock up early for the good times ahead

'The doomsayers were proven wrong'

Inflation is coming, says Olly Newland, and inflation is the 'speculator's friend'

Why market pressures will lift property

Olly Newland explains why he thinks a real estate and rental boom is about to hit us

'Safe as houses', Olly says

Olly Newland believes the next housing boom is not far away. Your view?

Buy now, says Olly Newland

Property investor argues the housing gloomsters are wrong and now is the time to buy