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13 May 15, 3:39pm
Property investor Olly Newland predicts that the Reserve Bank's new Auckland-targeted house market restrictions will have a shelf life of less than 30 days
21 May 14, 9:38am
Olly Newland gives seven reasons why he thinks the property market may get the speed wobbles this year
14 Mar 14, 8:43am
'Give it a few weeks and the interest rate rise news will be fish and chip paper', says Olly Newland
25 Sep 13, 2:24pm
Olly Newland has twenty questions to ask before you buy (or sell) your property
25 Jul 13, 11:41am
Olly Newland recounts the ways to avoid LVR restrictions, and forecasts that stagnant rents are about to rise soon
14 Mar 13, 3:24pm
Opinion: Olly Newland says any form of tax imposed feeds into prices and reminds regulators to remember the laws of supply and demand. Your view?
31 Oct 12, 9:06am
Opinion: Olly Newland looks at the year in retrospect and reviews what is to come. Your view?
19 Jul 12, 2:30pm
Opinion: Olly Newland worries the whole property market is approaching a crisis and sees a large upward burst in prices and rents. Your view?
10 May 12, 8:12am
Opinion: Olly Newland says building reasonably priced housing is a dying business, strangled by regulation. Your view?
19 Apr 12, 11:19am
Opinion: Olly Newland says that commercial property could be a better option for many investors. Your view?
17 Feb 12, 4:54pm
Opinion: 'I have good news for you: Now is the time to come out of hiding and get stuck in to property investing': Olly Newland
12 Dec 11, 11:30am
Opinion: Property market stirs, helped by low interest rates and people's immunity to endless crisis talk; But ultimately bubble will burst
11 Nov 11, 9:07am
Opinion: Olly Newland says now is the time to invest but warns about the rise of 'spruikers'
4 Oct 11, 8:37am
Opinion: Olly Newland says avoid major rebuilds and stick to once-over-lightly makeovers. Your view?
8 Jun 11, 10:41am
Opinion: Which way now for the market?
18 Mar 11, 11:08am
Opinion: The game changers
18 Feb 11, 11:50am
Opinion: The trouble with housing
12 Nov 10, 12:36pm
Opinion: Olly Newland details eight reasons why house prices won't crash
6 Oct 10, 3:32pm
The pressure goes on - why property investments will rise in value
3 Sep 10, 4:22pm
Why housing is still the safest investment option for most people
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