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16 Feb 17, 8:32am
2017 has brought sharply higher export prices for logs, and strong demand continues from the local market as Auckland replaces Christchurch. Regional shortages reported
17 Dec 16, 10:56am
Both domestic and export log markets feature positive sentiment, although prices drifted in December. Fundamentals appear to be moving to favour suppliers again
17 Nov 16, 10:16am
China uses up its log stocks at a very fast rate, setting the stage for rising demand and prices for New Zealand logs and lumber
15 Oct 16, 11:15am
Log prices firming in China and India. Domestic pruned log prices slip but demand remains strong for good quality
17 Sep 16, 9:10am
Russia emerging as a competitor to NZ logs in China. India emerges as an alternative market. Auckland demand another bright spot - until the bubble bursts
23 Aug 16, 9:29am
Lower demand from China of pruned logs sees export prices fall. Unpruned log prices stabilise. Strong domestic demand gets more pruned logs at stable prices
26 Jul 16, 10:09am
Domestic log prices suffer as export prices under pressure especially from China. Quality supplied into export markets may bite back and limit pricing offers
16 Jun 16, 2:06pm
Sentiment in the export market is turning negative, while domestically log suppliers are facing growing import challengers
24 May 16, 8:35am
Export supply tight into China and India holding up prices. Domestic demand remains strong. Returns to forest owner rising
23 Apr 16, 9:17am
The new trend to construct taller wooden commercial, high-density residential buildings of wood will grow markets for NZ Radiata pine
29 Mar 16, 11:00am
Log market continues to firm even if slowly, driven by rising China demand and strong domestic processing. Forest industry wary of export restrictions
19 Feb 16, 1:00pm
China's log inventories fall, prices rise, but only to November levels. India a new bright spot. Japan and Korea stable. Domestic demand strong
18 Dec 15, 4:31pm
Good rises in log prices expected in the first quarter of 2016, says Peter Weblin
18 Nov 15, 9:09am
The export log market has rebounded more strongly than expected, says Peter Weblin. Demand from multiple markets. China using Radiata in innovative new ways
19 Oct 15, 11:47am
October shows rising prices for export logs, says Peter Weblin, as China stocks fall quickly
21 Sep 15, 9:05am
China market troughs and is expected to pick up from here, says Peter Weblin. Domestic market expected to stay strong
15 Aug 15, 10:27am
Peter Weblin says China weakness is casting a pall over the log market even though domestic demand remains strong
23 Jul 15, 8:33am
Peter Weblin assesses the consequences of harvesting the large forest plantings of 20+ years ago and the implications facing forest owners
22 Jul 15, 5:01pm
Peter Weblin says improved July prices are mostly because the exchange rate moved favourably. High Chinese stocks are lingering, but demand in India is improving
18 Jun 15, 5:01pm
Peter Weblin says China's market recovery is taking longer to appear, but strong local and Australian new home building is underpinning demand for both pruned and unpruned logs
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