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Murray Sherwin

Why NZ needs a regulatory overhaul

Productivity Commission delivers final report recommending complete overhaul of New Zealand's legislative and regulatory systems

Commission to probe Govt sector

Productivity Commission launches inquiry into improving delivery and value of public services, including social services in particular. Your view?

'Don't create a Tasman monetary union'

Why the Productivity Commission recommends against an Australia-New Zealand monetary union; Would require political union

What should Productivity Commission do next?

Treasury seeking ideas on what the Productivity Commission should do next; Your views?

6 ways to improve affordability

Bernard Hickey suggests 6 ways to improve housing affordability, particularly in central Auckland and Christchurch where prices are rising 10-20% to record highs

Should govt take council regulatory powers?

Productivity Commission asks: Is variation in council regulation good or bad? Does it impose costs on businesses? What should change? Your view?

'Fix the accommodation supplement'

Productivity Commission eyes fix for govt rent subsidy that could cost taxpayers NZ$2.2 bln in 2016, almost twice what it costs now

'Release more land immediately'

Productivity Commission wants immediate release of land for residential development in Auckland & Christchurch; Auckland council attacks recommendations as narrow minded

Lockwood's building regulation frustration

Construction companies being forced to build identical houses differently to meet the divergent demands of different council inspectors and their councils

Building consent process in sights

Council development levies, urban planning, building consent and inspection processes set to fall under Productivity Commission spotlight