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Which of these factors is likely to have the biggest impact on our economy over the next 12 months?


currency wars

The ramifications of Japan's money printing

How the Bank of Japan has raised the stakes in 1) the currency wars, 2) the fight for a sustainable global economic recovery & 3) in navigating an exit from quantitative easing

Currency wars and the NZ economy

Christian Hawkesby notes that everyone is talking about 'currency wars'; with more consumption and investment the NZ economy is 'accelerating' he notes. Your view?

RBNZ data reveals currency action

The RBNZ has sold NZ$¼ billion in the currency markets recently. Is this an attempt to push the NZ$ down?

Never a dull moment for the NZ$

HiFX's Dan Bell on currency wars, Japanese inflation targeting & money printing, and how the RBA may force the RBNZ's hand on the OCR this year

NZ money printing wouldn't cut NZ$-Key

PM Key says Japan money printing and currency wars a risk for NZ, but NZ unable to respond as money printing wouldn't devalue NZ$. Your view?

Yuan move will help NZ - English

English likes yuan move; 4th-ranked Chinese official visits NZ; 'We didn't discuss Crafar Farms; They understand foreign investment concerns'

RBNZ quizzed on quantitative easing

RBNZ tackles questions on quantitative easing, says wouldn't start until OCR at zero, and that it might lead to inflation as economy nears full capacity

PM wouldn't like another big US$ fall

PM Key wary of big US$ devaluation, but says QE2 cash could boost NZ; eyes Weldon's FMA concerns

NZ$ probably heading up, Key says

PM John Key says thinks NZ$ probably going a little bit higher, but he's wary of intervention

Why NZ must fight the Currency Wars

Bernard Hickey argues John Key was right to fight dirty for The Hobbit in a world of currency wars where it's every country for themselves