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6 Jul 15, 2:40pm
Prices ranged from $48,000 for a Tokoroa cottage to $3.315m for a Remmers pad at last week's Bayleys auctions
6 Jul 15, 2:36pm
BNZ thinks house prices will keep going up but not in Christchurch
6 Jul 15, 1:17pm
Govt proposing to double the amount it'll contribute towards paying for homes damaged by natural disasters, but scrap EQC contents cover and some land cover
6 Jul 15, 1:01pm
Citi analysts argue over 15yrs the big banks' wealth management vision 'has not eventuated,' advocate major change
6 Jul 15, 10:15am
Net yields at the latest Bayleys commercial property auction dropped as low as 3.3%
6 Jul 15, 10:06am
'Eligible' investors in Hanover Group to get $18m after FMA settlement with the failed finance company's former directors
6 Jul 15, 10:02am
Adam Weaver says talking about Chinese travellers seems to take precedence over talking with them
6 Jul 15, 9:25am
The NZ Initiative's Jason Krupp points out that that the introduction of new technology is almost always irreversible
6 Jul 15, 8:59am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, July 6, 2015
6 Jul 15, 8:07am
China’s equities rout hits the Aussie. Greek 'no' vote sets up uncertainty and protracted negotiation for the euro. Risks rise all round
6 Jul 15, 7:59am
Expect safe haven demand to rise for US and German bonds. Eyes on tomorrow's QSBO
6 Jul 15, 7:06am
China braces for extreme financial test, officials rush in emergency support; Greeks vote 'No', Grexit more likely; yields fall; oil and gold lower; NZ$1 = 66.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.1
5 Jul 15, 5:00pm
Keith Woodford assesses the major developments in Australia as A2 milk pushes into the big leagues, with a 'huge irony' that this opportunity has passed NZ and Fonterra by
5 Jul 15, 1:03pm
Allan Barber questions the reliability of the compulsory tagging of cattle and deer with officially approved RFID tags
5 Jul 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues it's time to think about how a million retiring KiwiSavers could either blow or sensibly use their NZ$100,000 pots when they retire
4 Jul 15, 10:41am
'The welfare system should be reducing misery rather than merely servicing it'. Bill English explains the investment-led approach to dealing with intractable social issues
4 Jul 15, 10:18am
Rodney Dickens thinks respondents are ticking the negative boxes in the ANZ survey to supply the "evidence" to justify OCR cuts
4 Jul 15, 10:08am
Allan Barber reviews the high hopes, the reasons for failure, and wonders where to now
4 Jul 15, 8:02am
The Greeks may have invented finance but they are spectacularly bad at managing their own financial affairs. Jason Krupp tallies up the times they went bust. It's a long history
4 Jul 15, 7:02am
Taking on the dodgy offshore financial service providers; One lawyer's recipe to remove their stain from NZ's reputation
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