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7 Jul 15, 5:41pm
New Zealand's biggest home lender matches a key rival with the lowest one year fixed rate in the market
7 Jul 15, 4:46pm
Treasury papers show Treasury looked at restrictions and taxes on foreign buyers, but detail not disclosed; Treasury found a foreign buyers register wouldn't cost much, but queried whether it was needed
7 Jul 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; Kiwibank raises credit card rates, QSBO at 3yr low, car sales at 26yr high, new climate change target, swap rates flatten
7 Jul 15, 3:37pm
Prices at last week's Harcourts auctions ranged from $62,000 for a Rotorua do up, to $2.235m for a Mt Eden villa
7 Jul 15, 2:37pm
Recent Chinese stock market loses equivalent to 10 times Greece's GDP; fluid situation in Greece and tension between parties rising; declining dairy prices holding down NZD
7 Jul 15, 2:08pm
Quake hangover propels NZ general insurance premiums up much more than in Aust. and big, developed countries
7 Jul 15, 1:41pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Southern snow and northern floods make winter difficult for some
7 Jul 15, 11:47am
Bouyant commercial property market boosts agencies' coffers - Colliers leads the pack with 20% growth
7 Jul 15, 11:23am
'NZ Investment Attraction Strategy' aims to get all government wakas paddling in the same direction to attract foreign investment
7 Jul 15, 10:43am
New car sales in June surge back to their highest level in 26 years. One new vehicle sold every 2 minutes. SUVs take 37% of market
7 Jul 15, 9:59am
NZIER's QSBO shows confidence fell to 3 yr low in June quarter; dairy regions hardest hit; retailer confidence dives; Inflation indicators at 6 yr low; NZIER sees rate cuts in July, Sept
7 Jul 15, 9:02am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
7 Jul 15, 8:34am
The rise in rates comes despite overall wholesale and retail market rate falls, but after the SOE bank cut some fees. Many of the increases are steep
7 Jul 15, 8:28am
Falling oil prices have bigger influence on some currencies than the euro-zone tensions. China and Iran main drivers
7 Jul 15, 8:18am
NZ yields dip on Greece and rising expectations of RBNZ policy cuts. Markets eye today's QSBO and RBA decision
7 Jul 15, 7:18am
China markets 'bounce' on support, but still very uncertain; screws tighten on Greece; economic data positive but drowned; UST 10yr yield 2.32%; oil sinks; NZ$1 = 66.9 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.2
7 Jul 15, 5:03am
Elizabeth Kerr questions the morality of using the same manipulative tactics as used by one-day-deal websites to sell her old stuff on Trade Me
6 Jul 15, 5:44pm
HiFX's Dan Bell says NZ dollar may continue falling, potentially to around US60c, given global, and domestic issues driving it
6 Jul 15, 5:09pm
PM John Key says open to loosening Budget purse strings with infrastructure spending if economy slowed back to 2009 levels, but growth still robust and no current need for fiscal response
6 Jul 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; rate cuts keep coming, Treasury upbeat, EQC cover changes proposed, offshore markets reacting to China and Greece, swap rates fall
6 Jul 15, 8:59am
6 Jul 15, 8:07am
5 Jul 15, 5:02am
3 Jul 15, 4:01pm

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