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28 Aug 15, 5:17pm
Petrol companies' margins increasing despite oil prices plummeting; Labour calls for select committee inquiry, Govt says it's improving monitoring of the sector
28 Aug 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; Westpac leads the way down for savers, S&P holds NZ ratings, RBNZ buys kiwi dollars, PengXin makes another big buy; swaps firm
28 Aug 15, 3:14pm
SBS 'delighted' with the success of its 4.99%, 5-year home loan offer after record quarter of mortgage growth
28 Aug 15, 3:09pm
Chinese buyers flock to Auckland apartment auctions as sales surge
28 Aug 15, 12:01pm
China Construction Bank has borrowed more than it has lent in NZ so far & breached its banking registration conditions
28 Aug 15, 10:34am
Oliver Hartwich on doom and gloom in the global economy and the Donald Trump effect
28 Aug 15, 10:21am
Kiwibank posts $127 mln annual profit as net interest margin surges with lending up 7% and deposits up 8%
28 Aug 15, 8:54am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Friday, August 28, 2015
28 Aug 15, 8:17am
Market sentiment turned positive overnight on better than expected US economic performance and Shanghai rebound. Commodity prices recover
28 Aug 15, 8:04am
Markets no longer expecting a September rate hike from the US Fed, changing their expectations to December
28 Aug 15, 7:20am
US Q2 growth surprises; Q3 indicators positive; But less drive for Sept rate hike; China blames US for share rout; UST 10yr yield 2.19%; oil higher, gold lower; NZ$1 = 64.7 US¢, TWI-5 = 69.1
27 Aug 15, 4:12pm
Prices of commercial properties sold by Colliers started at $1.33m, yields dip under 5%
27 Aug 15, 4:05pm
NZIER calls for govt to strengthen KiwiSaver scheme, to get ageing population diversifying investments beyond NZ property
27 Aug 15, 4:01pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; New Auckland special housing, ComCom probes truck shops, Landcorp's profit plunge; F&P Healthcare boss stepping down
27 Aug 15, 2:14pm
Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln 2020's received bids for NZ$600 mln; over-subscribed and yield marginally lower; weighted average yield accepted was 2.67% (vs 2.73% last tender)
27 Aug 15, 12:03pm
Beefed up Reserve Bank outsourcing policy may apply to 10 instead of the existing five banks
27 Aug 15, 11:13am
State owned farming business Landcorp sees profits shrink 83.5% in the face of plummeting milk prices and lower lamb returns
27 Aug 15, 9:54am
Harcourts' auction prices started at $393,000 in Auckland, $353,000 in Bay of Plenty and $226,500 in Christchurch
27 Aug 15, 8:55am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Thursday, August 27, 2015
27 Aug 15, 7:58am
US Fed's Dudley wants to see more data before making judgement on rate hikes; US treasuries continue sell-off; NZ swap curve continues to steepen following global lead
27 Aug 15, 6:04am
26 Aug 15, 4:02pm
26 Aug 15, 1:49pm
26 Aug 15, 12:57pm
26 Aug 15, 12:34pm
26 Aug 15, 9:10am
25 Aug 15, 3:59pm

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