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6 May 16, 1:47pm
MBIE likely to ban retrofitting foil insulation in existing homes due to risk of electrocution
6 May 16, 12:17pm
Wholesale rates push lower in four day trend, with most now at record all-time lows
6 May 16, 11:49am
Fonterra forecasts $3.55, or 63%, increase in organic milk price for 2016/17 season to $9.20 per kg/MS
6 May 16, 10:27am
NZ banks, Fonterra and farmers 'caught short' by Europe's increased dairy production, BNZ boss Anthony Healy says
6 May 16, 10:25am
Rival banks' bosses suggest commercially minded investors the Super Fund & ACC becoming Kiwibank shareholders will see the state owned bank play by the same rules as them
6 May 16, 10:09am
First Union's Morgan Godfery on Trumps breaking out everywhere; the pain of incentives; wanting it both ways with houses; an enranged house hunter writes; trouble with trade; Dilbert & more
6 May 16, 9:05am
A major bank slices 20 bps off a key mortgage rate as wholesale money costs fall to near record lows. But it also raises rates for two other terms
6 May 16, 8:25am
Choppy trading in USD/JPY; Abe on watching brief and will act to smooth out Yen movements; NZD & AUD give up intra-day gains; USD strengthens ahead of payrolls report
6 May 16, 8:02am
Eyes on the wages component of the US non-farm payrolls report. US yields testing lows now but will head back up as Fed hikes
6 May 16, 7:35am
Experts dub Government's $22m investment in a new cyber security strategy toothless without it being mandatory for organisations to report cyber breaches
6 May 16, 7:23am
RBA get new boss; US jobless claims rise, but so does pay; Alibaba shines; US banks to be blocked from imposing arbitration clauses; UST 10yr yield 1.76%; oil and gold unchanged; NZ$1 = 68.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.9
6 May 16, 5:03am
Auction results: fierce bidding on most apartments at Ray White and City Sales - also the latest commercial sales from Colliers
5 May 16, 4:36pm
The Reserve Bank has some tough decisions to face this coming week on the runaway housing market
5 May 16, 3:59pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; very short funding, surging used car imports, electric plans, swap rates near record lows, NZD holds steady
5 May 16, 3:27pm
EY's Rebecca Sellers and Ken Wallace outline the risks and requirements NZ companies with European customers face under the EU's new stringent data privacy regime
5 May 16, 2:47pm
Labour's Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill passes first reading with Dunne's support; would force landlords to improve insulation and pay for heat pumps; Landlords and Govt opposed, saying it would increase rents
5 May 16, 12:50pm
Housing Minister says Government does not believe there is a housing crisis; sees a "challenge"; says rising house demand a 'good news story' that requires supply response; Seymour asks how affordable housing would be with 9% mortgage rate
5 May 16, 12:42pm
Government promises fee hike will help to improve pace and efficiency of overseas investment applications
5 May 16, 12:24pm
Transparency International NZ says the Government's foreign trust inquiry fails to address fundamental issues
5 May 16, 10:44am
Bernard's Top 10: Japan's lost quarter century; China's (very) eventual day of debt reckoning; 'A sham trust from the start'; Australia's negative gearing battle between the old and the young; Clarke and Dawe; John Oliver
5 May 16, 8:26am
5 May 16, 7:39am
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