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30 Nov 15, 6:39pm
Mieke Welvaert asks the burning questions. Have the new regulations tipped the scale? Will Auckland house prices fall? What about Auckland's neighbours? And, will the rest of the country be affected?
30 Nov 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; retail rate cuts, better business sentiment, faster debt growth, building consents grow too slowly, public investment rated
30 Nov 15, 3:26pm
Kiwis still ramping up household debt despite introduction of new Government and Reserve Bank housing investment rules
30 Nov 15, 2:51pm
Less than half the auctioned properties were sold at Bayleys' latest auctions
30 Nov 15, 12:13pm
Andrew Little promotes key Auckland MPs Phil Twyford and Jacinda Ardern in shadow cabinet reshuffle; Davis, Nash and Salesa also bumped up; Cunliffe, Goff and Mallard demoted and out of shadow cabinet
30 Nov 15, 12:02pm
The Co-operative Bank grows home loan book by more than 4% in September quarter
30 Nov 15, 11:45am
Westpac economists say the Reserve Bank will have its work cut out to try to get inflation back to the targeted 2%
30 Nov 15, 11:41am
Dwelling consents in Auckland just two thirds of what is required to keep pace with migration-fuelled population growth
30 Nov 15, 11:02am
SBS September quarter profit drops as provisions for credit impairment and expenses rise
30 Nov 15, 10:07am
Roger J Kerr says credit spreads are now a much more material component of the all-up interest rate paid by borrowers
30 Nov 15, 9:39am
Roger J Kerr says December's currency movements will be all about two key central bank interest rate decisions
30 Nov 15, 9:17am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, November 30, 2015
30 Nov 15, 9:00am
The New Zealand Initiative’s Jason Krupp grudgingly argues that Auckland Council is right to give Nimbys the finger
30 Nov 15, 8:40am
US jobs, ECB, Yellen and China may all combine to bring volitile currency trading. Local data today will start a week of major releases
30 Nov 15, 8:17am
Sleepiness is over; action packed up-coming week will drive local and offshore rate expectations
30 Nov 15, 7:22am
American retail strong; ECB preps easing; China profits drop; PBoC adds more QE; China bond concerns; AU to slash card merchant fees; UST 10yr yield 2.22%; oil lower, gold slumps; NZ$1 = 65.4 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.2
29 Nov 15, 5:02am
Bernard Hickey argues Infratil and the Wellington Council should take the risk of investing NZ$300 mln to extend the Wellington Airport, not the region's ratepayers and the nation's taxpayers in general
28 Nov 15, 9:29am
Markets move against the yellow metal as physical demand sinks, costs of holding it look set to rise, and the US dollar rises. China sentiment doesn't help either
28 Nov 15, 7:41am
Kiwibank economists see more strong growth in international visitors and most are likely to spend more here, bolstering a slowing general economy
28 Nov 15, 7:41am
Underwhelming take up of equity crowdfunding offers continues in November
28 Nov 15, 7:31am
27 Nov 15, 4:00pm
27 Nov 15, 10:02am
27 Nov 15, 8:27am
27 Nov 15, 7:48am
26 Nov 15, 3:59pm
26 Nov 15, 10:41am
26 Nov 15, 9:37am
26 Nov 15, 8:36am

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