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29 Aug 15, 5:36pm
Jason Krupp cautions against allowing urban planning idealogues to have their way, looking at the examples of Brasilia, Johannesburg and Moscow
29 Aug 15, 12:38pm
The Red Bank leads term depost rates down into new uncharted, low territory leaving their 'replicating portfolio' clients with record low returns
29 Aug 15, 11:23am
Susan Guthrie claims we need to start thinking quickly about the effects on New Zealand of China’s economy
29 Aug 15, 10:46am
Peter Nunns notes people say they want more transport choices. Neighborhood density opens up those choices. He also suggests expecting people to make an effort to travel will make us healthier. Your view?
28 Aug 15, 5:17pm
Petrol companies' margins increasing despite oil prices plummeting; Labour calls for select committee inquiry, Govt says it's improving monitoring of the sector
28 Aug 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; Westpac leads the way down for savers, S&P holds NZ ratings, RBNZ buys kiwi dollars, PengXin makes another big buy; swaps firm
28 Aug 15, 3:14pm
SBS 'delighted' with the success of its 4.99%, 5-year home loan offer after record quarter of mortgage growth
28 Aug 15, 3:09pm
Chinese buyers flock to Auckland apartment auctions as sales surge
28 Aug 15, 12:01pm
China Construction Bank has borrowed more than it has lent in NZ so far & breached its banking registration conditions
28 Aug 15, 10:34am
Oliver Hartwich on doom and gloom in the global economy and the Donald Trump effect
28 Aug 15, 10:21am
Kiwibank posts $127 mln annual profit as net interest margin surges with lending up 7% and deposits up 8%
28 Aug 15, 8:54am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Friday, August 28, 2015
28 Aug 15, 8:17am
Market sentiment turned positive overnight on better than expected US economic performance and Shanghai rebound. Commodity prices recover
28 Aug 15, 8:04am
Markets no longer expecting a September rate hike from the US Fed, changing their expectations to December
28 Aug 15, 7:20am
US Q2 growth surprises; Q3 indicators positive; But less drive for Sept rate hike; China blames US for share rout; UST 10yr yield 2.19%; oil higher, gold lower; NZ$1 = 64.7 US¢, TWI-5 = 69.1
27 Aug 15, 4:12pm
Prices of commercial properties sold by Colliers started at $1.33m, yields dip under 5%
27 Aug 15, 4:05pm
NZIER calls for govt to strengthen KiwiSaver scheme, to get ageing population diversifying investments beyond NZ property
27 Aug 15, 4:01pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; New Auckland special housing, ComCom probes truck shops, Landcorp's profit plunge; F&P Healthcare boss stepping down
27 Aug 15, 2:14pm
Latest bond tender of NZ$200 mln 2020's received bids for NZ$600 mln; over-subscribed and yield marginally lower; weighted average yield accepted was 2.67% (vs 2.73% last tender)
27 Aug 15, 12:03pm
Beefed up Reserve Bank outsourcing policy may apply to 10 instead of the existing five banks
27 Aug 15, 11:13am
27 Aug 15, 8:55am
27 Aug 15, 6:04am
26 Aug 15, 4:02pm
26 Aug 15, 1:49pm
26 Aug 15, 12:57pm
26 Aug 15, 12:34pm
26 Aug 15, 9:10am
25 Aug 15, 3:59pm

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