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What was the main factor in National's thumping election victory?


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Monday's guest Top 10

Kirdan Lees on the skills to pay the bills, 7 reasons why Australian house prices are so high, blast off for US interest rates? Dude, where's my inflation? Dilbert & more

National in complete control

National wins outright majority for the first time under MMP; Expected to push through RMA and labour law reforms; Labour in disarray

NZD gets 25 pip gain on election result

NZD attention now turns to Fonterra results and payout revision; gold extends losses to 8 month low; oil falls

NZD in mild relief rally

Don't expect NZD rally to extend materially as little reason to be bullish in a rising USD environment

US Treasury yields drift lower

Status quo with National re-elected; upcoming NZGB bond auction may get a demand boost; long yields may flatten

Comparing poll accuracy

NZHerald Digipoll "most accurate" predicting National would be re-elected with record high vote as Labour slumps to worst result in over 90 years

90 seconds at 9 am: Weak data angst

Growth concerns in the US, China and Europe; Australia grows ag jobs fast; UST 10yr 2.58%; oil and gold lower; NZ$1 = US$0.813, TWI = 78.6

'National-led Government wins mandate for RMA reforms'

Fed Farmers claims a key message in National's win is that voters "have again rejected Water Taxes and a Capital Gains Tax"; want RMA reforms "for NZ to become a primary superpower"

Lift your horizons

Bernard Hickey asks if voters and investors use long enough time horizons to make decisions, and whether the election result would have been different if they had

National wins 2014 Election

National wins third term with existing support partners; Labour-Green lose 3 seats; Conservative and Internet Mana fail to get in; Cunliffe vows to stay on; See tweets of the night

'Classic snake oil tactics'

Alistair Helm despairs at the re-emergence of a particularly dodgy type of real estate advertisement, one that spruiks the supposed benefits of "extra income in retirement"

Clean, green and up to our necks in debt

International report confirms NZ is a world leader in its consumer credit to personal disposable income ratio

Party Policies - Kiwisaver

This is where the parties stand on Kiwisaver.

'Good' interest in govt banking tender

MBIE says it has received a 'good number' of expressions of interest in government's banking business

Wellington office rents set to rise

Looming shortage of prime office space in the capital, says Colliers

What happened Friday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Friday; mortgage rate cut, improved affordability, immigration record, consumer confidence up, swap rates rise

Fletcher changes plans for Three Kings quarry

Fletcher Building hopes for a more extensive redevelopment of the former Three Kings quarry site and surrounding area

MIE meat industry plan out soon

Allan Barber describes where MIE are at trying to improve 'a bad system', but suspects what we have is 'the best there is'. Your view?

Another spring mortgage rate reduction

Kiwibank slices 20 bps off its standard one year fixed home loan rate, reducing it to 5.79%

Roost Home Loan Affordability report for August

NZ home loan affordability improved in August as interest rates & mortgage payments fell; Affordability worsens for 1st home buyers

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