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29 Jul 15, 9:31am
BNZ draws a rival to match its all-time low two year rate. Shift down exposes others to market share realignment
29 Jul 15, 9:12am
RBNZ sees more interest rate reductions likely, but rules out extensive cuts; says further falls in NZ currency still 'necessary'
29 Jul 15, 8:39am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
29 Jul 15, 8:10am
Short end of the NZ swap and bond curves lift higher ahead of Wheeler's speech; peripheral eurozone bond spreads contracting
29 Jul 15, 8:03am
Improved global sentiment sees commodity currencies rise; balanced view from RBNZ in today's speech could see NZD extend bounce
29 Jul 15, 7:36am
US confidence dented, but stocks higher; more Greek wrangling; China stocks stabilise; UST 10yr yield holds, as does oil and gold; copper falls; NZ$1 = 66.8 US¢, TWI-5 = 71.6
28 Jul 15, 5:27pm
New bank customers leapfrog existing customers in receiving bank mortgage rate cuts
28 Jul 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; HSBC cuts mortgages, TDs and savings rates, plan to live long, Shanghai stocks fall again, odd TradeMe listing, NZD rises
28 Jul 15, 2:24pm
Soft commodity picture and Chinese growth concerns negative for markets; current environment tough one for NZD and AUD; market expecting US Fed to wait to initiate rate hikes
28 Jul 15, 2:20pm
Most of the action was outside of Auckland at last week's Harcourts auctions
28 Jul 15, 1:44pm
Finance Minister agrees $2.40/kg payout would be "disastrous"; says RBNZ and Govt in talks with banks to 'go easy' on farmers
28 Jul 15, 1:22pm
Andrew Little says Labour opposes TPP unless it allows future Governments to ban foreign buyers of land and houses
28 Jul 15, 12:01pm
The Sheep Deer and Cattle Report: Wet winter tightens feed supplies for early lambs in the North Island
28 Jul 15, 11:10am
Benje Patterson says the stars seem aligned for strong growth in international education’s contribution to export earnings over coming years
28 Jul 15, 10:09am
A Rothbury financial adviser discusses the pros and cons of taking out health insurance when you're young, and suggests a cheaper alternative
28 Jul 15, 8:55am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
28 Jul 15, 8:15am
Roger J Kerr likes the latest RBNZ approach to the Auckland property 'boom' but does see some risks with this new policy direction
28 Jul 15, 8:12am
NZD pushes higher against the USD ahead of Wheeler speech and RBNZ view of local prospects. NZD gains against the AUD as well
28 Jul 15, 7:50am
US and German data stronger but China equity rout clouds markets. Attention now turns to US Fed and RBNZ speech
28 Jul 15, 7:25am
US durable goods orders jump; China shares tumble; China demographic crisis; older Aussies need to work; swap curves flatten; oil and gold down; NZ$1 = 66.1 US¢, TWI-5 = 70.8
27 Jul 15, 4:00pm
27 Jul 15, 3:57pm
27 Jul 15, 8:04am
27 Jul 15, 7:54am
27 Jul 15, 7:33am
25 Jul 15, 10:07am

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