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4 May 15, 9:42pm
Key says Australia's foreign buyer restrictions haven't worked; downplays risk of NZ being odd one out after Victorian move to impose taxes on foreign buyers; won't comment on Hobsonville price hikes
4 May 15, 8:15pm
The Haier owned Fisher & Paykel Finance on the block in a move that closely follows the GE Money sale
4 May 15, 4:00pm
A review of things you need to know before you go home on Monday; more mortgage changes, TD changes go both ways, commodity index sinks, growth still strong, more startup support, wholesale rates steepen
4 May 15, 3:57pm
Banks may have cut their customer-facing staffing levels too far and are now scrambling to add them back, according to new job ad data analysis
4 May 15, 3:51pm
Prices started at $581,000 at Bayleys Auckland auctions last week, while a house on a lifestyle block in Canterbury went for $515,000: see the full results from around the country
4 May 15, 3:40pm
Professor Siah Hwee Ang outlines the development of 'clusters' in China and where businesses might be able to target their efforts
4 May 15, 12:58pm
Industrial property rents are rising but prices are rising faster - pushing yields down - as an avalanche of money decends on a tight market
4 May 15, 12:14pm
Xero set to share more of the info it has on NZ SMEs with its clients, big businesses and the Govt
4 May 15, 11:33am
Roger J Kerr says the Kiwi dollar now likely to test the bottom end of its trading range
4 May 15, 11:23am
Roger J Kerr says the risk of increasing three to 10 year interest rates is very real and immediately upon us
4 May 15, 10:15am
Westpac NZ interim cash earnings rose $9 mln to $441 mln
4 May 15, 9:48am
The NZ Initiative's Rose Patterson argues that critical thinking is needed on the claim that early childhood education quality issues are due to the increase in private provision of ECE
4 May 15, 9:41am
Rabobank NZ credit rating downgraded by S&P after parental guarantee expires, now down 5 notches in 4 years
4 May 15, 9:03am
The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on Monday, May 4, 2015
4 May 15, 8:38am
USD gains ground on good data and upbeat Fed comments. Data will drive direction this week
4 May 15, 8:26am
Markets bet on an RBA rate cut. Yields on long rates rise in most majors continuing a recent sell-off in bond markets
4 May 15, 7:45am
US factory expansion moderates; Fed officials say hikes 'on the table'; China jobs growth concerns, savings rate soars; AU factories shrink, tougher non-resident buying rules; NZ$1 = 75.4 US¢, TWI-5 = 79
3 May 15, 5:50pm
Allan Barber says alternate land use options are limited when all have restrained profitability at the same time. He reviews the outlook
3 May 15, 5:03am
Bernard Hickey says the Government and Auckland Council need to agree on funding big new water and rail infrastructure to have any hope of addressing Auckland's housing shortage crisis
2 May 15, 10:46am
Gareth Morgan explains why he thinks renters are more rational than home owners chasing the kiwi dream
1 May 15, 4:00pm
1 May 15, 12:25pm
1 May 15, 10:26am
1 May 15, 8:51am
30 Apr 15, 4:03pm
30 Apr 15, 10:29am

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