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KiwiSaver money go-round

FMA concerned transfers between KiwiSaver providers have almost doubled over past 12 months

Winners and losers at apartment auction

Plenty of penthouse passion but some leasehold pain at latest apartment auction

What happened today

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Wednesday; Big RBNZ profit drop; UDC cuts td rates, ANZ raises personal loan rates, ASB ups cash advances rate, rents higher

Dairy prices face prolonged spell in doldrums

Rabobank sets the bears among the cows, puts the blame on China

Bernard's Top 10 at 10

Should scientists be the 'conscience of society'?; Does our economy reward psychopaths?; Clarke and Dawe on a wardrobe malfunction story; Dilbert

Why Key and Wheeler are whistling in the wind

Gareth Morgan explains why John Key and Graeme Wheeler are unlikely to very effective getting and keeping the NZD at the new lower levels they want

Major shake-up to BNZ executive team

BNZ CEO Anthony Healy unveils executive team restructure, says it's needed to sharpen the bank's capacity to meet customer needs

Corporate sector sees cash flowing

Overall Q2 payment times fastest on record but large company laggards stiff their suppliers with worsening payment times

Election result should be good for agriculture

Allan Barber surveys the implications of the election result on the rural sector and finds most leaders see present policies delivering "the desired outcomes". Your view?

Productivity and the internet of things

Nigel Pinkerton would prefer not to argue with his pantry. He sees the 'internet of things' developing rapidly, changing the way we allocate our time and effort. Your view?

US dollar index up 8% over last 3-months

NZD bounces off lows but this was short lived as weaker Euro-zone data sees it fall again; USD strengthens again; NZD & AUD under-performers across majors

Low interest rates & volatility not here to stay

Move to a more realistic level for NZD happening quicker than many thought; pick up in FX volatility yet to hit other markets

NZD consolidates

Markets ignore the fall in business confidence as 'election uncertainty'; eyes on next dairy auction

The 2-10s curve at its lowest since November 2008

Rate curve near its flattest, corporates get option to extend durations

90 seconds at 9 am: Tax deals 'illegal state aid'

US consumer confidence falls sharply; oil and gold retreat; China factories expand; EU threatens Ireland over tax deals; iron ore price tanks; NZ$1 = US$0.779, TWI = 76.1

What happened Tuesday

A review of things you need to know before you go home on Tuesday; FEI reduces td rates, building consents underwhelm as does business confidence, bank deposits up strongly,  NZD stops falling

The Weekly Dairy Report

Tatua once again leads the pack in profits and predictions

The Sheep Deer and Cattle report

Poor pelt returns ease lamb optimism but big beef price lifts continue

Parker interim Labour leader as brawl erupts

Cunliffe accuses 'beltway babes' of plotting 'backroom deals'; Robertson says Cunliffe 'watching too much West Wing'; Parker has no confidence in Cunliffe; says his position 'untenable

Building consents fall in August

The number of new dwelling consents dropped in August led by falls in Auckland and Canterbury

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