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Westpac cuts standard floating mortgage rate to 5.64% for borrowers with less than 80% LVR

Posted in News Updated

Westpac has opened up a new front in the battle for mortgage customers who have a loan-to-value ratio of 80% or less.

It has launched a new carded, or advertised, floating rate for these clients of 5.64%.

This is 11 basis points lower than Westpac's present Choices floating rate of 5.75% and 60 basis points lower than its present Standard rate of 6.24%.

Westpac is claiming it is "market leading" although it is only 1 basis point less than Kiwibank.

This is the first time any bank has cut any floating rate since March 10, 2011 when the Reserve Bank reduced its Official Cash Rate from 3.0% to 2.5%. (Update: Kiwibank did introduce its Offset mortgage in July 2013, which has a variable rate of 5.25%.)

At the same time, Westpac has withdrawn its >80% LVR rates for 25 and 50 month terms. By doing this Westpac has fallen into line with the way other banks have set up their mortgage rates.

Westpac's general manager of retail banking, Ian Blair, said as conjecture on when the OCR might move continues, more customers are looking at their options and splitting their loan to take advantage of rate certainty (fixed) and repayment flexibility (floating). 

"Our new floating rate is highly competitive and offers customers who are now considering splitting their home loans between fixed and floating real value," Blair said.

"At 5.64%, our floating rate is very similar to our two year fixed term special rate (5.59%), which is a popular one and also market leading. This is about giving customers competitive choice in how they structure their home loans."

Std  LVR <80
  % pa % pa
ASB 5.75  
BNZ (Total Money) 5.74  
Kiwibank 5.65  
Westpac (Choices) 5.75 5.64
The Co-operative 5.70  
HSBC 5.99  
SBS / HBS 5.65  
Heartland 5.95  
TSB 5.79  

(Updated with detail about the Kiwibank Offset mortgage rate.)

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So who is next ? And why has

So who is next ?
And why has it taken so long for floating rates to adjust ?
It was  bound to happen.
New Zealand is a small stable and highly profitable market for the Banks , and a desire to grow  their lending book all adds up to customers benefitting  .

Think you need the revolving

Think you need the revolving mortgage account to get this rate.
The standard Table mortgage is 6.24 still. 

Nope just been in and got

Nope just been in and got this rate 5.64%pa floating for a small top up I have taken and it can be taken as standard floating or as an offset option according to the staff member that helped me

that is still a poor rate. 5%

that is still a poor rate.
5% and a bit below are quite possible.

I'm paying 5.15 floating with

I'm paying 5.15 floating with ASB on about $900k. I gained this through a mortgage broker earlier in the year and am still floating at the rate. 

Watch Westpac. Last week I

Watch Westpac.
Last week I had a small fixed mortgage of $45000 come off a three year fixed rate of 7.10.
I happened to notice it revert to 6.24%.   Sneaky Westpac.
When I pointed this out they acted all innocent,  misunderstood (yeah right) and offered 4.95 fixed for one year.   
I pointed out I did not want it fixed and offered to repay it immediately.
Now it's at 5.55 like the rest of my stuff including ODs inside companies.  Which is fine by me.
Moral.  Keep watching the detail and notice the swifties they are trying to slip past.


Interesting....and yes...
Though I have $37k, so the difference in the $s is peanuts....still it adds up over lots of ppl, for them.
Kind of annoying, shows how they abuse your trust and loyalty, foolish to give.


Interesting....and yes...
Though I have $37k, so the difference in the $s is peanuts....still it adds up over lots of ppl, for them.
Kind of annoying, shows how they abuse your trust and loyalty, foolish to give.