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Deer price trends

Posted in Rural Data


Steady summer venison schedules continue as processors report lower stocks, improving German economic conditions and a rebounding US restaurant trade which has seen record volumes of product exported to that country.

A significantly lower Euro than last year is helpful, but cheap alternative game products from Eastern Europe are competing strongly with the lower value venison cuts.

News that NZ velvet is now receiving the highest prices in the world, ahead of Chinese and Russian product will be a good boost for this sector which has been struggling for industry growth.

And combined with a plan that proposes to have a unified marketing approach by exporters into developing the Chinese market for venison, could be the long awaited turnaround many deer farmers have been looking for.

Weaning of fawns will now be well through and breeding stags settled with their hinds waiting for the first cold snap to reignite the roar.

Plenty of space is needed for mobs of velveting stags and waterways protected or animals can do significant damage to themselves and the environment if management is not up to standard.

Trends show that the summer venison price has bottomed and it is hoped that with the clearance of stocks this on coming season will provide more optimistic pricing the industry so desperately needs.

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