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Deer price trends

Posted in Rural Data


After 10 weeks of regular pricing lifts schedules plateaued this week, as processors take stock on animal availability, market demand and processing space.

Good planning, monitoring and feeding will be rewarded as farmers strive to reach pre booked harvesting targets at heavy weights.

One top operator has reported better returns from his mixed deer operation than from dairy grazing as the industry strives for better levels of performance to improve profits.

Velvet harvesting will now be a regular occurrence in the north and starting in the south, as managers look to harvest this unique food product under strict industry guidelines.

Velvet growth also responds well to good feed and milder weather and soon early north island heads will be being harvested for the first crop of a new season.

Marketers are quietly optimistic about this seasons prospects and a belief that more product could be handled by buyers will give producers optimism to lift production.

Trends show that the spring chilled schedule is now near it's peak with the  shipping deadline in October.

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