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Deer price trends

Posted in Rural Data



More venison schedules drops this week as companies report some resistance in negotiations for annual frozen volumes.

Schedules eased  as sea freight for chilled product has finished but values earned in September were 14% stronger than last year product, although more chilled product could be moved on the back of strong demand for air freight.

With reported lower stocks held, it is hoped summer schedules will not fall by as much as other years and finishers profits improve, to reignite industry growth.

Velvet marketers report early sales have been at rates 10% above where they closed last year although southern production is slow to start.

Initial nervousness of unsustainable big price lifts have abated as nobody wants a return to price volatility that plagued the sector in the past and they believe small price and volume increases are sustainable.

Industry leaders are very disappointed that tariff reductions were unable to be achieved as part of the Korean Free trade negotiations after years of lobbying, and will hope volumes consumed by the Chinese will rise to compensate.

Trends show that the spring chilled schedule has now peaked and operators will be quitting all eligible animals as the schedule drops.

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