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Deer price trends

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The bottom of the venison schedule should be nearing the end with positive marketing vibes about prospects for the new chilled season.

It seems the Deer Industry is the only sector pleased with Ag Research’s rationalization with the breeding herd and an expanded science expertise at Invermay being retained.

The venison schedule has now languished 12 weeks at the seasonal bottom, but with Alliance announcing that their deer plants have been accredited for the Chinese market both for the meat and by-products, a more positive future lies ahead.

 The Deer Conference at Methven saw industry leaders outline where this sector needs to improve to survive, but priced the reward of such changes at nearly $5/kg as a carrot for success.

Trends show that the summer venison price has bottomed and it is hoped that with the clearance of stocks this on coming season will provide more optimistic pricing the industry so desperately needs.

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