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Beef price trends

Posted in Rural Data


Schedules remain steady as the last of the boner cows are now harvested and the dairy managers prune their herds to numbers suitable for spring calving.

A 30c/kg increase in schedule is being achieved for prime beef compared to last year, and bull and manufacturing animals are also recieving better returns amid a global market that looks short of supply.

The Australian drought kill continues to have a dampening affect on global beef demand, and the US Memorial Day beef surge passes and trading goes back to the traditional markets.

Annual tax values reveal good lifts in beef prices for all age groups and most producers will be enjoying much better returns this year than last.


For weekly P2 Steer schedules for NZ, NI and SI CLICK HERE

The Export Trend this week is steady for Bull (386) and firming for Prime grades 422c). These values are now 39cents / kg ahead  for Steers and 6c  for Bulls compared to the same stage last year and paint an optimistic picture for those with feed and animals.

CLICK HERE for Charts of saleyard prime steers.

The exchange rate has eased to  around 84c against the US$ as the volatile currency eases to the lowest level since March.

Local trade schedule prices are steady at 430-465c/kg  lead by the north and ahead of export schedules.

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