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Beef price trends

Posted in Rural Data


Beef demand is still growing and schedules are showing yearly highs in all cattle classes, with recent large jumps in schedules by up to 40c/kg unprecedented in recent times.

August processing figures show the beef kill is ahead in the south lead by a higher kill of cows and heifers but steady in the north and also up is the bobby calf harvest driven by southern dairy conversions.

NIWA are now predicting drought conditions in vulnerable areas starting early in the new year through to March so better conditioned stock are attracting premium prices.

Spring bull sales have attracted strong prices as the export prices creates a high reserve and many dairy farmers will mate and sell follow up sires to help cash flow issues.

Spring grass, rising schedules and a falling dollar is the perfect tonic for spring store cattle sales and they did not disappoint with strong prices at all saleyards.

For weekly P2 Steer schedules for NZ, NI and SI CLICK HERE

The Export Trend this week is rising for Bull (465) and firming for Prime grades (495c). These values are now 58cents / kg ahead  for Steers and 65c  for Bulls compared to the same stage last year and are as high as they have ever been.

CLICK HERE for Charts of saleyard prime steers.

The exchange rate has eased to  around 78c against the US$ as the volatile currency eases now to 5c behind last year and giving more heat to beef schedules.

Local trade schedule prices are rising at 500-550c/kg  lead by the north and ahead of export schedules.

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