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21 Mar 17, 8:28am
NZD the strongest currency overnight, rising against all majors, up to 0.7050 USD; USD traded in a tight range, with no major data releases overnight; GBP lower, as start of the Brexit process firms up
15 Mar 17, 8:41am
NZD changed little against the USD and AUD; NOK and CAD down 0.6% and 0.3% respectively against the USD as oil prices resume their decline; GBP 0.5% lower despite no obvious trigger
15 Mar 17, 8:25am
Quiet markets eye US Fed's dot plot. Local markets still ambivalent about a RBNZ rate hike in November. Next up, NZ's current account data
14 Mar 17, 8:32am
NZD stable against USD, down 0.4% against AUD; AUD recovered some of last week's losses, up 0.5% against the USD; GBP up against USD and NZD on possibility of Brexit triggering this week and plans for a Scottish independence vote
14 Mar 17, 8:21am
Eyes of Fed guidance, especially the dot plot. Local rates move down, but BNZ bets NZ CPI will be significantly higher than RBNZ assumptions when Q1-17 released
1 Mar 17, 9:15am
Views of future inflation are changing interest rate market expectations, and firms pricing intentions starting to point higher too
1 Mar 17, 8:25am
NZD up to 0.7220 USD and 0.9410 AUD; Mixed data saw USD move a touch lower, DXY down 0.1%; NZ Terms of Trade, China PMI, AU GDP and Trump's address key focus for the day
28 Feb 17, 8:33am
NZD opens at about 0.7200 USD and 0.9380 AUD, focus on trade balance and ANZ business survey; USD faced some selling pressure overnight on slightly disappointing data
28 Feb 17, 8:27am
Comments from a US Fed voter pushes US benchmarks up. Markets await Trump speech, but it is now unlikely to include his 'phenominal' fiscal package
22 Feb 17, 8:50am
Softer-than-expected US data halted a rise in the UST benchmark yields. Markets now await US Fed minutes for direction
22 Feb 17, 8:49am
NZD fell to 0.7130 USD overnight, before recovering to 0.7160 this morning, continues to find support at 0.9300 AUD; EUR, GBP and JPY under pressure from the USD, USD DXY rises about 0.7%; Oil prices up 1%, now at US$57/bbl
21 Feb 17, 8:22am
NZDUSD changed little yesterday while local rates declined, a follow on from Friday's offshore session; GBP recovered some of its Friday losses; JPY changed little, despite much worse than expected January trade balance
20 Feb 17, 8:16am
NZDUSD lower on weak PMI, retail sales numbers and a rising USD, unchanged against AUD; USD strengthens against all majors but Japan; GBP hurt by consecutive months of lower sales in January
20 Feb 17, 7:54am
Despite strong US data, yields have not pushed higher. Markets await Trump budget. NZ rates slip
16 Mar 16, 8:19am
GBP weaker as Brexit headlines gain attention; devil in the detail with Balance of Payments data; another weak dairy auction, contrary to analyst expectations
26 Jan 16, 8:20am
Market expectations for ECB and BoJ to ease monetary policy further helping oil price rebound; highest correlation between oil and equity prices in 26 years; safe haven currencies top performers overnight
26 Jan 16, 8:10am
Traders accept NZ swap rate 'collapse' was overdone, given the RBNZ's core inflation data had a 'mild lift'
22 Jan 16, 8:13am
ECB's Draghi says there are no limits to achieving price stability; oil price rebounds strongly from oversold territory; NZD up over 1% against USD & 1.8% against Yen
22 Jan 16, 8:11am
Eyes now on RBNZ's Thursday OCR review tone. Will it hold its December line, or exhibit some nervousness?
21 Jan 16, 8:07am
RBNZ interpretation of core inflation surprises, may push out initial rate cut expectations. Low US inflation changes market expectations of the next hike
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