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28 Apr 15, 8:33am
Recent US data affected by 'poor' durable goods numbers. No surprises expected from either the US Fed or the RBNZ
28 Apr 15, 8:31am
Greek debt deal closer as PM relieves Finance Minister from negotiation duties; soft US core capital good data could impact GDP
24 Apr 15, 7:41am
RBNZ's McDermott changes expectations, moves markets; international data disappoints; 'Grexit' morphs into 'Grimbo'
23 Apr 15, 8:32am
RBNZ's McDermott expected to provide colour ahead of OCR review; Expectations for RBA rate cuts already slashed; traders chasing their tails
22 Apr 15, 8:10am
RBA to wait for more information, eyes on AU CPI today and business sentiment surveys
21 Apr 15, 8:14am
Fed and RBA officials talk rate move conditions; Greeks try to unboil an egg; eyes on McDermott
20 Apr 15, 8:39am
Q1 CPI will put NZD/USD in spotlight; China's Reserve Requiement Rate (RRR) cut; NZD/AUD climbs but faces resistance at 99.2 cents
20 Apr 15, 8:29am
Track in swap rates unlikely to rise far. Eyes on NZ CPI data due this morning
17 Apr 15, 8:47am
USD extends decline while AUD top performer; Stronger Australian employment data see's AUD and NZD climb against USD
17 Apr 15, 8:40am
New Zealand rates pushed higher by good Aussie data; markets reduce bets on rate cuts on both sides of the ditch
16 Apr 15, 8:32am
RBNZ signals it can't raise or cut rates; ECB affirms its current policy settings; eyes on Aussie jobs report
16 Apr 15, 8:29am
Latest dairy auction prices down 3.6%; ECB President Draghi committed to QE; latest US data disappoints; NZD/AUD close to parity (again) before falling away
15 Apr 15, 9:37am
NZ swap yields drift lower on QSBO, downward pressure to continue today. NZGB 15 April matures today
15 Apr 15, 8:28am
USD sold off on worse-than-expected US retail sales and small business optimism data; NZD/USD breaks through 75c; Chinese data will help set broad market mood
14 Apr 15, 8:24am
Repayment of major April 15 NZGB raising demand, lowering yields. Bad China trade data also weighs on yields. Local eyes on QSBO
14 Apr 15, 8:22am
Seasonal disruptions to blame for slump in China trade data; QSBO inflation indicators could set tone for future RBNZ moves; NZD/GBP markedly lower
13 Apr 15, 8:23am
USD stronger. Gold and oil rise. NZD may rise towards Q1 CPI data release, but then slide towards year end
13 Apr 15, 8:05am
June rate hike chances growing in US; NZ swap markets subdued; eyes on NZIER QSBO
10 Apr 15, 8:34am
Risks lurk in Greece, the euro and US labour markets. Carry trade opportunities overstated
10 Apr 15, 8:04am
Markets price in RBNZ cuts that are unlikely to happen. Large NZGB bond due to mature next week
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