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14 Jul 15, 8:07am
Parliaments in six countries must first approve Greek deal, no sure thing. US economy performing well. But local data all looks soft
29 May 15, 8:24am
Recent optimism on a Greek deal has sobered; surprise in further trimming of Fonterra milk price; US$ finds some friends and Kiwi trades to 2015 lows
12 May 15, 7:57am
NZ rate cuts still some way off despite current market pricing, but when they come there could be a series of them
11 May 15, 8:07am
US data achieves 'Goldilocks' position; not too hot for a rate rise, not too cold to suggest US economy slowing
11 May 15, 7:50am
NZ rates consolidate after steepening faster than expected. US earnings subdued. Flattening pressure back on NZ rates
8 May 15, 8:05am
US labour market data more important than usual, UK election uncertainty, eyes on RBA Monetary Policy Statement today
8 May 15, 7:42am
US 10-year yields spike following oil price higher but then pull back. NZ rates rise and steepen
7 May 15, 8:26am
NZD falls; investors are not waiting around to find out what the RBNZ's new policy stances mean
7 May 15, 8:13am
Rate yields in volatile moves with NZ 2-10 curve up to +51 bps. US and AU payroll data will drive next changes
6 May 15, 8:33am
The unexpectedly large US trade deficit may be down to special factors, but US Q1 growth likely stalled. Fed reaction awaited
6 May 15, 8:21am
Australia cuts but markets see much less need for further easing. Bond yields rise. Eyes on NZ employment data
5 May 15, 8:24am
A dearth of market-moving data shifts focus back to Greece - and the RBA's rate and tone choices
5 May 15, 8:08am
High expectation of an RBA rate cut today. UST 10yr yields creep ever higher. Attention turning to NZ labour market data, especially cost pressures
4 May 15, 8:38am
USD gains ground on good data and upbeat Fed comments. Data will drive direction this week
4 May 15, 8:26am
Markets bet on an RBA rate cut. Yields on long rates rise in most majors continuing a recent sell-off in bond markets
1 May 15, 8:51am
New Zealand 2-10 curve suddenly at its steepest since December 2014 and it may get steeper still
1 May 15, 8:37am
NZD recovering from post RBNZ losses; AUD leaking lower, many analysts expecting RBA rate cut next week, US jobless data at lowest point since 2000
30 Apr 15, 8:29am
US GDP has a big miss. NZD fails to break higher, All eyes on RBNZ
30 Apr 15, 8:21am
Interest rates rise everywhere except here as RBNZ views awaited. Bond markets ignore Fed pause
29 Apr 15, 8:39am
Iron ore prices in healthy bounce and China planning more liquidity measures sees AUD rise strongly. NZD/AUD sent sharply down to one-month lows
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