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It will fall back to about A92 cents
33% (119 votes)
It will likely end up about where it is now around A97 cents
19% (69 votes)
It will overtake the Australian dollar and head towards A$1.02 or even higher
18% (67 votes)
It will hit parity A$1.00
17% (61 votes)
It will stop just short of parity at around A99 cents
13% (47 votes)
Total voters: 363

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NZD falls heavily

Currency traders mark down the NZD on a new RBNZ focus on investor loans for housing, mark down the AUD on RBA comments, and await US data

Key signals from NZ, EU and US

By signaling concerns for an overheated housing market, RBNZ very unlikely to cut OCR; ECB QE arrives amid raised growth; eyes now on US non-farm payrolls

Euro sinks despite positives

Euro at its lowest level since 2003, and now at a new record low vs the NZD. NZD pushing higher against the AUD too

Speculators position for higher yields

NZ swap and bond yields move sharply higher across the curve. US payrolls and services expanding. Eyes on US non-farm payrolls

Canada takes centre stage

Canada records good growth, awaits rate decision. Aussie Q4 growth data to be released today. US jobs back in focus

More kauri, more LGFA

BNZ sees our rate curve biased to steepen into the second half of 2015; more issuance announced including LGFA as local yields appeal

Rising US rates to put pressure on us

Markets confused over likely RBA signal; will react whatever outcome. Markets see RBNZ needing to react to whatever RBA recides

Waiting for new signals

NZD awaits some major data, poised to react. First it is the RBA, then the dairy auction, then US interest rate policy

NZD pushes higher

China's rate cuts to put pressure on AUD; oil prices stir; eyes on NZ terms of trade data

All eyes on RBA rate decision

NZ swaps push higher and steeper. UST 10yr yields rise, should push up following first Fed hike mid-year. RBA decision tomorrow

NZD gets a boost

Core US inflation higher than expected, as were US durable goods orders. Both will impress the Fed. NZ data positive too

Striking drop at NZ long end

Aussie capex weakness and chunky long-end flow drives narrowing of NZ-AU spreads markedly

German bond yields slump

German 10-year yields fall back to historic lows; unexpected weakness in Aussie data likely to have contagion effect for NZ

NZD following the pack

Canadian rate cut an "insurance" measure; Wheeler comments on Auckland property market; NZD tracking higher ahead of Fonterra announcement

Central bank bosses make their case

Currency markets take a different view on Yellen testimony to bond markets, seeing early US rate rises as more likely. Wheeler's turn to speak today

Overnight moves will exert downward pressure on NZ curve

Yellen concerned about weak US wage growth, inflation too low. NZ swaps take lead from Wall Street

Delays and expectations

Markets await Yellen testimony, the Greek Plan, and Fonterra's payout guidance. Could be positive for both the USD and NZD

Local rates higher at long end

US data disappoints and US Treasury yields lower today; markets await Yellen testimony; local swap markets active

NZD/AUD steps back from highs

NZD consolidates its new lofty position against the AUD; NZD may get a new spurt if Yellen airs the risks to policy in testimony

Swaps up but lack inspiration

Markets held back by Greek news, unsure of what it means. PMIs offered a positive surprise but failed to move markets